3.6 Earthquake in San Francisco on New Years Eve

The year ended for San Francisco is thunderous applause but not by thousands of excited civilians looking towards the future. Ground shook & water clashed as San Francisco experienced a 3.6 magnitude earthquakes on the final day of 2020. Details regarding where the quake originated was detailed by America’s Geological Survey. The San Andreas Fault Line became alive on Muir Beach, South End. Tremors were felt throughout the regions of Martin County & San Francisco.

Millions were awoken from peaceful slumbers on December 31st, with the 3.6 magnitude earthquakes starting at 5:41am. It’s known the epicentre of this earthquake was the Golden Gate Bridge, which would’ve felt tremors throughout it’s supporting beams. The U.S Geological Survey noted no immediate concerns for the Golden Gate Bridge, with resistance towards earthquakes listed at 8.6 magnitudes.

Several civilians from San Francisco & dozens from Martin County issued reports of being awoken by tremors. There weren’t any reports of damage being made to housing, business, infrastructure facilities, and emergency services. American’s living alongside or on the San Andreas Fault Line will experience an inevitable 8.5 to 9.0 earthquake. Data indicates this region will separate from the United States in the next century. Tremors on the San Andreas Fault have prominently increased in recent years, with similar reports indicating the Mount Lassen & Mount Shasta Volcanoes have become more active. When San Andreas reaches its highest rates of activity, these hotspot locations will release volcanic ash-clouds & lava across the region.

Reports from Civilians

Feeling a 3.6 magnitude earthquake on December 31st provided those awoken by tremors a stark reminder of the impending doomsday awaiting California State. Civilians that experienced these shockwaves firsthand remarked their unsurprise that “2020” would provide San Francisco a final parting gift. Other individuals mentioned their apartment complexes shaking from the initial & subsequent shockwaves. Another individual from Martin County emphasised the tremors felt like a train passing through their home. This shows how powerful 3.6 magnitudes are around the epicentre location.