EasyJet Announces New Routes for 2021

Connecting flights for Americans & Canadians arriving in various locations throughout Europe has become more comfortable after an unexpected announcement from EasyJet. Confirmations from EasyJet noted that enhanced routes are planned for Spring 2021. Existing routes that were eliminated following the Covid-19 pandemic will resume operations under the same timeframe, with flights operating daily with an average of 66+ thousand seats permitted each month.

Main routes that’ll benefit Canadian & American tourists account for European-wide travel. Aberdeen in Scotland will host flights to Gatwick Airport in London. These are smaller flights meant for hour-long flights, with the longest route being between Glasgow in Scotland to Pula in Croatia. The confirmation of updated flight paths wasn’t made for international travels, with a higher focus on locals. Irish civilians needing passage to prominent hubs throughout Europe will find convenience through EasyJet.

These routes were announced previously by EasyJet, with cancellations evoked following the Covid-19 pandemic. Confirming new routes indicates that this aviation company has avoided significant losses associated with the pandemic. The flight path between Aberdeen & Gatwick will launch on May 2nd, 2021. Glasgow to Pula launches on June 28th, 2021.

EasyJet & AGS Airports Promise a Greater Future.

Statements regarding these routes were issued by EasyJet & AGS Airports. The Country Manager for EasyJet emphasized that travel demands are increasing & customers are growing confident with planning vacations in Spring/Summer 2021. Sentiments from EasyJet continued by promising updated international & domestic flights, meaning increased tourism access for Canadians and Americans.

The Chief Executive Officer of AGS Airports (Owners of Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton Airports) incentivized that continues discussions are being sustained with partners to ensure that consumers receive the much-desired travel options needed in 2021. CEO Derek Provan noted his happiness in seeing EasyJet support the European & International markets for an upcoming year of regrowth.

Statements from CEO Derek Provan ended with promises, which leaned towards guarantying customers & investors an operational environment that’s safe of Covid-19 by Summer 2021. That’ll be impossible for any airport to sustain until global vaccination of the international population is completed. Individuals prepared for the Pfizer & Moderna vaccine can book flight packages with EasyJet today.

Bonaire Island Reopens for North American Tourists

The United States & Canada have been permitted re-entry into Bonaire Island. This Dutch-Caribbean nation has reopened their borders to its most prominent revenue source, North America. The official announcement was made by the Tourist Corporation of Bonaire, clarifying that multiple measures & protocols have been implemented to ensure that Covid-19 isn’t spread throughout their island.

Anyone considering immediate travel to Bonaire island will find themselves having to make connecting flights until Mid-November. The United States & Canada aren’t permitting direct flights until November 7th for Bonaire island, citing that planes are being refitted for enhanced sanitation. The national aviation corporation for Bonaire Island will sustain flights to America & Canada starting on the 15th. However, airlines located in America have provided different dates for sustaining flights to Bonaire island. Below are the announced dates from airlines in America.

  • United Airlines announced flights from Newark to Curacao on November 7th.
  • JetBlue is resuming flights to Curacao from New York on December 9th.
  • American Airlines is providing flights from Florida to Curacao starting December 2nd.

North American airline passengers give connecting flights

Those using airline suppliers from America will be provided connecting flight packages. Connecting flights are offered through “Divi Divi Air” and “TUI Fly Netherlands”. Both suppliers aren’t known by mass consumers by have admirable safety ratings. When travellers arrive to Bonaire island, they’ll be requested to show their PCR Test Result from 72-hours before their arrival. An additional test will be administered, with negative or positive readings being issued 24-hours after being received by a laboratory. Those found with a positive infection after their departure & arrival flights will be placed into a hotel-established isolation zone.

It’s also required that visitors complete a “Health Declaration Form” and display health insurance from their local banking institution. This guarantees that those requiring immediate access to healthcare cannot deny doctors in Bonaire & wait until their arrival back home. It should be mentioned that Bonaire has experienced low rates of Covid-19. Since March 2020, they’ve sustained 134 cases of the virus. 130 have recovered, meaning there’s been a death rate of two. One case is being sustained to date. This is one of the lowest case percentages worldwide.

Dubai Copies Florida’s Palm Beach

The Middle Eastern nation of Dubai isn’t shy to copy iconic landmarks from the United States of America. For somewhere that’s ironically disputed the lifestyle of Americans, multiple attributes of the USA is associated with Dubai. Another iconic landmark associated with the United States has been copied, with that being Florida’s Palm Beach. The Dubai iteration will be named “Palm Jumeirah – Palm West Beach”. Dubai government officials aren’t coy about their similarities for Florida’s original iteration. Those that venture to the newly announced Palm Jumeirah Beach will find premium restaurants, licensed hotels, entertainment facilities, and views of the Persian Gulf.

The Palm Jumeirah Beach has officially been opened since February 2019 but supported minimal entertainment options. October 2020 marks the unofficial reopening of Palm Jumeirah Beach, which has received considerable investment from companies in the United Arab Emirates & international investors from Europe or America.

Visitors will locate 1.6 kilometres of beachfront, which is surround by promenade palm trees. Support for watersports & entertainment venues has also been added. Dubai emphasis that Palm Jumeirah is pet friendly. However, for all the marketing that the United Arab Emirates is producing, minimal offerings are genuinely available & most recommendations are false promises similar to the initial launch. The critical difference is an abundance of high-class restaurants for hotel residents to visit. Genuine entertainment venues are minimal, with Dubai recommending visitors sit on the beach with a book or build sandcastles. Similar experiences can be held at local watering holes.

The restaurants available for visitation, which supports vistas of the Persian Gulf are listed below:

  • Aprons & Hammers.
  • Koko Bay.
  • Jones the Grocer.
  • Senior Pico.
  • Lucky Fish.
  • Orange Chameleon.

Premium hotel chains associated with international travel are listed for booking in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Below are the available hotel & resorts that tourists can visit:

  • The Soho Palm Jumeirah.
  • Hilton Palm Jumeirah.
  • Adagio Apart Hotels.
  • Five Palm Jumeirah.
  • Byblos Hotel.
  • The One Palm.
  • The Fairmount Palm.

Additional services that tourist can expect include a parking facility with 500+ spaces, electric hydrofoil surfing, paddle boarding, and multiple other water activities.

Latin America Warned by WHO

The World Health Organization – Region Latin America, has issued warnings throughout various nations like Ecuador to Panama. It’s been requested that civilians begin considering COVID-19. This follows after Latin America has already started reintroducing everyday & social life, prompting an influx of coronavirus infections. Director of WHO Latin America governed over the issued warnings and clarified that control interventions will occur if requested don’t adhere.

The decision to react with severe force follows after the Colombian & Venezuelan borders have seen increased infections of COVID-19. It’s become a prominent issue for Latin America’s WHO Director Etienne. She has spoken virtually with the “Pan American Health Organization” and Washington in America. Details on those discussions haven’t been revealed by Director Etienne, meaning that military & medical aid was likely rejected.

COVID-19 infections & death rates are exclusively climbing throughout Colombia to Venezuela. Similar circumstances have unfolded for Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Several nations throughout Latin America are having to consider reimplementing their lockdown measures, which will impose closures onto business owners & higher rates of unemployment.

Director Etienne cited that internationally, tools are being a developer to cure or prevent the coronavirus. She’d evoke that those methods aren’t sufficient to date and that the safest way to continue eliminating the virus is by wearing face coverings & sanitizing your hands with 99% alcohol-based sanitizer. Director Etienne finalized her statements by mentioning nations cannot reopen their economies, and that their overall populations are drastically at risk. Etienne would use the European Union for a reference towards reopened economies, causing the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

No Tourism Allowed

WHO Latin America has requested that governments monitor tourism & advise travellers when they’re not permitted to travel. Several nations that had hardly any cases saw an immediate jump when reopening their tourism economies, WHO Latin America would have tourist operations closed for a 2nd time, with most nations refusing to abide. It should be noted that Latin America has experienced 8.4 million cases of coronavirus. 314+ thousand have died from the virus, higher than any other region worldwide.

America-Mexico Border Remains Closed

The COVID-19 international pandemic has inflicted the way of living for billions, with countries having to keep borders closed & economies beginning to show signs of collapsing. Prominent nations like Mexico, the United States, and Canada have seen their economies survive. Large populations guarantee that consumer goods are being purchased by enabling transport trucks to travel throughout North America. These transport trucks can travel but standard civilians can’t.

Millions of Americans were hoping the Mexico-America Border would reopen on September 21st, enabling them to shop for cheaper consumer goods. Those consumers will be disappointed after learning the “Mexico Secretary of Foreign Affairs” has permitted the borders to remain closed until October 21st. It’d mark eight months of the US-Mexico border remaining close, the longest in history.

President Donald Trump isn’t likely to react positively to learning that Mexico is keeping their borders closed. The US State Department permitted travel advisory warnings on Mexico to drop from Level Four to Level Three. It should be clarified that Mexico & America are both facing high infection numbers, with both nations not accepting their social responsibility to physical distance themselves & wear facemasks.

Border closures between the United States and Mexico are effective with land/water crossings. Flights are still being permitted between the neighboring nations, allowing Mexican & American corporations to ship their goods under unique conditions. However, regions of Mexico still struggle to obtain consumer products because of violent classifications. America & Canada both state that certain regions of Mexico are known for “Crime and Kidnapping”.

Health Expert Suggestions

Travel advisories also suggest that American’s should avoid any borders, that they could transmit COVID-19 unknowingly when travelling. This creates the pandemic scenario for a 3rd time. Most medical experts have reflected that until reliable medication for COVID-19 is released, a continued international pandemic is inevitable. When looking towards Mexico, it’s particularly warned to avoid Cozumel & Cabo San Lucas. Travellers must also commit towards a PCR COVID-19 Test before arriving in Mexico. Airport staff in Mexico will also administer a secondary health-screening procedure before permitting that traveller entry.

American Citizen Charged for Breaking Travel Restrictions

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that they’d issued the most extensive fine possible against Americans breaking government-imposed travelling restrictions. It was revealed that John Pennington from Kentucky was charged $570,000.00 for appearing at Banff National Park in Alberta. The RCMP has mentioned publicly that an influx of American’s has arrived at Banff, hoping to witness its alpine views & stunning mountainous terrain from the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. Visiting this national park is illegal for Americans during COVID-19 and has prompted an influx of ticketed fines since March 2020.

The RCMP revealed that this American tourist had breached quarantine protocols imposed by law enforcement, visiting the national park less than 24 hours after being informed to remain indoors until exiting Canada became possible. His removal from Canada follows after it borders with America have remained shut down since March 2020. American visitors have ignored protocols issued by the US & Canadian government, believing border patrols won’t locate their license plates.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cited John Pennington after being found in an Alberta hotel. The Kentucky citizen claimed that his time spent in Canada was to reach Alaska. However, GPS evidence suggested that John Pennington avoided main routes associated with reaching Alaska. Furthermore, the hotel this Kentucky civilian was staying in was the “Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel”. It was employed personnel of this resort that informed law enforcement of his presence in Canada. The RCMP would issue the middle-aged man a ticket worth $900.00 & told him to remain at the Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel until an escort could be provided for his removal from Canada.

Breaking the Law

Staff were informed at the Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel that if John Pennington left the facility, they are to be notified immediately. When John broke the Canadian Quarantine act, he was given a fine valued at $750,000.00 in CAD, with the US equivalent being $570k. Mr Pennington will also face a prison sentence for his refusal to obey the RCMP. For now, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police have allowed Pennington back into Kentucky under house arrest protocol.

Lawsuit Claiming quarantine rules infringed on right to travel dismissed

A federal judge in Utica, New York has tossed out a lawsuit filed by a women from Arizona who claimed New York state’s 14 day travellers quarantine infringed on her rights to travel. This is the second such case whereby a US judge and ruled against those challenging the authority of a state to enforce quarantine rules for outside travellers.

David Hurd, who sites on the U.S. District Court in New York became the second judge to dismiss cases that challenge the orders put in place in June by New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo. The quarantine order currently impacts those who are visiting New York state from 31 states. This includes Arizona as well as others such as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The women in question, Cynthia Page made the claim in her lawsuit filing that the order stopped her unfairly from being able to visit her friends in Brooklyn and assist them with preparing to sell their home. Paige made the assertion that the order made the trip an impossibility and that this continues to be upsetting to her and the other parties she intended to help.

Hurd dismissed lawsuit based on fact

Hurd, while dismissing the lawsuit stated that those from those states restricted by the order are welcome to visit the state of New York. However, in order to move freely within the state, that they have to quarantine for the stated period. This includes residents of the state who were absent for a period of time and those who are classified as non-residents.

On learning of the dismissal, Page states her intent to appeal the decision. She further told The New York Post that she felt Hurd was thoughtful in his handling of the dismissal but that she feels he was wrong stating: “Judge Hurd has responded out of the fear of the pandemic but has ignored basic constitutional law.”

The United States continues to deal with an unprecedented number of COVID-19 cases and the need for caution and self quarantine remain critical for the United States to get the spread of the virus under control. There have been countless reports of demonstrations against such orders, which are often fueled by misinformation, often at the hands of officials who are focused on the economy.

Whether Page will move ahead with an appeal is unknown at this time. It is unknown if Hurd will hear the case should it the motion to appeal be made or whether it will be put int the hands of another U.S. District Court judge.

America Surpasses Five Million Coronavirus Cases

The COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States of America continues to worsen daily, with the nation now facing odds that no other country has worldwide. This comes after Hopkins Data released new updated on confirmed infections, with America reaching more than 5 Million Cases of COVID-19. It’s the highest count of cases since the coronavirus first appeared in the Wuhan region of China, with that occurring several months ago.

America has proven that without implementing social distancing requirements & face masks, confirmed contractions of COVID-19 will skyrocket. Six weeks before the weekend of August 7th saw less than 2.5 Million Cases of COVID-19. Less than two months later & that number has doubled based on data released by John Hopkins University. JHU clarified that the official number is likely higher, with a large percentage of Americans probably being Asymptomatic.

The United States has maintained 54,235 new infections or more of COVID-19 over the last several days. These aren’t the highest figure of cases seen in America since the virus attacked their borders in March. The highest recorded number of cases stood at 67,902 thousand. That occurred during July 19th but was sectioned to critical states. No infection numbers are growing nationwide, inflicting all US States.

The States of Florida & California have both reported 500+ thousand total cases of COVID-19 since January 2020. Texas is approaching those case numbers quickly, with America’s most prominent State expected to overtake both Florida & California with total coronavirus cases. It should be mentioned that these three States have become the new American Epicenter’s of COVID-10, allowing New York City to disassociate themselves from this claim. NYC was the former epicentre in America, seeing more than 32+ thousand dies. Bodies were pilled onto the streets & funeral homes were turned upside down. Similar conditions will inevitably arrive on the doorsteps of Florida, Texas, and California.

The Battle Ensues

American Doctors are battling extreme infection rates but are doing considerably better at saving lives. More information is known about COVID-19 per day by Medical Professionals, enabling them to treat the virus more accurately. It wasn’t known during NYC Epicenter Status that Remdesivir would save lives. This is one medication that Donald Trump suggested then was scientifically ignored, and inevitably proven accurate by Medical Experts.

NYC Braces for Tropical Storm Isaias

New York City is preparing itself for the upcoming Tropical Storm Isaias, which is bashing against the Florida Eastern Coast. Isaias will move against the American East Coast, attacking every state that faces its destructive powers. Concerns for civilian personnel are highest in New York City, which is located throughout various islands against the ocean.

Heavy winds at 112 Kilometres-Per-Hour are slated to attack New York City, causing substantial flooding & damage to largescale skyscrapers that struggle to handle such high speeds. August 4th marks the date when Tropical Storm Isaias will arrive in New York City, with the American National Weather Service declaring that flash flooding will be unavoidable. Subsequently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has begun prepping the city for what’s coming.

Florida avoided the onslaught of damage that’ll be caused by Tropical Storm Isaias, with its destructive power barely reaching the coast. Live broadcasts from Miami Beach showed that tree’s, buildings, and power lines were all handling the high winds. Surfboards were seen flying throughout the air, but overall safety was guaranteed. That’s because heavy winds in Florida were sustained at 85 Kilometres-Per-Hour. New York City will be facing higher odds.

The Press Conference

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a Press Conference on August 2nd, particularly addressing civilian populations in New York City. Cuomo informed that the standard locations would receive the onslaught of damage, including Long Island and Hudson Valley. Initially, heavy winds will sustain 112kph but quickly fall towards 50kph as it moves towards the Canadian Coast Line.

Andrew Cuomo also evoked that severe thunderstorms would follow for two-days after the disappearance of Tropical Storm Isaias, with the possibility of tornado’s forming on the Hudson River. The chances of this happening are minimal. However, the Governor declared that Underwater Current would be considerably more influential in Long Island. Andrew Cuomo emphasized that Olympic Swimmers couldn’t handle the strength of these Rip Tides. There are also substantial Shark Warnings, with Tropical Storm Isaias forcing Shark populations further inland.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finalized his public address by informing his population to remain indoors at all costs, that vehicles can’t sustain these winds & that lives will be put significantly at danger by travelling.

Coronavirus Hotspots in Texas Targeted by Hurricane Hanna

America is doomed to receive their 1st Hurricane for the 2020 Atlantic Season. It’ll make landfall on July 25th on the Texas Coast, leaving coronavirus hotspots throughout the state in severe threat of flooding & storm surges. It’ll force people into condensed spaces with an abundance of fellow civilians, prompting infections in Texas to rise by July 31st to August 5th.

It’s known that Hurricane Hanna was sustaining 80MPH winds by 3 P.M. on July 25th, located South East of Corpus Christi. The National Hurricane Center of America knew that once reaching landfall, speeds would increase by a maximum of 50MPH. This prompted a state-wide release informing civilians that Hanna had moved from Tropical Storm to Hurricane status. Official statements on how to protect themselves would be released minutes later.

Statements clarified that severe storm surges would be forced dry plains in Texas to become flooded, moving from the shoreline & deep into the inland. Padre Island off the coast of Texas had experienced the 80MPH winds of Hurricane Hanna on July 25th morning. Weather forecasters in that region emphasized that strong gusts of winds were tearing palm trees, the rain was flooding streets, and that Hanna had entirely flooded their tropical beach.

The National Hurricane Center of America confirmed that tornadoes would be prevalent across Texas on Saturday night, moving up the coast by mid-Sunday. Texas officials clarified that weather forecasters don’t anticipate that Gas & Oil Production will be affected by Hurricane Hanna. Workers were evacuated on Friday, with manufacturing from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida being shut down until the Hurricane leaves coastal waters.

Infections are Rising

NHCA clarified that Hurricane Hanna would make landfall between Brownsville & Corpus Christi, two regions that’ve struggled to contain coronavirus outbreaks. It’s known that both areas are maintaining epidemic levels, with confirmed infections hitting the tens of thousands. July 24th saw 400 civilians hospitalized with severe symptoms of the virus.

Health experts suspect that thousands are Asymptomatic & unaware that their carriers of COVID-19, with a large percentage of the population refusing to wear masks whenever possible. Combine these attributes with Hurricane Hanna & civilian personnel being forced into confined quarters will lead to an additional uptick in confirmed infections.