New Yorker Attacks St. John Cathedral

An unfortunate terrorist event was witnessed in New York City on December 14th, 2020. St. John’s Cathedral in NYC saw an unknown gunman bear arms & open fire towards the church. This action was committed seconds after the Cathedral ended their outdoor concert, with no innocent civilians affected by this terrorist event. Responding police offices didn’t die while defending New Yorkers & attempting to assassinate the terrorist, a substantial positive from this horrible event.

Choir caroling had ended at the “Cathedral of Saint John, the Divine”. Churchgoers were seen outside the top steps before the gunman released two handguns & quickly approached the religious carollers. Bullets were shot into the air before being aimed towards churchgoers, giving them a short timeframe to return inside & avoid the impending fire.

The New York Police Department quickly attended the scene, with patrolling officers streets away from the event. An NYPD Sergeant & Two Officers determined that opening return fire was required, with one officer shooting the gunman in his cranium & prompting almost instant death. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea praised all three officers involved in this incident, calling them heroes of New York City.

On-scene witnesses were questioned by the media after this incident, with onlookers emphasising the man was continually screaming for officers to take his life. Motives behind this terrorist-shooters motives haven’t been revealed by NYPD. However, it’s known the man was aged 50 & survived for thirty minutes after being shot. NYPD Officers confirmed that this individual had died moments after arriving at Saint Luke’s Hospital.


Spokesman with Saint Johns Cathedral were grateful that nobody was stricken by the spraying bullets & that everyone could walk away from this event unharmed. It’s something that almost never happens whenever someone takes a terrorist mentality into a real scenario. Regardless, the church emphasised that the United States needs to eliminate these shocking & growing acts of violence. America is better suited as a strong collective, which serves to assist it’s fellow man & nation.