American Tourists in New Zealand Freed

Lockdown measures were implemented throughout New Zealand last week. One hundred thousand tourists were informed that travelling wouldn’t be possible. International and Local Flights were both terminated, with Ports also being closed to tourists. These decisions from the New Zealand Government followed after COVID-19 began sweeping over their nation. Measures were required to ensure the curve of this virus, with Auckland Airport immediately being shut down. Alterations to these lockdown measures were implemented to ensure these tourists could travel home safely.

The Foreign Minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters, provided a formal update to tourists via a publicly televised announcement. He confirmed that tourists could receive international flights home under the condition that it’s a one-way ticket. Charted flights will be organized with aircraft associations in these foreign nations. It’ll ensure that any potential of the novel coronavirus won’t spread during the international trip. This could mean the involvement of the Military Police.

Winter Peters provided additional insights onto the tourist situation. The Foreign Minister mentioned that 10+ thousand of these individuals are from the United States of America. Peters also noted that 37+ thousand tourists have registered with embassies to return home. However, Winston believes these numbers are considerably higher and will be notified to the press once documents are received from various embassies in New Zealand.

The Reactions

American citizens in New Zealand have demanded their government create special measures to return them home. Some requested that President Donald Trump threaten extensive tariffs onto New Zealand to ensure their safe arrival home. This prompted the United States Ambassador to express his anger publicly. He mentioned that they’ve received these tourists call, their emails and their texts. Nothing is possible until travel restrictions are lifted in New Zealand, or organized charters can be managed.

Liza Horvath, an American Tourist, stuck in New Zealand, mentioned that her priority is returning home to protect her family and dogs. She expressed to reporters that her love for New Zealand has turned into great resentment. Reports reveal that New Zealand Politicians haven’t assisted these tourists to the best of their capabilities. This isn’t surprising when you consider these politicians must protect their families and citizens from COVID-19.

Central American Tourism Battling Covid-19

Tourism throughout the Central American Regions has taken drastic downward spirals in profit. This includes nations like Costa Rica, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic, Tobago and Guadalupe. These respective countries have implemented self-isolation measures before Covid-19 becomes a potential pandemic throughout their beaches, bars, restaurants and hotels.

When it applies to Costa Rica, their Manuel Antonio National Park is typically overfilled with tourists. The infamous beach destination sees young individuals retired citizens and honeymooners to the same area for pristine white sands. Behind those sands is a tropical rainforest, which creates a stunning element of nature that cannot be ignored. The Manuel Antonio National Park Beach is currently closed, which followed after the government announced restriction measures on all tourist activity. There is implemented bans on mass gatherings, meaning all beaches across Costa Rica are shut down. Hazard tape and local law enforcement are ensuring that residing tourists don’t enter these locations.

Central America’s Declining Revenue

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the global tourism industry, forcing thousands of travellers to return home unexpectedly and countless others to terminate their reservations. Billions have already been lost throughout the Caribbean and Central America regions, with each respective nation having to shut down their borders. Additional cancellations extend towards airports, with some countries accounting for 50% of yearly gross income from tourism.

The country of Panama has closed its borders, which isn’t surprising since their connected to Costa Rica. This influential nation has seen 245+ cases of Covid-19, with Costa Rica having 117 cases. Both countries are expecting to lose upwards of $600m from lost tourism. The only remaining border opened in Panama is their canal, which if closed, would cause detrimental effects to economies globally.

When it applies to the Caribbean, they’ve already begun anticipating an economic crash from the lost tourism activity. This is because the Caribbean is starting to see an influx of reported cases, with nations like Trinidad and the Dominican Republic reporting double-digits. This extends towards Guadeloupe and Tobago. Mexico expects 50% of its activity tourism valuations to plummet as well. This entire region could enter an economic crash.

Las Vegas Shutdown Amidst Coronavirus

It’s been almost 72-Hours since emergency measures were implemented throughout Las Vegas. All casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and non-essential businesses were informed to shut down operations amidst the coronavirus immediately. These actions are being implemented to ensure the limited spread of the coronavirus, which has killed 11+ thousand worldwide and infected far more. When traversing down the Las Vegas Strip, there’s an overwhelming sense of emptiness. The Bellagio Fountains are shut down, escalators on the strips are turned off, and windows for casinos have been boarded up. Las Vegas hasn’t been seen in this condition since in decades.

Multiple individuals living in the suburbs of Las Vegas have begun photographing this historic moment in Las Vegas. Social media audiences have received photographic evidence that all travellers have been halted into Las Vegas, meaning that millions are being lost daily in financial revenue. Thousands of individuals within this region are without their jobs and haven’t been provided funds to ensure their safety.

Multiple casinos have refused to pay infected or self-isolated employed amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The long-lasting adverse effects that’ll be seen with the coronavirus for Las Vegas will be immense. Casinos could potentially shut down, and an economic crash could be seen for this region. It should be mentioned that Las Vegas is a city that runs entirely on tourism, with one month or longer causing un-reversible issues.

The People Left in Las Vegas

There are multiple individuals throughout Las Vegas that are using the lack of travelling tourists to their advantage. Flight attendants locked into the Las Vegas region during this pandemic were photographed near the Bellagio. Police officers have been pictured patrolling specialized zones near casinos, ensuring that the remaining vacationers are told to return to private locations until their departing flights. Individuals still having to work in las Vegas could be seen boarding up Mall Windows, Casino Doors, and deadbolting their respective businesses.

Other individuals used the Las Vegas Strip as a tranquil location, which hasn’t been possible for 7+ decades. Individuals closing shop near the Las Vegas Strip Mall was seen jogging down this infamous street, taking in the sites without anybody to hinder their run. However, multiple citizens in Las Vegas expressed that it’s eerie with the limited number of people around. It’s suspected that things won’t return to normal until June or July.

Travel Ban on Europe Implemented by Donald Trump

Europeans wanting to travel to the United States for vacation or business opportunities will find themselves delayed for a prolonged period. This follows after President Donald Trump implemented travel restrictions on twenty-six nations across the European Union, with this being part of the American COVID-19 Contingency Plan. It should be noted that these travel restrictions apply to Non-Americans, who won’t be provided entrance into the United States for fourteen business days.

Individuals from the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom are exempt from these restrictions, with this extending to Americans within Europe trying to return home. Donald Trump made this decision after declaring a national emergency, with 2000+ confirmed cases of the coronavirus. This extends to forty-three deaths, prompting Trump to offer $50 billion in relief aid. Washington analysts claim that the substantial financial assistance follows after nation-wide criticism towards Trump’s failure with available testing kits throughout hospitals. Considering that Americans pay for their health care, this was inexcusable.

March 14th COVID-19 Developments

Every day new updates are being provided with the coronavirus. It’s become drastically challenging for global citizens to absorb the influx of information being thrown at them. We have compiled the most notable headlines from March 14th regarding this global pandemic.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister confirmed that individuals entering their country would be admitted into self-isolation for fourteen days, with that level of isolation being home-based or hospital-based, depending on the symptoms being shown. Exempt from this temporary legislation are individuals living on the South Pacific Islands. This decision follows after the Australian Government confirmed their number of COVID-19 cases jumped to two hundred.

The Chinese Government noted that thirteen deaths from the novel coronavirus occurred on March 14th, with an additional eleven cases of the infection being confirmed. The South Koreans noted that 200+ infections were recorded on the 14th. This figure was seen two-days back-to-back for the South Koreans. They’ve had the highest rate of infections next to Italy and China. It should be noted that the number of daily diseases throughout China have begun slowing by drastic percentages, which as promoted Europe into the epicentre of this pandemic. North America is expected to become the next epicentre, with the virus dying out after its global terrorization in Summer.

Global Tourism is Falling

Tourism across the world is beginning to dwindle at rapid rates. These declines come after the outbreak of the coronavirus, which initially started throughout the region of Wuhan in China. With everyone being concerned for their health, it’s prompted for numerous corporations to receive booking cancellations. One of the most affected regions worldwide is Nara, a city located in Japan. It’s forty-five-minutes aware from their capital city of Kyoto and is infamous for having 1000+ deer greet tourists, with them requesting treats in the process. This story has become similar throughout the entire world, with even locations like New York City and Chicago receiving an influx of cancellations. Additional nations that have seen increased cancellations on vacations include Egypt, which has 25+ confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Chinese tourists are the most influential benefactors towards the European Union Tourism Industry, with financial analysts now anticipating that there’ll be a $1.1 billion monthly deficit on tourism. Considering that locations like Italy and Amsterdam rely on tourism for their national economies, coronavirus exposure is causing millions to lose their regular finances.

The Italian Outbreak

The most troubled nation with the coronavirus isn’t the United States of America, but instead Italy. They’ve had a soaring rate of exposure, which is prompting for numerous locations across Rome and Venice to become ghost towns. Financial analysts throughout Italy anticipate that if this virus isn’t solved before the end of May, upwards of $12.5 billion can be lost. This follows after multiple venues in Italy have been terminated, which includes the Milan Fashion Show and Venice Carnival. Postponements include the Architecture Biennale Exposition, which was slated to begin in May but won’t start until August 2020.

Potential Vacation

Scientific minds know that the chances of being exposed to the coronavirus are less than winning the lottery. For individuals of this nature, it’s the perfect time to book a vacation and visit these destinations. You’ll receive the highest level of accommodations, with prices being drastically lower and various global destinations being unspoiled by the lack of countless tourists. Considering that this open timeframe is available for the next four to six months, we recommend that precautious individuals that know the scientific defences for the coronavirus, book a vacation immediately.

American Tourist with Coronavirus located on Cambodian Cruise Ship

It was revealed this week that a women from America entering Malaysia who disembarked from a cruise ship docked in Cambodia was diagnosed with the Coronavirus on Saturday.

A statement released by the Malaysian Health Ministry and Hisham Abdullah, its Health director-general Noor. said the patient is 83 years of age. It read; “The Cambodian government allowed all passengers and crew members to return to their home countries after announcing that health screening had been carried out on them.” 

The cruise ship in question, owed by Westerdam had been denied entry and debarking by several different countries but accepted in Cambodia where its passengers disembarked finally. In total, there was 145 passengers from the cruise that then boarded flights to Malaysia on Friday. Upon arrival, both the women infected and her husband were found to have symptoms of the coronavirus at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and were then transferred for additional testing at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

On Saturday, the elderly women returned a positive test for COVID-19 and based on reports from Dr Noor Hisham, is in stable condition. However, her husband’s test results came back negative, but for safety precautions, is being closely monitored. Malaysia has not to 22 confirmed cases of the virus.

Non-Travelling American diagnosed with Coronavirus

Officials with the CDC confirmed on the evening of Wednesday that a patient from California has contracted the coronavirus.  The report indicated that the infected patient had no recent travel exposure nor contact with any other infected patients. This makes it the first known case like it in the United States. In an official statement from the CDC, it stated; “It’s also possible, however, that the patient may have been exposed to a returned traveller who was infected.”

The CDC stated an investigation into the infections source will continue. This diagnosis increases the total number of Americans infected with the virus to 60. However, the majority of those are resultant from those who were aboard the Diamond Princess Cruise ship that Japan had quarantined. Donald Trump, in a White House news conference, announced that he has put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of how the U.S will respond to the coronavirus. Pence, who has absolutely zero training in the medical field, stated: “The threat to the American public remains low.”

American Tourist Receives Justice in Costa Rica

Whenever you travel, you unintentionally impose yourself to numerous risks. This was proven for one American Tourist, who was murdered in Costa Rica at an Airbnb by the respective security guard. Her name was Carla Stefaniak, who has decided to take a birthday vacation to Costa Rica at the age of thirty-six. She was slated to return home on November 28th, 2018 but never check-in for her flight or board the plane. This caused immediate concern for Carla’s sister-in-law, who had texted with Miss Stefaniak the day prior. She noted that the conditions at the Villa Buena Vista Resort were pretty sketchy. This resort is located in San Jose, Escazu Suburb, Costa Rica.

This unidentified sister-in-law, for safety, contacted local authorities regarding Carla’s potential disappearance. It didn’t take long for law enforcement to locate Carla Stefaniak’s body in a wooded area near this resort. This security guard covered her body in plastic bags, with the autopsy report indicating that she’d been murdered from multiple head injuries and stab wounds to the neck. Law enforcement and Autopsy Experts believe this attack was sexually motivated, with it being committed by Bismarck Espinoza Martinez. Working as the security guard for the Villa Buena Vista Resort, it took law enforcement less than forty-eight hours to arrest him in connection to Carla’s death.

After more than 15+ months, the courts have ruled that Bismarck Espinoza Martinez is guilty of committing this murder. He’ll now spend the next sixteen years of his life in a Costa Rican prison, where imprisonment is considered some of the worst worldwide. The General Director of Costa Rica’s Investigation Department expressed that he’d become a suspect four hours after finding Carla’s body. He’d mistakenly changed his stories multiple times, leading this 32-year-old security guard to remain in prison until 48.

Always Travel Safely

We’re recommending that our readers don’t travel to Costa Rica, with it often being considered a violent location with criminal entities. Those wanting to go to this tropical location are recommended to research their respective resort and its neighbourhood in length. Determine the level of crime relating to murder, sex trafficking and stolen goods. There are numerous neighbourhoods throughout Costa Rica that have safely governed resorts, with their costs being higher than the average price associated with travelling to this nation. Travellers staying with an Airbnb service can also select a personalized security force, which costs a substantial fee.

Coronavirus Strikes Hawaii

Hawaiian citizens are concerned for their safety after it was announced that a Japanese woman and her husband were diagnosed with the coronavirus. This followed after the woman had returned to Japan, with her visit to Oahu and Maui lasting between January 28th to February 7th. Health officials at these two Hawaiian islands completed a full assessment to determine who came into contact with these individuals. The Department of Health notified that 58 locals are being monitored, with one being placed into quarantine. Concerns relate to those 58 people and the countless individuals they came into contact with, as this could be the 1st instance of the coronavirus having an outbreak outside of China. All information regarding this potential outbreak was provided through a News Conference on February 14th.

The Department of Health notified the Hawaiian people that both the male and female symptoms hadn’t exhibited symptoms for the coronavirus. However, cold-like symptoms arose while they visited Oahu. This couple stayed with the Grand Waikikian Resort with Hilton Grand Vacations. Individuals that stayed at this resort between the announced timeframe are urged to seek medical attention to assess their conditions. The Hawaiian State Department of Health expressed that citizens shouldn’t be alarmed, that the rate of infection is minimal.

Protocols in Effect

This statement was provided before the initial assessment was completed, causing minimal relief to the Hawaiian people during the week. February 17th will see procedures for the coronavirus outbreak in Hawaii be implemented on a minimum scale. This will allow the Health Department to cleanse the Waikikian Resort, which could be contaminated with the coronavirus. It’s expected that the West and South Wings will be their target location, with the majority of infected from this resort originating from these sections.

It should be noted that both the wife and husband from Japan were diagnosed with the coronavirus immediately after returning from Hawaii. This was on February 8th, where both emitted fevers ranging from 102 to 105 degrees. Reporters questioned the Hawaiian Governor on the seriousness of this situation, with him expressing that medical advisories will be posted through Oahu starting on the 17th. When it applies to the island of Maui, they’ve been cleared with minimal risk to the coronavirus. From the 58 exposed to these Japanese nationals, only twenty were located from Maui. Medical care providers throughout Oahu will be provided with drugs and medicines that can defeat the coronavirus, with most unaware that a cure has been located from scientists in Argentina.

Birth Tourism Ending in America

Those wanting to immigrate to the United States of America face countless hurdles under the Trump Administration. After what millions worldwide believed would be the impeachment of Donald Trump, he was cleared of actions that previous governments would’ve deemed illegal. This immediately prompted an increase in legislation against those wanting to immigrate or travel to the USA. Donald Trump quickly put travelling bans on all Asian travellers, which then extended to new law relating to Visas.
Individuals who are pregnant and applying to visas will immediately be declined, as Donald Trump believes this is an immediate effort to birth the child in America. Subsequently, the parents wouldn’t be a legal citizen, but their child would. Birth Tourism is one of the most significant platforms relating to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, which is riddled with racism and violent undertones.

The Criminal Actions of Donald Trump

It should be noted that Donald Trump implored an entire crowd to assault an African America during his previous rallies. He worked with the Russian Government, created an economic war with China and prompted illegal investigations into Joe Biden to ensure his future second term as president. This plus countless other illegal actions were deemed reasonable by the United States Senate, indicating that all future politicians can commit atrocious behaviour and never be vindicated for their actions.

Immediately after the new legislation was put into place, Federal Agents supporting these laws broke into an apartment complex in California. They swarmed pregnant woman and returned them to their respective countries, with the apartment complex receiving a $50,000.00 fine for every individual illegal immigrant. These actions follow the racist behaviours of the Trump Administration, who previously created legalized Concentration Camps. Children were separated from parents and married couples separated from each other, with all respective parties being forced to work.

Neither the United Nations nor the United States Senate deemed these actions to be illegal. An entire world war was started 80 years ago when the Nazis used Concentration Camps to kill Jewish people. Multiple individuals that stand for the liberal mindset have implored with legislators to enforce strong actions onto Donald Trump. All of these have failed through and resulted in the continued destruction of America. This man isn’t a president for democracy but more similar to a communist leader, who needs to be stopped immediately.

M&M Retail Store coming to MOA

Few shopping centres acquire specialized storefronts in the United States other than the Mall of America. This was once again proven with the announcement that the Mars Retail Group will launch an M&M Retail Store, marking their 5th location worldwide. Additional areas include Shanghai, Las Vegas, New York and London. However, a further four locations will open worldwide. Those will include Orlando, Germany, Berlin and Florida.

That’ll bring the total number to nine retail locations, with the Mall of America storefront anticipated to be more than 24,000-square-feet. It’ll be located in the East Marker Neighbourhood in MOA and will open Q4 2020. There’ll be two levels available for consumers to explore, with the Mars Retail Group confirming that this location will honour the Midwestern & Minnesota cultures. These announcements follow after the Mars Retail Group confirmed they’d expand the M&M brand throughout 2020.

The Director of Global Retail for the Mars Group confirmed this storefront on February 1st. He noted that the Mall of America is the perfect location to expand their immersive experiences for consumers, making them a natural partner to fully realize their strategic vision. Maintaining sites in all other jurisdictions in America, entering the Minnesota/Midwestern environment will cover all four corners of the United States. Individuals that cannot wait the potential eleven months for the grand opening can visit the NYC or Las Vegas location today.

New Hotels Opens by Mall of America

Another significant announcement was made regarding the Mall of America. Baywood Hotels confirmed they’d be launching their latest hotel under the Home2 Suites brand. Operated by the Hilton Corporation, this new location will be adjacent to the shopping centre and require less than five months of travelling time to enter various facilities. Those wanting to rent from this hotel chain will experience enhanced amenities, communal areas, and modern suites. There’ll also be an indoor pool, 24-hour fitness centre and outdoor fire pit. Hilton Corp confirmed that this location would also support specialized lobbies and exclusive dining options.

The Home2 Suites – Mall of America location, will be supported with four stories. It’ll be operated and owned under the Baywood Hotels Company, confirming that the Hilton Corporation and Baywood have begun an exclusive partnership. There’ll be 182 rooms available and has plans to gain Metro Blue Line access, which would make travelling to the Mall of America less than two minutes. Those wanting to stay with this hotel chain can start booking by February 11th.