NYC Reopening Schools as Covid Intensifies

Positive cases of Covid-19 are expected to increase tenfold throughout New York City. This follows after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that educational facilities throughout all five burrows would reopen by December. Healthcare experts have demanded that Mayor Blasio terminate government strategies to reopen schools & colleges, expressing how lives will be lost. Mayor Blasio has ignored the recommendations of healthcare professionals & America’s leading infectious disease expert, Doctor Anthony Fauci.

November 15th saw Mayor Blasio announce that America’s most active & prominent educational system will shutdown following increasing numbers of Covid-19. Two weeks later, Mayor Blasio has changed his mindset & believes NYC Teachers have the capabilities to eliminate outbreaks. When pressed that his decision will cause death in New York City, Mayor Blasio stated that Pre-Schools, Kindergarten Programs, and Elementary Schools would reopen by December 7th. Children requiring special services will attend classes by December 10th.

Mayor Blasio responded with cold vigour & ignorance towards the pandemic, a consistent issue that’s plagued New York City with higher infections than needed. Mayor Blasio confirmed that strategies revolving Middle & High Schools are still being debated. It’s been demanded by Mayor Blasio that anticipated plans finalize by December 15th, or older students will sustain similar protocols to elementary students.

An Incorrect Mayor

Sustaining in-school learning during the pandemic isn’t required, with “New York City’s District School Board” supporting the technology needed for home-base schooling. Mayor Blasio cannot provide ample evidence to back his claims that in-school learning is required. All New York City’s Mayor is accomplishing by reopening schools is spreading the virus tenfold. Experts are concerned that Covid-19 numbers in America could increase by 5 Million before December 31st, with New York City not expected to become a prominent hotspot for Covid-19. It should be noted that a maximum of 190,000 Students is permitted to resume in-school learning by December 7th to 10th.