Latin America Warned by WHO

The World Health Organization – Region Latin America, has issued warnings throughout various nations like Ecuador to Panama. It’s been requested that civilians begin considering COVID-19. This follows after Latin America has already started reintroducing everyday & social life, prompting an influx of coronavirus infections. Director of WHO Latin America governed over the issued warnings and clarified that control interventions will occur if requested don’t adhere.

The decision to react with severe force follows after the Colombian & Venezuelan borders have seen increased infections of COVID-19. It’s become a prominent issue for Latin America’s WHO Director Etienne. She has spoken virtually with the “Pan American Health Organization” and Washington in America. Details on those discussions haven’t been revealed by Director Etienne, meaning that military & medical aid was likely rejected.

COVID-19 infections & death rates are exclusively climbing throughout Colombia to Venezuela. Similar circumstances have unfolded for Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Several nations throughout Latin America are having to consider reimplementing their lockdown measures, which will impose closures onto business owners & higher rates of unemployment.

Director Etienne cited that internationally, tools are being a developer to cure or prevent the coronavirus. She’d evoke that those methods aren’t sufficient to date and that the safest way to continue eliminating the virus is by wearing face coverings & sanitizing your hands with 99% alcohol-based sanitizer. Director Etienne finalized her statements by mentioning nations cannot reopen their economies, and that their overall populations are drastically at risk. Etienne would use the European Union for a reference towards reopened economies, causing the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

No Tourism Allowed

WHO Latin America has requested that governments monitor tourism & advise travellers when they’re not permitted to travel. Several nations that had hardly any cases saw an immediate jump when reopening their tourism economies, WHO Latin America would have tourist operations closed for a 2nd time, with most nations refusing to abide. It should be noted that Latin America has experienced 8.4 million cases of coronavirus. 314+ thousand have died from the virus, higher than any other region worldwide.