Wild, Wild West and Gambling

The Wild West was famous for damsels in distress, gun-slinging outlaws and gambling, lots of it. Everyone met to play games from the lawmen to the cowboys. The gambling halls was the place to be no matter your gender or class: the competition to play, poker, the type you see in films inspired by the old west. Poker is not only played by men but as much by women. Gamblers are as recognized as the most notorious outlaws.

Wild West Gambling, Profession or Entertainment

The towns were small in the Wild West and offered little to do, which is one of the reasons gambling became popular, well so did crimes and drinking. When a new settlement or town was constructed the first building that when up was a gambling hall, it was needed to keep the folks occupied.

Gambling as a Profession

In the West, gambling was not only entertainment; it was a very respected profession; people could make decent money from it. Families were proud of their daughters or sons who grew up to be professional gamblers.

Cattle Ranches and Gold Rushes

The line-up of historical events in the US even further boosted the gambling industry. Kansas and Texas were cattle towns, and most cities had sound railway systems. Anyone working in the cattle industry was affluent and had money to spare. Boredom was still a big problem, and the only relieve gambling.

California Gold Rush

Next up was the 1849 California Gold Rush bringing plenty of migrants, it means more popularity to the gambling halls. The gambling hotspot was now in San Francisco, which is where the gold miners would stop over to wager their wages.

Gambling Halls are the Extravagant Buildings in Town

The most extravagant building in town was the gambling halls, those who did not gamble visited these to enjoy a few drinks. Apart from the bar, gambling halls also offered rooms and had a stage for entertainment. Well, when you mix the list of services, what you get is people misbehaving, it gave the town a poor reputation.

Re-Visit the Wild West History

As more and more families settled in the western towns, gambling sort of lost its general appeal. Still, when you travel to America, there are quite a few places you should visit if you love everything about the history of the Wild West.

Five Best Wild West Gambling Places to Visit in America

The five most visited American Wild West places include Grand Canyon National Park, New Mexico and the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West. Two places you should add to your list of sites is also the Grand Canyon Railway and the Goldfields Ghost Town. In the next article, we take a closer look into what these authentic old west locations offer tourists and why it is essential to visit them.

Betting on Entertainment in the USA

Most people are well aware of the fact that you can place bets on much more than sports events. Entertainment betting takes place on reality shows such as American Idol. The number of betting events depends on the shows running during the year; popular betting events include The Bachelor, Survivor and the Oscars.

Planning to Place Bets on Entertainment for the First Time?

One of the most important events every year is the Oscars or the Academy Awards, which recognises the best actors, film directors and others in the film industry. You can already place bets on the 92nd Oscars that takes place in 2020; it is way before the red carpet will lead the crème da la crème actors towards the stage. The number of categories could change, but it usually includes twenty-four titles.


The yearly Oscar event is the highlight for anyone in the entertainment industry, and the world’s best designers are already designing the most glamourous dresses. Oscar awards go-to directors, editors, composers, producers, costumes, make-up artists and writers. The main categories are the best actor, best actress and the film of the year awards.

History of the Oscars Event

The very first Oscar dinner took place on the 16th of May 1929, and during a ceremony that lasted 15 minutes, 15 Oscars was handed out. The Oscars event is now televised to over 225 different countries, and the game is about 3.5 hours long since 1929 up to 2019 over 3,100 Oscars was handed over to the best in the film industry.

Films winning Oscar as Best Picture

  • 12 Years A Slave
  • Birdman
  • Spotlight
  • Moonlight
  • The Shape of Water
  • Green Book

Best Actors

  • Mathew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club
  • Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in The Revenant
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as High Glass in The Revenant
  • Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler in Manchester By The Sea
  • Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour
  • Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Actress

  • Cate Blanchett as Jeanette Francis in Blue Jasmine
  • Julianne Moore as Alice Howland in Still Alice
  • Room, Joy Newsome played by Brie Larson
  • La La Land, Mia Dolan played by Emma Stone
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand
  • Best Actress in The Favourite, Olivia Colman

Oscar Betting

When it comes to betting on entertainment, the Oscars are the trickiest as you never know the outcomes. The best tip is to follow the significant award ceremonies that take place before the Oscars. These include the Golden Globes and the Critic’s Choice Awards.

Practice Your Betting Skills

If you fancy a bit of entertainment betting the best way to gain a bit of experience before the next Oscars event is to bet on other activities. Some of the most popular betting events include Strictly Come Dancing, X-Factor and the Apprentice. Enjoy the best shows and make a bit of money on the side when you place bets via your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Visiting Californian Counties

A visit to all the casinos in the Californian counties could mean you are spending quite a bit of time in the USA. There are 58 different counties in California, and what is interesting about their names is what if derived from.


Alameda got its name from the Alamo, which is a Spanish word for a famous tree or cottonwood. The most popular casino is the Graton Resort & Casino that offers a hotel, fine dining, a day spa as well as live entertainment. The casino floor offers several slots, table games and a live poker room.


The Alpine County started in 1864, and it is named after the word alpine that means a connection to the Alps. It lies close to the Sierra Nevada mountains and The Alps inspires an array of online slots created by some of the top software developers such as Microgaming. Some of the popular winter slot themes include Ice Pick, Frozen Assets, Cabin Fever and Penguin Vacation.


Since 1852, Amador is named after a rancher, miner and soldier called Jose Maria Amador. He was the son of Sergeant Pedro Amador who settled in California back in 1771. The Spanish word Amador means the one that loves inert objects.


The word butte means a blunt elevation, and it is the name of this county since it started in 1850. The word butte comes from French, and it implies mound of earth or a small hill.

El Dorado

El Dorado is known as a never-fading venture; it’s the county loved for its precious stones; it is also called the place where the fountains have gently flowing wines. The Spanish word refers to the gilded one. El Dorado is also the place on which many online casino games are based; these include Eldorado Max Power slot, Jungle Jim: Eldorado and NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. The game’s theme is inspired by the quest of Gonzo for the lost city of gold. The whole game is inspired by the Spanish conqueror called Gonzalo Pizzaro eager to find gold in Eldorado.

Gonzalo On A Quest to Find the Lost City of Gold

According to history, Gonzalo heard rumours about the kingdom in the east, which was fertile land, and he called it Pais de la Canela, which meant the Land of Cinnamon. El Dorado was seen as a mysterious city; it was often called the Lost City of Gold between the 1530s to the 1650s. The town was described to have streets paved in gold; its mines were rich in silver and gold. The city had plains, rivers and jungles and many went in search of such riches and lost their lives.

Years later, it was discovered that such a place never existed in real life; it only existed in the imagination of the seekers. It maybe explains why the Lost City was never found. Today it is referred to as the El Dorado myth. Visiting America, you will find that there are thirteen cities all named El Dorado, but none of these have streets paved in gold.

Betting & The American Dream

When it comes to the American dream and sports betting in the US, you will stop by to examine the growth in poker playing and the risks, taken by players to reach their goal. Why poker? Well, poker both reinterprets and critiques the myth of the American dream, it blends the importance of luck and puts emphasis on management of your risk. It might even down-play the importance of hard work and honesty.

What Google Says

When you start looking into the whole belief of what the American dream is all about. Google tells you is a belief that regardless of where or when you were born or the class you’re taken into. Everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy and achieve success in a society that allows it. But on to make this dream you’ll have to work hard, take risk, sacrifice and you could achieve it.

What the People Say

When you look a bit further and even consult places such as the Mutual Life Insurance agency in Massachusetts, the company takes out its survey done at the start of 2018 to show what 3,200 participants had to say. Here the answers are percentage-based, and 71% of the people, believe the American dream is to own your own home, second is financial independence.

What the Great Gatsby Says

The film called the Great Gatsby is based on the American dream, but it shows that each person has a different vision. The main character already reached financial independence, he owns a home, his dream is to remain prosperous, be accessible and marry Daisy.

Are You as Surprised to Learn None of The Answers Include Travelling the World?

Americans are happy with two weeks a year holiday when you ask the Brits, the Germans or even the Australians they horrified. How do you travel with such little time? This led to a more in-depth study as even in Asia, everyone plans their travel for the next year. Vacations and travelling should never be seen as a luxury; it is what you work for all year long; it’s a reward! But when you look into the life of the Americans, you soon learn that apart from the few jet-setters. America is, what you’d call a no vacation nation.

What do American’s Dream About?

It is difficult to get a straight answer on their dreams; what they do tell you about when you ask the question is how important it is to go to school and be educated. They also easily share that you should work hard and give your best to get promoted. The closest you get to their dream is that if they work hard every day and save, they’d be able to slow down at age 45. Then they can do the things they want. Maybe it is the lack of travelling and being on holiday that gets to them. Only a few American’s understands that what is called the American dream is to pursue what you as a person dream about.

High-Stakes Cards, Saloons, Shootouts and Fortune Seekers Drawn by Deadwood

The history of high-stakes card games, yesteryear saloons, even unavoidable shootouts history is what attracted fortune-seekers to Deadwood since 1876. It took till now for HBO to realize what it misses, and it is the latest to join this best in class experience in South Dakota town.

Deadwood the Town Where Gambling Continues to Thrive

Unless you know something about the place, you will be overcome by shock to discover gambling is big and still going on in South Dakota. Well, let’s narrow it down to Deadwood. It all started when two miners wagered their golden nuggets in 1876 it was when Philadelphia was the place where centennial celebrations took place. Men and women streamed to the site where their fortunes could be made; it was a get-together of all the fortune seekers. Some reached their goal and became wealthy; others became legends.

Casinos and Motorbike Rallies

Deadwood today is full of casinos, the oldest hotel is the Bullock, named after Seth Bullock, who was the sheriff and businessman of the town. Deadwood also became the place of choice for motorcyclist back in 1938, and only 15 miles east of the city a day rally takes place every year in August, it lasts for ten days.

Lift Your Glass at Saloon No 10 As Western as Wild Bill Himself

After quite a series session of casino gaming or sports betting you’re bound to feel a bit thirsty, and that is when you drop by Saloon No 10. If you time your visit to 7, 5, 3 or 1 pm, you get to gaze across the heads of many tourists while you enjoy the best rib-eye steak. At these times, you see Wild Bill, or maybe it is just a look alike. Who knows, but what you will see are the gunfighter and a lawman. Some say it is all to do with Calamity Jane, well she wasn’t his type now, was she?

McCall stepped up behind the man holding what is now called the dead man’s hand and he dispatches a couple of shots. Now if you visit America, we do encourage you to attend the last day of the performance as then you get to follow all the commotion in the street. McCall even gets arrested and is taken to the old Masonic Temple. Make sure you get a seat as then you can witness his entire trial.

Blackjack in Deadwood

The people who followed their American dream in the town of Deadwood were peaceful. You can play at the blackjack table or wander down the sidewalks from one saloon to the next. You might want to relax at a day spa or two or visit a few wine-tasting rooms and get everyone something special from the souvenir shops. If you’d love to learn more about the history of the place, you have several museums to visit, or you could socialize with the people that are part of the 1.200 population of Deadwood.

Gambling & Sports Betting: Time-Killing Hobby of Rich and Reckless Celebrities

The extravagant and lavish lifestyle of Hollywood celebrities strikes most as bizarre. Media reports about the megastars include multiple adoptions, farming, BDSM, charity and substance abuse, all of it is weird although the stars find these beautiful attributes to their Hollywood personas. What most don’t often allow to reach the media is their favourite time-killing habit, which is gambling and sports betting.

There are a vast number of Hollywood celebrities that uses a huge chunk of their massive earning to place bets on sports or gaming at casinos. The more prominent gamblers of the stars might be what surprises you most, we bet you’d be baffled by the names.

Ashton Kutcher Won $750,00 on Sports Betting.

One he was Mila Kunis’s lover, it was also at the same time as he was part of the largest USA sports betting organization. He admitted that he was involved with professional sports bettors who were knowledgeable about how the whole sports betting system works. All in he declared that he cleared around $750,000 on betting.

Matt Damon, Had to Gamble in Preparation for his Role

Whether or not it is true that he only gamble in preparation for his significant role is for you to decide. What Damon later revealed is that he got himself into a real lousy spending habit as he would place bets worth up to $25,000 on the big games.

Not many believe that it all started as the Private Ryan star tells; there are a few other ways to get familiarized with poker. But we’d pretend to accept him for now as many other facts indicate it was not his first visit to casinos. It might have been the start of him falling madly in love with the highly appealing game.

Everything is revealed in the end when you learn more about Damon that is continuously accused of illegal gambling in the most secluded venues. He loves playing casino games from closed hotel rooms, and his winnings are not publicly available.

Route 66 Ride of Bruce Willis

He is known for enjoying every moment of blowing up buildings in Die Hard, Bruce Willis plays hard and this though guy never brags about his winnings. Rumour has it that Willis snagged up a baccarat win worth $500,000 in Atlantic City. This took place during the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight night.

He also enjoys a big win when he was getting ready for his role in Route 66, his buy-in was $5,000 which he increased to $9,000, and at the end of the round, Bruce Willis left with winning worth $25,000. His favourite game is craps, and as with Matt Damon, his winnings are not available to the public.

Other film starts that likes betting is 50 Cent, Tobey Maguire and the most notorious gambler of them all is Ben Affleck although there is also a lot of rumours about Jennifer Tilly’s great passion for poker and big winnings worth $158,625!

Gambling Scandals the Largest in History

Gambling can be a fun pastime or a serious business. It remains an entertainment form in which people entrusts their money to the whims of luck and fate. You can bet on anything from sports events to online casino games, horse racing to the name of the next royal baby and even the outcome of elections. It is all based on the belief that you have a chance no matter how small to enjoy a victory. Some have won tons of cash others were not as lucky, and there were the scandals of gambling, which were massive.

In the USA one of the Biggest Scandals was the Chicago Black Sox.

Sports always offered a field of honour to men and women; it measures endurance, the power to achieve and strength. It is an honour to be a sports legend, and the worst of all is corruption allegation that puts a stain on some of the most promising athletes.

Sports betting is mostly involved when such issues arise as some of the teams are favourites and betting is the most loved past-time of millions. In the United States of America, the biggest scandal of all times happened in 1919. It was the World Series Finals of Baseball. The most energetic baseball team was the Chicago White Sox. They enjoyed a sensational season, the club was considered the favourites when the next match was against the Cincinnati Reds, although the team lost, and it was now the eight game.

A Flood of Bets Just Before the Game and Soon Reporters Heard Why

Only later it all became clear although most still wanted to believe that the players were innocent. What happened is that the eight players of the White Sox team came together and conspired to throw the finals. The prize was a huge profit [aid by Arnold Rothstein, the notorious gangster of Chicago. Right before the match, there was a flood of bets on the weaker team, which was the Cincinnati Reds and rumours quickly spread about what was to happen next. The rumours quickly reached the ears of news reporters.

Match-Fixing Mess of the White Six of Chicago

It was the start of many suspicions and the whole season, and rumours and doubts heavily plagued the one that followed until a jury was assembled to investigate thoroughly. The first one to confess was Knuckles Eddie Cicotte the pitcher, and it was then only a matter of time before the investigators unravelled the whole match-fixing mess. At the time no one went to jail for the defrauding, although eight players now called the Black Sox were banned for life from baseball, and they could never hope on entry into the Hall of Game. It is deeply engraved into the sports culture of America, and several films and books were inspired by it.

Books such as The Godfather is based on the event, and once Arnold Rothstein fixed the world series, Human Roth said to Michael Corleone, since then he loves the game.

A NASCAR Historical Glimpse

It was December 1947 when Bill France Sr. organized a meeting in Daytona Beach to discuss NASCAR. This day can be considered as the birth of NASCAR. It was only a few months later that Red Byron wins the first NASCAR race in Daytona Beach. June of 1949 the “Strictly Stock” NASCAR race was held. This is what we know today as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. During this race, Sara Christians came in 14th, and she becomes the first female to take part in NASCAR’s premier division. A lot has changed since those days. Today there are 23 NASCAR race tracks in America. The sport remains driven by excitement and adrenaline pumped by the roars on the speedway.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Since 1960 Atlanta is home to NASCAR. The speedway is like most others 1.5 miles long. Between 2009 and 2014 the road was host to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series on Labor Day Weekend. Due to the move in 2009 from hosting the event on Labor Day rather than in October meant that the race starting time also changed and it became the first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series which was held under the lights of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Atlanta had it all, and other race tracks aspired to be just like Atlanta. It was all about the best racing hospitality, sightlines and smooth running.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Like everything else in or close to Vegas, this track delivers a great show. This track is host to a couple of NASCAR events annually. The highest lap record ever set on the track’s asphalt is 226.491 mph set by Arie Luyendyk during the 1996 IndyCar Series. The speedway had a long history before it was purchased in 1989 by the Imperial Palace’s Ralph Engelstad. It was renamed then to be called the Las Vegas Speedway. In 1996 Engelstad in conjunction with William Bennett of Sahara Hotel built a superspeedway on the same premises at the price of $72 million. In September that year, the first IndyCar event took place and later in November of the same year the first NASCAR Truck Series was hosted. In 1998 the track was sold for $215 million to the Speedway Motorsports group. Memorable moments include the 2004 NASCAR Cup Series when Kurt Busch tested a stock car on the surface.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The racing capital of the world. Home to the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400, the annual Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series since 1994. This was also home to the United States Grand Prix up until about 2012. The track length is 2.5 miles long and was built in 1909. The stadium has a seating capacity of 257 325, which makes it the sports venue with the highest-capacity in the world. Some of the other records for this stadium includes Kevin Harvick with a record lap time for NASCAR at this track at 188.88mph in 2014.

Lake Powell, Water Sports Heaven – Man-made Wonder

Lake Powell is the second largest human-made reservoir in the United States. It is situated on the Colorado River and is bordering both Arizona and Utah. This lake attracts over two million visitors annually. It is a popular water sports destination. The lake, which is 300 kilometre in length, has a shoreline of 3 150 kilometres. Lake Powell is smaller than Lake Mead in capacity, yet it often exceeds Lake Mead. This is due to the high levels of water withdrawal from Lake Mead as well as regular droughts in the area.


Lake Powell was created when Glen Canyon was flooded from water in the Glen Canyon Dam. The reservoir was built in 1963. It is named after John Wesley Powell, an American Civil War veteran with only one arm. He explored the river in 1869 with nothing but three wooden boats. The reservoir was built as water storage to the Upper Basin states of the Colorado River. These include Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. In lesser amount water is also supplied to Arizona, California and Nevada.

Geological Importance

Over an estimated period of five million years, the Colorado River carved out Glen Canyon through the Colorado Plateau. The Plateau exists of many layers of different rock formations, some of which are more than 300 million years old. The sidewalls of the canyon are hence a showpiece of the geological wonder. It shows evidence of volcanic activity of ages ago. It is also displaying the geological history of the region with different formations visible to visitors.

Recreational Facility

Lake Powel is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is managed by National Park services. So, their rules and regulations should be adhered to when visiting Lake Powell. The temperatures at Lake Powell often rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, swimming and other water sports are favourite activities.

Do to take note that there are no designated beaches for swimming at the reservoir. No lifeguards are on duty, so swimming is on own risk. Regulations also stipulate that no jumping off any object would be allowed. The lake has many other activities on offer, including kayaking, boating, and fishing. It is home to a large variety of fish types.

These include different bass types, common carp, Northern pikes and Sunfish and is, thus, a popular fishing destination. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, the surrounding areas offer great camping sites. It has many roads for mountain biking trips. The Lake Powell shoreline is off limits for any vehicle, including mountain bikes.

The Park has no hiking trails which they maintain for hikers, but visitors are welcome to hike into the bare nature of non-developed areas. The scenery can also be explored by car on the Hole-in-the-Rock road or Burr Trail. Lake Powell is a human-made wonder surrounded by mysterious natural phenomena. It is offering visitors the opportunity to explore nature untouched.

Top Formula 1 Circuits in America

Formula 1 betting is not as popular yet, although this niche market is predicted to reach the same popularity as some of the major sports events. The availability of racing statistics already increase the interests of fans in placing bets on their favourite drivers or teams.


The history of Formula 1 in the United States dated back to 1959, and the race venues range from some strange to a few brilliant tracks. The home of the US Grand Prix is Cota, which is located in Texas and known for its twenty-turn layout. This track was contracted only in 2012 and is quite popular due to its fast section, massive braking zones and long straights.

Watkins Glen

One racing circuit that is special in the US is the Watkins Glen, which was also the permanent venue for all Grand Prix’s in 1961 up to around the 1980s. The track layouts changed a bit during the time although it remained super-quick and challenging. Watkins Glen is the track that saw the greats racing including Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Niki Lauda.

Indianapolis Speedway

If you are a Michael Schumacher fan, you probably enjoyed the onboard video from his car at the F1 race in 2001 at Indianapolis. When most racing fans thing about Indianapolis speedway they think of the Indy 500 and the substantial oval track. The infield layout is used for Formula One racing, or it was during races in 2000 up to 2007. At the time the tracks twisty bits in the middle was hardly the most inspiring although it also has some excellent features such as the proper flow. What made Indianapolis Speedway fabulous was the banked oval turns.

Formula One Racing at Long Beach in the USA

The Long Beach racing is much better known as the place where IndyCar racing takes place, well that refers to the younger fans. In 1976 it was the place where Formula 1 racing took place and many races afterwards until around 1983. F1 racers enjoyed the high-speed sections of Long Beach as well as the twisty streets. It was both challenging to the drivers and fun to watch to the spectators.

Sebring Raceway

In 1959 it was the Sebring Raceway that was used for F1 racing, and this racetrack was in many ways simpler to other tracks uses at the time. Still, it hosted some of the major racing events, and it was also the very first circuit used for Grand Prix in the United States. The track offers some of the longest straights, while it is known for significant braking zones and many quick sections, which made F1 racing extremely entertaining at the time.

While all eyes were on Jack Brabham, he ran out of fuel during the race and left the number one spot open to Bruce McLaren who won the race. It is since then that Sebring is the most-loved motorsport circuit in the United States.