American Citizen Charged for Breaking Travel Restrictions

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that they’d issued the most extensive fine possible against Americans breaking government-imposed travelling restrictions. It was revealed that John Pennington from Kentucky was charged $570,000.00 for appearing at Banff National Park in Alberta. The RCMP has mentioned publicly that an influx of American’s has arrived at Banff, hoping to witness its alpine views & stunning mountainous terrain from the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. Visiting this national park is illegal for Americans during COVID-19 and has prompted an influx of ticketed fines since March 2020.

The RCMP revealed that this American tourist had breached quarantine protocols imposed by law enforcement, visiting the national park less than 24 hours after being informed to remain indoors until exiting Canada became possible. His removal from Canada follows after it borders with America have remained shut down since March 2020. American visitors have ignored protocols issued by the US & Canadian government, believing border patrols won’t locate their license plates.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cited John Pennington after being found in an Alberta hotel. The Kentucky citizen claimed that his time spent in Canada was to reach Alaska. However, GPS evidence suggested that John Pennington avoided main routes associated with reaching Alaska. Furthermore, the hotel this Kentucky civilian was staying in was the “Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel”. It was employed personnel of this resort that informed law enforcement of his presence in Canada. The RCMP would issue the middle-aged man a ticket worth $900.00 & told him to remain at the Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel until an escort could be provided for his removal from Canada.

Breaking the Law

Staff were informed at the Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel that if John Pennington left the facility, they are to be notified immediately. When John broke the Canadian Quarantine act, he was given a fine valued at $750,000.00 in CAD, with the US equivalent being $570k. Mr Pennington will also face a prison sentence for his refusal to obey the RCMP. For now, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police have allowed Pennington back into Kentucky under house arrest protocol.