EasyJet Announces New Routes for 2021

Connecting flights for Americans & Canadians arriving in various locations throughout Europe has become more comfortable after an unexpected announcement from EasyJet. Confirmations from EasyJet noted that enhanced routes are planned for Spring 2021. Existing routes that were eliminated following the Covid-19 pandemic will resume operations under the same timeframe, with flights operating daily with an average of 66+ thousand seats permitted each month.

Main routes that’ll benefit Canadian & American tourists account for European-wide travel. Aberdeen in Scotland will host flights to Gatwick Airport in London. These are smaller flights meant for hour-long flights, with the longest route being between Glasgow in Scotland to Pula in Croatia. The confirmation of updated flight paths wasn’t made for international travels, with a higher focus on locals. Irish civilians needing passage to prominent hubs throughout Europe will find convenience through EasyJet.

These routes were announced previously by EasyJet, with cancellations evoked following the Covid-19 pandemic. Confirming new routes indicates that this aviation company has avoided significant losses associated with the pandemic. The flight path between Aberdeen & Gatwick will launch on May 2nd, 2021. Glasgow to Pula launches on June 28th, 2021.

EasyJet & AGS Airports Promise a Greater Future.

Statements regarding these routes were issued by EasyJet & AGS Airports. The Country Manager for EasyJet emphasized that travel demands are increasing & customers are growing confident with planning vacations in Spring/Summer 2021. Sentiments from EasyJet continued by promising updated international & domestic flights, meaning increased tourism access for Canadians and Americans.

The Chief Executive Officer of AGS Airports (Owners of Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton Airports) incentivized that continues discussions are being sustained with partners to ensure that consumers receive the much-desired travel options needed in 2021. CEO Derek Provan noted his happiness in seeing EasyJet support the European & International markets for an upcoming year of regrowth.

Statements from CEO Derek Provan ended with promises, which leaned towards guarantying customers & investors an operational environment that’s safe of Covid-19 by Summer 2021. That’ll be impossible for any airport to sustain until global vaccination of the international population is completed. Individuals prepared for the Pfizer & Moderna vaccine can book flight packages with EasyJet today.