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Bellagio Fountains Dethroned by Nakheel Malls

Las Vegas in the United States of America is known for providing some of the nation’s most incredible excitement. Vegas is known for multiple iconic venues, including the Bellagio Fountains. However, those fountains have been dethroned by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The Nakheel Malls Fountain has been named the largest worldwide by Guinness World Records. Those that attending the opening ceremony for Nakheel Malls (Palm Fountain) witnessed several thousand meters of fountains.

The Nakheel Malls Fountain is a stunning waterfront attraction in Dubai. There are more than three thousand LED lights that support 10+ colour options, which enable the fountain to blast jets of water in various hues at 105 metres. Those that travel to Nakheel Malls will find themselves bored over a short period, which isn’t the case when attending the Bellagio Fountains. Las Vegas has considerably more entertainment for visitors than Dubai. Vegas has dozens of casinos for gambling, which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. There are also numerous shows like the Blue Man Group at Luxor or Shania Twain at the Zappos Theatre.

Lack of Entertainment

Religious views throughout the United Arab Emirates has eliminated most entertainment options in Las Vegas for Dubai. The Managing Director believes of Nakheel Malls that their fountains mark a historic moment for Dubai, showing that their commitment towards bringing new experiences for stakeholders is growing prominently. Omar Khor also believes that Palm Fountain is evident in Dubai’s resilience & innovation. However, when tourists were questioned on their excitement for Palm Fountain before the coronavirus pandemic, minimal interest was evoked. This could indicate that Managing Director Omar Khor is incorrect.

There’ll likely never be another moment more exciting at Nakheel Malls Palm Fountain than it’s the opening ceremony. Governing officials implemented multiple festivals surrounding the several thousand metres of fountain landscape. These events held dance shows overseen by DJs & fireworks that coincided with a timed water show. It should be noted that there’ll likely not be another record volume of attendance for Palm Fountain against. Thousands wanted to witness Nakheel Malls break the world record. However, there’ll always be lack of interest with Palm Fountain in-comparison to the Bellagio. So why bother with Dubai? Go to Vegas instead.

Dubai Copies Florida’s Palm Beach

The Middle Eastern nation of Dubai isn’t shy to copy iconic landmarks from the United States of America. For somewhere that’s ironically disputed the lifestyle of Americans, multiple attributes of the USA is associated with Dubai. Another iconic landmark associated with the United States has been copied, with that being Florida’s Palm Beach. The Dubai iteration will be named “Palm Jumeirah – Palm West Beach”. Dubai government officials aren’t coy about their similarities for Florida’s original iteration. Those that venture to the newly announced Palm Jumeirah Beach will find premium restaurants, licensed hotels, entertainment facilities, and views of the Persian Gulf.

The Palm Jumeirah Beach has officially been opened since February 2019 but supported minimal entertainment options. October 2020 marks the unofficial reopening of Palm Jumeirah Beach, which has received considerable investment from companies in the United Arab Emirates & international investors from Europe or America.

Visitors will locate 1.6 kilometres of beachfront, which is surround by promenade palm trees. Support for watersports & entertainment venues has also been added. Dubai emphasis that Palm Jumeirah is pet friendly. However, for all the marketing that the United Arab Emirates is producing, minimal offerings are genuinely available & most recommendations are false promises similar to the initial launch. The critical difference is an abundance of high-class restaurants for hotel residents to visit. Genuine entertainment venues are minimal, with Dubai recommending visitors sit on the beach with a book or build sandcastles. Similar experiences can be held at local watering holes.

The restaurants available for visitation, which supports vistas of the Persian Gulf are listed below:

  • Aprons & Hammers.
  • Koko Bay.
  • Jones the Grocer.
  • Senior Pico.
  • Lucky Fish.
  • Orange Chameleon.

Premium hotel chains associated with international travel are listed for booking in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Below are the available hotel & resorts that tourists can visit:

  • The Soho Palm Jumeirah.
  • Hilton Palm Jumeirah.
  • Adagio Apart Hotels.
  • Five Palm Jumeirah.
  • Byblos Hotel.
  • The One Palm.
  • The Fairmount Palm.

Additional services that tourist can expect include a parking facility with 500+ spaces, electric hydrofoil surfing, paddle boarding, and multiple other water activities.

Costa Rica Permitting US Travel

The Costa Rican Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Seguro, has announced that November 1st will see another set of states from America added to the green list. American & European civilians have been permitted to travel to Costa Rica since September 1st, experiencing some of the planet’s most gorgeous beaches & luxurious dining experiences. It’s an announcement that was welcomed by employed personnel working in the Costa Rican Tourism Industry. Americans desiring tropical destination vacations also reacted positively to this announcement. However, multiple stipulations have been enacted with entering the Costa Rican borders.

The Costa Rican Government is allowing for six new states in America to enter their borders, with that number slated to double if their COVID-19 Cases are lowered to a certain threshold. Multiple locations have been permitted already to enter Costa Rica. Below are the available states that can travel from America to Costa Rica:

  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Colorado
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts.

The new states being added on November 1st include:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Texas

It should be noted that American’s aren’t the exclusive individuals allowed to enter the Costa Rican borders. Multiple nations have been granted access, with the Costa Rican Government being somewhat unconcerned with implications associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Below are the available countries outside of America that can travel to Costa Rica.

  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • China
  • Uruguay
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • European Union

Before entering the Costa Rican borders, tourists must advise to a series of health requirements. Refusal to obey these requirements will prompt an immediate denial of border entrance & force tourists back to their departing location. Below we’ve provided detailed assessments of the “COVID-19 Travel Health Requirements for Costa Rica”.

  • Tourists must complete the Health Pass Digital Form on Costa Rica’s government-supported tourism website.
  • Visitors must complete a PCR COVID Test & receive a negative result, with tests having to be conducted 72-hours before a tourist’s arrival.
  • Medical insurance covering COVID-19 symptoms is required, with the mandatory requirement available through Costa Rica’s government. Few independent insurers are covering symptoms for COVID-19. However, Costa Rica is supported by international or national versions of medical insurance.

NTPC Eliminating Smoking in Las Vegas Casinos

The Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition is appealing towards state legislators, requesting that casinos become smoke-free on their betting floors. These legal appeals would sustain themselves throughout the remainder of COVID-19, ensuring that air quality throughout the casinos is cleaner than average. The NTPC is a Reno-established organization that’s trying to have the law implemented in their town and Las Vegas. Nevada’s Tobacco Prevention Coalition collaborated with public health experts to showcase ample evidence, which proved that bettors are less likely to contract COVID-19 in smoke-free zones.

Nevada’s Tobacco Prevention Coalition copied MGM Resorts International Group, which shocked Las Vegas & Reno on September 14th. That’d mark the date when MGM announced that NoMad, and Park MGM Casinos would sustain smoke-free environments starting September 23rd. Since MGM made that formal announcement, multiple competing brands have begun creating their smoke-free zones.

MGM Resorts International wasn’t the first in Las Vegas to implement this strategy. The initial casino that required smoke-free zones was the Venetian & Palazzo, which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Their measures went into effect on June 18th, two months earlier than a primary competitor, MGM Resorts International Group.

Casinos Not the Following Suit

Las Vegas Properties standardly copy each other, making them equally appealing to consumers. Wynn Resorts Ltd doesn’t believe that smoke-free zones are what customers want. This has become evident since June 4th to now, with policies indicating that players can smoke at table games & video slots. Facemasks are required exclusively when not smoking and permitted to be removed whenever a cigarette is lite. Vaping is also allowed at properties owned by Wynn Resorts Ltd.

The Cosmopolitan is permitting bettors to smoke on their casino floor at designated locations. Smoking has been prohibited by Cosmopolitan corridors and public walkways on the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan believes these measures are enough to eliminate a casino-wide outbreak. If the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition receives approval to their appeal, all betting locations in Las Vegas & Reno would be required to become smoke-free zones. There isn’t any clarification that the NTPC will receive approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Florida Launches Tourism Initiative

Politicians in Government have become significantly concerned with their tourism industry, as it’s the primary source of revenue for this state. It’s prompted these politicians to reopen the Tourism & Hospitality Industry considerably earlier than anticipated. Residents of Florida are being informed about taking local vacations, believing it’s better to avoid travelling state-to-state or internationally. Additional recommendations, including businesses holding all meetings in local convention centres to boost revenues.

These recommendations follow after Florida’s most notable industry crashed in March, with Hotels and Theme Parks respectively closing within several day periods. It’s prompted for more than $1.6 billion to be lost throughout the last six weeks. Notable statistics also revealed that Domestic Air Travel to Florida dropped by 65%, with International dropping by 80%. It’s the most significant drops for the state since 9/11 in 2001. Challenges more significant than the 9/11 Terrorist Event will follow after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s expected that Florida won’t recover for two years.

The Cost of Life

The Committee responsible for implementing these recommendations will provide tutorials on how travellers can visit crowded facilities by adopting simple practices. These individuals believe that by wearing minimal protection, the virus can be stopped. Medical advice from the world’s most influential experts would suggest otherwise. However, these politicians aren’t willing to lose another $1.6 Billion over six weeks. That means their local population is less valuable than the finances they bring into local economies. Unfortunately, Florida civilians have approved of these measures and expressed through social media their excitement to return to the new normal.

This Committee mentioned it’s the job of all civilians and themselves to ease out the coronavirus from their state correctly. PR Representatives noted that their advertising campaigns would initially apply to Florida residents for two weeks, then move towards a national level. International packages won’t be supported until each respective country lifts their travel restrictions. This level of human engagement will skyrocket the rate of infections throughout Florida. It should be noted that Committee Members believe Florida Pride is most important moving forward, not Florida life. Members include the Governor and City Mayors.

Central American Tourism Battling Covid-19

Tourism throughout the Central American Regions has taken drastic downward spirals in profit. This includes nations like Costa Rica, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic, Tobago and Guadalupe. These respective countries have implemented self-isolation measures before Covid-19 becomes a potential pandemic throughout their beaches, bars, restaurants and hotels.

When it applies to Costa Rica, their Manuel Antonio National Park is typically overfilled with tourists. The infamous beach destination sees young individuals retired citizens and honeymooners to the same area for pristine white sands. Behind those sands is a tropical rainforest, which creates a stunning element of nature that cannot be ignored. The Manuel Antonio National Park Beach is currently closed, which followed after the government announced restriction measures on all tourist activity. There is implemented bans on mass gatherings, meaning all beaches across Costa Rica are shut down. Hazard tape and local law enforcement are ensuring that residing tourists don’t enter these locations.

Central America’s Declining Revenue

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the global tourism industry, forcing thousands of travellers to return home unexpectedly and countless others to terminate their reservations. Billions have already been lost throughout the Caribbean and Central America regions, with each respective nation having to shut down their borders. Additional cancellations extend towards airports, with some countries accounting for 50% of yearly gross income from tourism.

The country of Panama has closed its borders, which isn’t surprising since their connected to Costa Rica. This influential nation has seen 245+ cases of Covid-19, with Costa Rica having 117 cases. Both countries are expecting to lose upwards of $600m from lost tourism. The only remaining border opened in Panama is their canal, which if closed, would cause detrimental effects to economies globally.

When it applies to the Caribbean, they’ve already begun anticipating an economic crash from the lost tourism activity. This is because the Caribbean is starting to see an influx of reported cases, with nations like Trinidad and the Dominican Republic reporting double-digits. This extends towards Guadeloupe and Tobago. Mexico expects 50% of its activity tourism valuations to plummet as well. This entire region could enter an economic crash.

Las Vegas Shutdown Amidst Coronavirus

It’s been almost 72-Hours since emergency measures were implemented throughout Las Vegas. All casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and non-essential businesses were informed to shut down operations amidst the coronavirus immediately. These actions are being implemented to ensure the limited spread of the coronavirus, which has killed 11+ thousand worldwide and infected far more. When traversing down the Las Vegas Strip, there’s an overwhelming sense of emptiness. The Bellagio Fountains are shut down, escalators on the strips are turned off, and windows for casinos have been boarded up. Las Vegas hasn’t been seen in this condition since in decades.

Multiple individuals living in the suburbs of Las Vegas have begun photographing this historic moment in Las Vegas. Social media audiences have received photographic evidence that all travellers have been halted into Las Vegas, meaning that millions are being lost daily in financial revenue. Thousands of individuals within this region are without their jobs and haven’t been provided funds to ensure their safety.

Multiple casinos have refused to pay infected or self-isolated employed amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The long-lasting adverse effects that’ll be seen with the coronavirus for Las Vegas will be immense. Casinos could potentially shut down, and an economic crash could be seen for this region. It should be mentioned that Las Vegas is a city that runs entirely on tourism, with one month or longer causing un-reversible issues.

The People Left in Las Vegas

There are multiple individuals throughout Las Vegas that are using the lack of travelling tourists to their advantage. Flight attendants locked into the Las Vegas region during this pandemic were photographed near the Bellagio. Police officers have been pictured patrolling specialized zones near casinos, ensuring that the remaining vacationers are told to return to private locations until their departing flights. Individuals still having to work in las Vegas could be seen boarding up Mall Windows, Casino Doors, and deadbolting their respective businesses.

Other individuals used the Las Vegas Strip as a tranquil location, which hasn’t been possible for 7+ decades. Individuals closing shop near the Las Vegas Strip Mall was seen jogging down this infamous street, taking in the sites without anybody to hinder their run. However, multiple citizens in Las Vegas expressed that it’s eerie with the limited number of people around. It’s suspected that things won’t return to normal until June or July.

M&M Retail Store coming to MOA

Few shopping centres acquire specialized storefronts in the United States other than the Mall of America. This was once again proven with the announcement that the Mars Retail Group will launch an M&M Retail Store, marking their 5th location worldwide. Additional areas include Shanghai, Las Vegas, New York and London. However, a further four locations will open worldwide. Those will include Orlando, Germany, Berlin and Florida.

That’ll bring the total number to nine retail locations, with the Mall of America storefront anticipated to be more than 24,000-square-feet. It’ll be located in the East Marker Neighbourhood in MOA and will open Q4 2020. There’ll be two levels available for consumers to explore, with the Mars Retail Group confirming that this location will honour the Midwestern & Minnesota cultures. These announcements follow after the Mars Retail Group confirmed they’d expand the M&M brand throughout 2020.

The Director of Global Retail for the Mars Group confirmed this storefront on February 1st. He noted that the Mall of America is the perfect location to expand their immersive experiences for consumers, making them a natural partner to fully realize their strategic vision. Maintaining sites in all other jurisdictions in America, entering the Minnesota/Midwestern environment will cover all four corners of the United States. Individuals that cannot wait the potential eleven months for the grand opening can visit the NYC or Las Vegas location today.

New Hotels Opens by Mall of America

Another significant announcement was made regarding the Mall of America. Baywood Hotels confirmed they’d be launching their latest hotel under the Home2 Suites brand. Operated by the Hilton Corporation, this new location will be adjacent to the shopping centre and require less than five months of travelling time to enter various facilities. Those wanting to rent from this hotel chain will experience enhanced amenities, communal areas, and modern suites. There’ll also be an indoor pool, 24-hour fitness centre and outdoor fire pit. Hilton Corp confirmed that this location would also support specialized lobbies and exclusive dining options.

The Home2 Suites – Mall of America location, will be supported with four stories. It’ll be operated and owned under the Baywood Hotels Company, confirming that the Hilton Corporation and Baywood have begun an exclusive partnership. There’ll be 182 rooms available and has plans to gain Metro Blue Line access, which would make travelling to the Mall of America less than two minutes. Those wanting to stay with this hotel chain can start booking by February 11th.

Mall of America Releases Waterpark Details

The Mall of America is continuously upgrading their services, working night and day to appeal towards new consumers. One of the latest ventures to acquire new guests is with the development of an enormous water park, which is being built directly against the gigantic mall. The building plans and zoning laws were approved by the Bloomington City Council, who will now allow for a 330 thousand square foot waterpark to be designed beside Lindau Lane. There will be an adjoining bridge between the mall and this new waterpark, with the total cost expected to range around $250 million. Once it’s completed, it’ll be the largest waterpark built in North America.

Now that this waterpark has been approved, large-scale efforts must be undertaken to renovate individual sections of MOA. The massive park lot located by Lindau Lane on the northside of the mall will be redesigned for the waterpark. This means that new parking facilities will be built underground, with significant parking ramp being modelled for the east side of the waterpark. Subsequently, more than 1700 new parking spaces will be available. Included in these parking facilities will be VIP Locations, where an employee will park your vehicle and take luggage to hotel suites located in the waterpark.

The Bloomington City Council worked a contracting deal with the Mall of America, which enabled the approval to be fast-tracked. The Provident Resources Group is crafting this new waterpark facility. Their located in Louisiana and work as a not-for-profit organization. Tax-Exempt Bonds are being maintained by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority, who will fund the Louisiana-located construction company. The city council provided financial details to reporters, which was surprising.

Taxpayers Wronged

Citizens were shocked that the city council didn’t want property taxes to be paid on this new 330 thousand square feet facility. It suggests that individuals in the committee received a payout from the Mall of America. However, the committee came to their defence by saying that when this facility begins to turn a profit, a 1% tax will be maintained on all funds being earned from the waterpark. Most don’t realize that this could be worth millions in the coming years.

Another way that voters and taxpayers in the City of Bloomington were wronged was with the announcement of the parking ramp and sky bridge connection. Citizens were told that the city would spend $55 million to create these two facilities, with financing coming from the Bloomington Port Authority.

Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium

It’s been years since the announcement that the Oakland Raiders would move to Las Vegas. However, it wasn’t known when they would arrive for their first season in Sin City. It was revealed on December 13th that the Raiders would begin their stint with Las Vegas in 2021. The upsetting things for fans are knowing that 2020 is their last official season in Oakland and that the team most likely won’t ever return to their home state. However, that doesn’t mean that Raiders fans don’t have exciting things coming next season.

Their new home season has been in development for two years, and it’s slated to be the most modern facility in the National Football League. This stadium was subtly named the Death Star, with its official title coming as the Allegiant Stadium.

Allegiant Stadium

This new stadium received its official title with the partnership of Allegiant Airlines, a corporation based out of Las Vegas. Raiders fans will receive specialized treatment when travelling with the airline for an Allegiant Stadium matchup. Considering the popularity of this tourist destination, it makes sense that the Oakland Raiders would select a partner that can assist with travelling for home state fans. This deal was additionally the largest ever made within the National Football League.

Local citizens from Las Vegas are concerned with the new stadium, claiming that the increase of tourists in residential areas will prompt tailgating. This new facility will host 65,000 fans per game, with more than 2500 parking spaces. Subsequently, numerous fans will begin drinking and cooking by their vehicles. Allegiant Stadium could, unfortunately, become the new reason for increased crime in Las Vegas, which Raiders Owners hope won’t be the case.

The Allegiant Stadium will be completed by July 31st, 2020. It’s slated that the Raiders won’t begin playing at their new home-base until 2021. However, there is always the chance that delays in the project could make the completion date later than anticipated. Don Webb, the Chief Operating Officer for Allegiant Stadium, noted that there hadn’t been any delays in construction since it began in late 2017.