Disneyland California Shutting Down till 2021

The Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Disneyland California spoke with investors via conference call on November 13th. Christine McCarthy informed prominent members on the “Board of Investors” that facilities would sustain closures until December 31st. Investors have advised bypasses in state regulations weren’t being permitted, and that executives didn’t have any option other than to obey lockdown protocols or face severe fines.

Executives at Disneyland California believe their exclusion from lockdown protocols isn’t fair treatment. CEO Bob Chapek of Disney clarified his disappointment to investors that Californian government personnel shouldn’t enforce closures after their proven record of protection since June 2020. Facilities being shut down also mean that employed person cannot resume their working duties, inflicting monetary challenges nobody anticipated. Liberalism associated with the state of California is prompting thousands of job losses, with more than 20+ thousand from Disneyland alone.

Disneyland’s proven track record against Covid-19 is accurate, with their confirmed infections at theme-park facilities being small. That’s because health & safety requirements were sustained around science, with new defences added into the protocols when learned by the global scientific community. California’s state government electing to ignore the pleas of Disneyland is prompting an entire region to get decimated. Orange County isn’t expected to recover if government personnel don’t reopen Disneyland by March 2021.

Walt Disney World Protocols

Tourists regularly checking the Disneyland booking website for new packages have seen all reservation options eliminated until 2021. All facilities in California have been closed for the foreseeable future. However, tourists can travel to “Walt Disney World” in Florida. That facility has been open since July 2020 with Covid-19 protocols in effect. Those protocols include social distancing, temperature checks, required face masks, and sanitisation of hand needed. There’s also a permanent ban on consuming food & drinks while traversing the park. Consumption is permitted in designated zones exclusively.