Bellagio Fountains Dethroned by Nakheel Malls

Las Vegas in the United States of America is known for providing some of the nation’s most incredible excitement. Vegas is known for multiple iconic venues, including the Bellagio Fountains. However, those fountains have been dethroned by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The Nakheel Malls Fountain has been named the largest worldwide by Guinness World Records. Those that attending the opening ceremony for Nakheel Malls (Palm Fountain) witnessed several thousand meters of fountains.

The Nakheel Malls Fountain is a stunning waterfront attraction in Dubai. There are more than three thousand LED lights that support 10+ colour options, which enable the fountain to blast jets of water in various hues at 105 metres. Those that travel to Nakheel Malls will find themselves bored over a short period, which isn’t the case when attending the Bellagio Fountains. Las Vegas has considerably more entertainment for visitors than Dubai. Vegas has dozens of casinos for gambling, which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. There are also numerous shows like the Blue Man Group at Luxor or Shania Twain at the Zappos Theatre.

Lack of Entertainment

Religious views throughout the United Arab Emirates has eliminated most entertainment options in Las Vegas for Dubai. The Managing Director believes of Nakheel Malls that their fountains mark a historic moment for Dubai, showing that their commitment towards bringing new experiences for stakeholders is growing prominently. Omar Khor also believes that Palm Fountain is evident in Dubai’s resilience & innovation. However, when tourists were questioned on their excitement for Palm Fountain before the coronavirus pandemic, minimal interest was evoked. This could indicate that Managing Director Omar Khor is incorrect.

There’ll likely never be another moment more exciting at Nakheel Malls Palm Fountain than it’s the opening ceremony. Governing officials implemented multiple festivals surrounding the several thousand metres of fountain landscape. These events held dance shows overseen by DJs & fireworks that coincided with a timed water show. It should be noted that there’ll likely not be another record volume of attendance for Palm Fountain against. Thousands wanted to witness Nakheel Malls break the world record. However, there’ll always be lack of interest with Palm Fountain in-comparison to the Bellagio. So why bother with Dubai? Go to Vegas instead.