America-Mexico Border Remains Closed

The COVID-19 international pandemic has inflicted the way of living for billions, with countries having to keep borders closed & economies beginning to show signs of collapsing. Prominent nations like Mexico, the United States, and Canada have seen their economies survive. Large populations guarantee that consumer goods are being purchased by enabling transport trucks to travel throughout North America. These transport trucks can travel but standard civilians can’t.

Millions of Americans were hoping the Mexico-America Border would reopen on September 21st, enabling them to shop for cheaper consumer goods. Those consumers will be disappointed after learning the “Mexico Secretary of Foreign Affairs” has permitted the borders to remain closed until October 21st. It’d mark eight months of the US-Mexico border remaining close, the longest in history.

President Donald Trump isn’t likely to react positively to learning that Mexico is keeping their borders closed. The US State Department permitted travel advisory warnings on Mexico to drop from Level Four to Level Three. It should be clarified that Mexico & America are both facing high infection numbers, with both nations not accepting their social responsibility to physical distance themselves & wear facemasks.

Border closures between the United States and Mexico are effective with land/water crossings. Flights are still being permitted between the neighboring nations, allowing Mexican & American corporations to ship their goods under unique conditions. However, regions of Mexico still struggle to obtain consumer products because of violent classifications. America & Canada both state that certain regions of Mexico are known for “Crime and Kidnapping”.

Health Expert Suggestions

Travel advisories also suggest that American’s should avoid any borders, that they could transmit COVID-19 unknowingly when travelling. This creates the pandemic scenario for a 3rd time. Most medical experts have reflected that until reliable medication for COVID-19 is released, a continued international pandemic is inevitable. When looking towards Mexico, it’s particularly warned to avoid Cozumel & Cabo San Lucas. Travellers must also commit towards a PCR COVID-19 Test before arriving in Mexico. Airport staff in Mexico will also administer a secondary health-screening procedure before permitting that traveller entry.