Best NFL Resturants

NFL season is a big deal and a significant part of the authentic American culture. Every team has a band of supporters who will back them through greatness and misery. These are the fanatics, the ones whose loyalty will never fail, and the ones who are willing to put their wagers where their hearts lie placing their sports bets again and again on the ones they want to win. These groups have their unique hangouts where they prefer to pull together, united as one. Let’s explore some of the places where these crowds gather.

Baltimore Ravens

Located locally in the heart of Baltimore’s Federal Hill, is the favourite watering hole of Ravens fans. The décor is unmistakeable Raven, including goalposts, a purple patio and floor reflecting the healthy football inspiration which makes Mother’s Federal come alive during Ravens games. If you want to be seated, then be there early while you sip away on a purple crush cocktail served in a Baltimore Ravens pint glass.

Buffalo Bills

Big on the Bills? Then flock to where the big screens are taken care of. The 38-foot screen in the bar makes it impossible to miss any detail of the Bills action. In case that doesn’t suffice to your visual needs, the bar also portrays another 69 smaller screens, to be sure. For a true Buffalo feeling fans can quench their thirsts with beer from some of the many local breweries.

Carolina Panthers

Ales is the perfect place to be taken care of if you consider yourself an emotional eater during any sporting activity. This comfortable and cosy venue is, however, a Carolina Panther fan favourite. They offer more than six different dipping options for either tortillas chips or French fries. Plenty of goodness to keep you nibbling away. 120 Different craft beers of which 70 are available on draft, this is the claim to fame of the Chicago Bears’ favourite spot. Whether you want to catch a game, quench a first or chow on some weekend grub, the Boundary is your place to go.

Knockback Nat’s

The devotion and loyalty of this pub’s patrons and owners are astounding. Not only delivering on dependable Bengal support but also serving a kind of comfort in the form of free wings during every game that the Cincinnati Bengals play out of town.

STATS Brewpub

Just down the road of the Falcons stadium, the STATS Brewpub is true to its name. Here fans have access to an iPad at every table. Why would that be, you may ask. Well, to stay up to date with every bit of commentary and statistics published on the Bleacher Report. And to summons some more food and drinks to their tables of course.

The Best Cities to Visit

Very soon, half of the American nation would be living within states where sports betting, online betting and online gambling sites are legal and available. There remains something special about visiting the right old land-based casino now and then. For some nostalgic revival of the actual gambling experience, here are some of the most fabulous gambling destinations to explore.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is undoubtedly no surprise to anyone. Las Vegas is not only the most popular city to place your bets in the United States but possibly the world. Las Vegas is home to glitz and glamour, the home to those playing high stakes as well as those losing their life’s savings. It is a place of wonder and magic — home to 15 of the top 25 largest hotels internationally. Las Vegas is a place where dreams come alive.

Reno, Nevada

A fact known to only a few is that Reno was indeed the initial heart of the world of gambling before Las Vegas surpassed it as the gambling capital of the world during the last part of the 20th century. Reno is home to an excess of 20 casinos which include Silver Legacy, Peppermill Hotel Casino and Harrah’s Reno. Along with the gambling scene, Reno is also famous for a very active and entertaining nightlife set within the glow of neon lights.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is second in the line of largest gambling cities in the United States, only following in line after Las Vegas. Atlantic City is therefore favourably nicknamed as America’s favourite playground and a playground for the daring and wild, the chasers of adrenaline and fun it surely is. The 13 grand casinos and thousands of high-end games, table games and slot machines.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans was a prominent role player in the 19th-century American gambling scene. Today it is still a favourite place for many to visit because the streets of New Orleans still hold on to an era of the past, keeping the memories alive. They are filled with nostalgia and reminders of great times on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River was home to many riverboat casinos, river tours and taking gamblers to the most magnificent attractions.

Palm Springs, California

Where the others on the list hold a form of sweet remembrance of times gone by with a rich and colourful history of gambling and the entertainment associated with it, Palm Springs delivers on a different kind of gambling flair. Palm Springs is one of the newest gambling cities with a relatively recently developed gambling resort. Here visitors will find various types of casino entertainment, table games, slot machines and a true reflection of world-class casino gambling. Palm Springs is home to five large casinos, and many gamblers do indeed consider this is as the most excellent place to place your bets in the entire United States.

Biggest Phantom Gambler in the World Comes From Texas

The biggest high roller in the world or as many refer to him as the Suitcase man, William Lee Bergstrom was born in Texas in 1951. Many names, including the phantom gambler, knew the player and he remains the biggest spender in the history of gambling. 
Bergstrom passed away in 1985, during his gambling at the Horseshoe Casino in 1981 his winnings was worth $2.3 million. In 1984, three years later he returned to the Horseshoe Casino and placed a few bets, which included a single chance worth $1 million equal to around $2.42 million in terms of present-day value, that bet he lost. The Suitcase man also placed other bets although the $2,42 remains the biggest bet ever placed at a land-based casino. 

Texas Tech University Student Becomes the Suitcase Gambler

The man that would become the Phantom Gambler was born in Texas and graduated from the Austin High School in 1969. He then enrolled to major in electrical engineering in Lubbock at the Texas Tech University. He became a private pilot instead, and in the Spring of 1971, his parents divorced. Not much of his life is known from 1971 to the 24th of September 1980 when he arrives at in Las Vegas; He turns up at the Horseshoe Casino with two suitcases one empty and the other holding $777,000 in cash. It was the casino of Benny Binion, who had a policy for many years and that was to honour any size bet as long as it is the players very first bet at the casino.
The gambler from Texas remained anonymous at the time and placed a single bet to the value of all the cash in his suitcase, he bet on dice and won. Binion came to congratulate the man and assisted him in getting the winnings into his empty bag, he walked out and disappeared.

The Phantom Gambler is Back

Three and half years pass and no one ever seen or heard a word from the Phantom Gambler. It all changed when he walked into a casino on the 24th of March 1984 to place a single bet worth $538,000 on a single dice roll. Again he won, and with his winnings, he booked his mother a seat at the Willie Nelson show. He returned and earned $117,000 more when he placed bets on three craps games.
Again he left and on the 16th of November he returned with a suitcase and placed a bet worth $1 million made up of $550,000 in cash packed in the briefcase, The rest of the chance was paid for via Krugerrands and a cashiers cheque worth $310,000. He lost and never recovered, he took his own life on the 4th of February 1985.

Kansas City Bars Perfect for Sports Watching

You’ve placed your bets on the next sports event, and you can’t wait to see if your team will give you the winning profit you expect. This warrants that you watch the game on a big screen with a draft beer in your hand. If you happen to be in Kansas City, you have plenty of options in excellent sports bars and restaurants.

The Well

Sit on the upper deck when the weather allows you to or the patio to enjoy a cigar with your beer on tap. The indoor pub is packed with booths and tables, and this lively place is always filled with friendly locals enjoying wine, craft beer and cocktails. Several big screens are turned to the game, which means you can socialize, cheer for your team and enjoy an upscale meal. The favourite dishes on the menu includes Creole Shrimp po’boys, Baja Fish Tacos, Sliders, Smoked Brisket Sandwiches and Tequila-lime Smoked Chicken Quesadillas.

Bogey’s Windy City Pub Specials Events

When you want to watch the game in Chicago style in Kansas City, you go to Bogy’s Windy City Pub. It’s the place where you can watch the game on multiple big screens and enjoy a cold one with other sports fanatics. Happy Hour is every weekday from 4 pm up to 6 pm. Great food and drinking events include the Happy Hour when you can enjoy Appetizers and drinks at discounted prices. The Sunday Brunch at Bogey’s Windy City Pub is delicious and include French toast, eggs benedict. At the same time, you can enjoy Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers at exceptional prices. The Sunday Brunch special is available from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Bogey’s Windy City Pub Desserts

Bogey’s Windy City Pub also offers a large selection of amazing fresh-baked desserts and home-made cakes to add a sweet taste to your sports betting winnings. Depending on how big your profit is, you could easily match it with the chocolate goodness topped with ice-cream from the Molton Lava cake. If you win a lot more than you expected you might want to treat your whole table to some Korbel Sparkling or raspberry and strawberry lemonade. When you enjoyed quite the celebration meal and dessert, you will love the coffee served at Bogey’s Windy City Pub. The coffee menu at this trendy neighbourhood sports bar and restaurant include special teas such as Hot Tea and China Mist Iced Tea. Brilliant meal enders also include Hot Chocolate and Caribou Coffee.

More Fine Sports Pub

Apart from the two pubs discussed above, other great sports pubs in Kansas City includes The Brookside Sports Bar & Grill. Other pubs well worth a visit for sports fans and everyone else is the Kansas City Live as well as the Coach’s Bar, Chappell’s, The Granfalloon, The Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill.

Best Sports Pubs in Kansas City

Sports fans in Kansas City love to show their supports. These include serious fans who visit a local pub to cheer for their NFL team. While the cheering volume could get this city on the list as the loudest. The sports bars make the list of the funniest, most original to the strangest titled.

Granfalloon Bar and Restaurant

The Granfalloon is as dedicated to sports as the fans it welcomes day after day. It is one of the best according to Kansas City sports enthusiasts. The main reason, you can get your sports-action fix by watching every event on 22 HD television sets. Each of these is tuned to no other channel but ESPN.

Coldest Beer But Not Boulevard

The bar serves the coldest beverages to groups of sporty women and guys who can also order food. It’s cosy, it’s fantastic and one of the favourites when you want to catch up with your pals. If you waited all week to enjoy Bully Pale Ale, the Granfalloon doesn’t serve it, so for Boulevard brew, you need to go elsewhere.

What in A Name such as a Granfalloon

The name might get you wondering what the pub is all about. It is named after a gentleman by the name of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Or should we say it is more his quote that inspired the pub’s name. Vonnegut always told fellow pub-cruisers that a Granfalloon is a meaningless yet proud association of human beings.

Pizza to Tacos Till Two

The Granfalloon is a bi-level restaurant and bar; it means a lot to the regulars. It’s a place for those who love casual dining or an upscale bar fare. The kitchen prepares anything you desire from mango slaw served with fish tacos to pizza with spinach and bacon. You can order roasted chicken or hold out for the sticky chicken.

Be Early or Miss All the Sports-Pub-Action

This privilege of being fed is only available until 2 am. The menu initially displayed over 77 dishes, now pared down to 52. You can still order all the great burgers and the pork belly. Only 234 seats, so you need to make sure you’re early. If not, you won’t be able to watch your favourite team in the most fantastic atmosphere.

Rambunctious, Loud & Super Busy

At night the Granfalloon is noisy, busy and super loud. Don’t be surprised if you spot sports figures or national celebrities in the crowd the place is famous. Happy hour is from 4 pm to 7 pm at this sports-bar, once called the least pretentious of all watering holes. This sports pub remains the premier spot for meeting someone, although it might offer you only a temporarily-kind of fling. If you’ve been there and done that, maybe you’re returning to share your story with someone else. Not that you would feel hungry after sharing such a personal experience. If you do feel like you could stomach something tasty, from 11 pm you could order Sticky Asian Chicken.

Arnold Goes Viral

When you think of America, and you hear the words lights, camera and action, you could think of hundreds of Hollywood stars including Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was before we all had internet, a time when the world was a much bigger place. Then what happened in Macau or Tokyo stated right there, now it’s different. When you start searching for great destinations to visit or you are only looking for the best way to see America, you might stumble on some rather strange videos. It might even include one of the American politicians such as Arnold.

Macau Dominates the Gambling World

The biggest gambling destination in the world is Macau, not Atlantic City and not Las Vegas. Not even the last-mentioned two, combined can beat Macau. The casinos there generated revenues back in 2012 of over $44.1 billion. It was around seven times that of Las Vegas, which means Macau dominates the gambling world.

What Happens in Tokyo Don’t Necessarily Stay in Tokyo Anymore.

When Macau or Tokyo wants good publicity, they turn to A-list actors to get the action rolling. A 60-second video by Martin Scorsese stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro; this is used as marketing months before a specific casino opened. The short film was written by Terence Winter, a wall street screenwriter and it’s directed by the best in the world, Scorsese. But when you go a bit back in time, you learn about the best Hollywood actors that wanted to earn heaps of extra cash.

Private Plane to Asia and Back – No Strings Attached

What they would do is to get on a private plane and head out to Asia. They knew no one would find out about it, so it was a sure way to earn some serious money. What they had to do to make the extra yen and yuan was to act in the most bizarre marketing commercials for Chinese or Japanese companies. They’d complete the video used for commercial purposes, cash in and head home without telling a sole. No one would ever find out, and they preferred it that way. How could they have known that the internet would make the world so much smaller?

Schwarzenegger Asian Commercial Goes Viral, Years Later

The video Arnold Schwarzenegger made under such secret conditions are now available to the world. It’s called Schwarzenegger Alinamin versus Energy Drink, and it’s gone viral after all these years. Plenty of other Hollywood stars did the same before the internet and made lots of money. They got on a plane did the commercials, earned top cash and returned to America, no one knew, and no one was going to find out. It might be one of the reasons why Robert De Niro was counting the blueberries in the casino muffins.

Deborah Cox, Canadian R&B Star’s Trip to the United States Turns into Hair-Raising Experience

Deborah Cox criticizes South African Airlines for trying to use a damaged plane only to make an emergency landing when a fire started. On the same flight was Sharma Chetty and she was on her way to a business meeting to the United States. The trip turned into a nasty experience for everyone.

Flight SA209 OR Tambo International Airport to Washington DC

The flight was SA209 heading to Washington DC from OR Tambo International Airport. The trip stopped in Ghana; it was a regular stop for refuelling in ACCRA. A large truck of the SAA then hit the door of the aircraft, and it was damaged. It meant several hours of delay for passengers on the SA209 flight.

After Hours of Delay Back on Route to Washington DC

The passengers were informed that the door was fixed and that the flight would continue the journey to Washington DC. Finally, back on the plane, the next part of the route only lasted 15 minutes when a technical problem got the cockpit crew decides to make an emergency landing. Passengers could smell something, but most thought it was the air conditioners. Smoke started coming out of the cockpit, and the crew was running up and down the passage. The passengers were instructed to put their heads down. Deborah Cox fans started commenting on her social media comments, asking Fly SAA to treat her right. Cox later said she was terrified and thought about her family. The experience was traumatic, and the crew managed to calm most of the passengers.

Accra Wants Visas – Not All Passenger Had Visas – More Delays

When the plane did an emergency landing back in Accra, things changed, and passengers were expected to have visas. Most did not, and again all passengers were stuck while it took longer to decide on the next step.

Plane Left Behind in Accra – Technicians Working to Find Problem

Eventually, after waiting, it was decided that all passengers could be taken to a hotel. South African Airways commented that there was no correlation between the technical issue and the door incident. The plane is still in Accra while technicians are trying to find out what caused the cockpit issue.

South African Airways

South African Airways deny that there was any fire in the cockpit, although the airline has still not revealed what the problem was. The reason for the emergency landing is not communicated, and several passengers claim they saw smoke in the cockpit. Apart from the trauma on the flight, Accra would not allow passengers without visas into the country. After hours of strategizing, Ghana finally agreed to put passengers up in a hotel for the night. Most passengers will remember their flight from South Africa to the United States as one of the trauma.

Wild, Wild West and Gambling

The Wild West was famous for damsels in distress, gun-slinging outlaws and gambling, lots of it. Everyone met to play games from the lawmen to the cowboys. The gambling halls was the place to be no matter your gender or class: the competition to play, poker, the type you see in films inspired by the old west. Poker is not only played by men but as much by women. Gamblers are as recognized as the most notorious outlaws.

Wild West Gambling, Profession or Entertainment

The towns were small in the Wild West and offered little to do, which is one of the reasons gambling became popular, well so did crimes and drinking. When a new settlement or town was constructed the first building that when up was a gambling hall, it was needed to keep the folks occupied.

Gambling as a Profession

In the West, gambling was not only entertainment; it was a very respected profession; people could make decent money from it. Families were proud of their daughters or sons who grew up to be professional gamblers.

Cattle Ranches and Gold Rushes

The line-up of historical events in the US even further boosted the gambling industry. Kansas and Texas were cattle towns, and most cities had sound railway systems. Anyone working in the cattle industry was affluent and had money to spare. Boredom was still a big problem, and the only relieve gambling.

California Gold Rush

Next up was the 1849 California Gold Rush bringing plenty of migrants, it means more popularity to the gambling halls. The gambling hotspot was now in San Francisco, which is where the gold miners would stop over to wager their wages.

Gambling Halls are the Extravagant Buildings in Town

The most extravagant building in town was the gambling halls, those who did not gamble visited these to enjoy a few drinks. Apart from the bar, gambling halls also offered rooms and had a stage for entertainment. Well, when you mix the list of services, what you get is people misbehaving, it gave the town a poor reputation.

Re-Visit the Wild West History

As more and more families settled in the western towns, gambling sort of lost its general appeal. Still, when you travel to America, there are quite a few places you should visit if you love everything about the history of the Wild West.

Five Best Wild West Gambling Places to Visit in America

The five most visited American Wild West places include Grand Canyon National Park, New Mexico and the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West. Two places you should add to your list of sites is also the Grand Canyon Railway and the Goldfields Ghost Town. In the next article, we take a closer look into what these authentic old west locations offer tourists and why it is essential to visit them.

Betting on Entertainment in the USA

Most people are well aware of the fact that you can place bets on much more than sports events. Entertainment betting takes place on reality shows such as American Idol. The number of betting events depends on the shows running during the year; popular betting events include The Bachelor, Survivor and the Oscars.

Planning to Place Bets on Entertainment for the First Time?

One of the most important events every year is the Oscars or the Academy Awards, which recognises the best actors, film directors and others in the film industry. You can already place bets on the 92nd Oscars that takes place in 2020; it is way before the red carpet will lead the crème da la crème actors towards the stage. The number of categories could change, but it usually includes twenty-four titles.


The yearly Oscar event is the highlight for anyone in the entertainment industry, and the world’s best designers are already designing the most glamourous dresses. Oscar awards go-to directors, editors, composers, producers, costumes, make-up artists and writers. The main categories are the best actor, best actress and the film of the year awards.

History of the Oscars Event

The very first Oscar dinner took place on the 16th of May 1929, and during a ceremony that lasted 15 minutes, 15 Oscars was handed out. The Oscars event is now televised to over 225 different countries, and the game is about 3.5 hours long since 1929 up to 2019 over 3,100 Oscars was handed over to the best in the film industry.

Films winning Oscar as Best Picture

  • 12 Years A Slave
  • Birdman
  • Spotlight
  • Moonlight
  • The Shape of Water
  • Green Book

Best Actors

  • Mathew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club
  • Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in The Revenant
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as High Glass in The Revenant
  • Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler in Manchester By The Sea
  • Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour
  • Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Actress

  • Cate Blanchett as Jeanette Francis in Blue Jasmine
  • Julianne Moore as Alice Howland in Still Alice
  • Room, Joy Newsome played by Brie Larson
  • La La Land, Mia Dolan played by Emma Stone
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand
  • Best Actress in The Favourite, Olivia Colman

Oscar Betting

When it comes to betting on entertainment, the Oscars are the trickiest as you never know the outcomes. The best tip is to follow the significant award ceremonies that take place before the Oscars. These include the Golden Globes and the Critic’s Choice Awards.

Practice Your Betting Skills

If you fancy a bit of entertainment betting the best way to gain a bit of experience before the next Oscars event is to bet on other activities. Some of the most popular betting events include Strictly Come Dancing, X-Factor and the Apprentice. Enjoy the best shows and make a bit of money on the side when you place bets via your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Visiting Californian Counties

A visit to all the casinos in the Californian counties could mean you are spending quite a bit of time in the USA. There are 58 different counties in California, and what is interesting about their names is what if derived from.


Alameda got its name from the Alamo, which is a Spanish word for a famous tree or cottonwood. The most popular casino is the Graton Resort & Casino that offers a hotel, fine dining, a day spa as well as live entertainment. The casino floor offers several slots, table games and a live poker room.


The Alpine County started in 1864, and it is named after the word alpine that means a connection to the Alps. It lies close to the Sierra Nevada mountains and The Alps inspires an array of online slots created by some of the top software developers such as Microgaming. Some of the popular winter slot themes include Ice Pick, Frozen Assets, Cabin Fever and Penguin Vacation.


Since 1852, Amador is named after a rancher, miner and soldier called Jose Maria Amador. He was the son of Sergeant Pedro Amador who settled in California back in 1771. The Spanish word Amador means the one that loves inert objects.


The word butte means a blunt elevation, and it is the name of this county since it started in 1850. The word butte comes from French, and it implies mound of earth or a small hill.

El Dorado

El Dorado is known as a never-fading venture; it’s the county loved for its precious stones; it is also called the place where the fountains have gently flowing wines. The Spanish word refers to the gilded one. El Dorado is also the place on which many online casino games are based; these include Eldorado Max Power slot, Jungle Jim: Eldorado and NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. The game’s theme is inspired by the quest of Gonzo for the lost city of gold. The whole game is inspired by the Spanish conqueror called Gonzalo Pizzaro eager to find gold in Eldorado.

Gonzalo On A Quest to Find the Lost City of Gold

According to history, Gonzalo heard rumours about the kingdom in the east, which was fertile land, and he called it Pais de la Canela, which meant the Land of Cinnamon. El Dorado was seen as a mysterious city; it was often called the Lost City of Gold between the 1530s to the 1650s. The town was described to have streets paved in gold; its mines were rich in silver and gold. The city had plains, rivers and jungles and many went in search of such riches and lost their lives.

Years later, it was discovered that such a place never existed in real life; it only existed in the imagination of the seekers. It maybe explains why the Lost City was never found. Today it is referred to as the El Dorado myth. Visiting America, you will find that there are thirteen cities all named El Dorado, but none of these have streets paved in gold.