Dubai Copies Florida’s Palm Beach

The Middle Eastern nation of Dubai isn’t shy to copy iconic landmarks from the United States of America. For somewhere that’s ironically disputed the lifestyle of Americans, multiple attributes of the USA is associated with Dubai. Another iconic landmark associated with the United States has been copied, with that being Florida’s Palm Beach. The Dubai iteration will be named “Palm Jumeirah – Palm West Beach”. Dubai government officials aren’t coy about their similarities for Florida’s original iteration. Those that venture to the newly announced Palm Jumeirah Beach will find premium restaurants, licensed hotels, entertainment facilities, and views of the Persian Gulf.

The Palm Jumeirah Beach has officially been opened since February 2019 but supported minimal entertainment options. October 2020 marks the unofficial reopening of Palm Jumeirah Beach, which has received considerable investment from companies in the United Arab Emirates & international investors from Europe or America.

Visitors will locate 1.6 kilometres of beachfront, which is surround by promenade palm trees. Support for watersports & entertainment venues has also been added. Dubai emphasis that Palm Jumeirah is pet friendly. However, for all the marketing that the United Arab Emirates is producing, minimal offerings are genuinely available & most recommendations are false promises similar to the initial launch. The critical difference is an abundance of high-class restaurants for hotel residents to visit. Genuine entertainment venues are minimal, with Dubai recommending visitors sit on the beach with a book or build sandcastles. Similar experiences can be held at local watering holes.

The restaurants available for visitation, which supports vistas of the Persian Gulf are listed below:

  • Aprons & Hammers.
  • Koko Bay.
  • Jones the Grocer.
  • Senior Pico.
  • Lucky Fish.
  • Orange Chameleon.

Premium hotel chains associated with international travel are listed for booking in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Below are the available hotel & resorts that tourists can visit:

  • The Soho Palm Jumeirah.
  • Hilton Palm Jumeirah.
  • Adagio Apart Hotels.
  • Five Palm Jumeirah.
  • Byblos Hotel.
  • The One Palm.
  • The Fairmount Palm.

Additional services that tourist can expect include a parking facility with 500+ spaces, electric hydrofoil surfing, paddle boarding, and multiple other water activities.