NYC Receiving Pfizer Covid Vaccine on December 15th

Vaccine distribution for New York City is beginning sooner than anticipated. NYCs Mayor informed reporters that shipments for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine are arriving by December 15th. Vaccination distribution wasn’t detailed to civilian populations, with government representatives negotiating which groups require immediate vaccination.

Most nations & largescale cities worldwide have determined that healthcare providers need Pfizer’s vaccine, with elderly civilian groups coming second. Individuals aged 18-65 are likely the last civilian group to receive a distribution of Covid-19, with their immune systems most robust at combating Covid. Global vaccination is hoped to finalize by December 2021. New York City’s Mayor was quoted saying the cavalry is coming, that the moment all NYC residents have waited for has arrived & citywide distribution is priority number one.

December 15th will witness 254+ thousand doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine arrive by boat to New York City. NYC isn’t risking minimal vaccination distribution, which resulted in 211+ thousand of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine being shipped to NYC on December 22nd. Those receiving last-minute vaccinations will receive the holiday present of seeing family without the risk of infection. It should be mentioned that neither Pfizer’s nor Moderna’s vaccine has obtained approval from the United States FDA. That hasn’t stopped largescale cities, states, and countries from purchasing the vaccine.

How to Distribute?

Doses awarded to civilian populations account for one of two required. Weeks after receiving the first vaccination, a second is being distributed to guarantee immunization from Covid-19. Healthcare workers have begun praising Moderna & Pfizer after learning the science behind modern-era vaccinations, which were approved into manufacturing following the coronavirus international pandemic.

Emphasis on individuals receiving the virus was provided by NYCs Mayor, clarifying that negotiations are accounting for outbreak burrows & long-term care facilities. There’s a possibility that New York City could divert from standard distribution strategies, locating to attack coronavirus head-on in outbreak zones like resident facilities. Details regarding the distribution strategy will release by the latest of December 14th.