America Surpasses Five Million Coronavirus Cases

The COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States of America continues to worsen daily, with the nation now facing odds that no other country has worldwide. This comes after Hopkins Data released new updated on confirmed infections, with America reaching more than 5 Million Cases of COVID-19. It’s the highest count of cases since the coronavirus first appeared in the Wuhan region of China, with that occurring several months ago.

America has proven that without implementing social distancing requirements & face masks, confirmed contractions of COVID-19 will skyrocket. Six weeks before the weekend of August 7th saw less than 2.5 Million Cases of COVID-19. Less than two months later & that number has doubled based on data released by John Hopkins University. JHU clarified that the official number is likely higher, with a large percentage of Americans probably being Asymptomatic.

The United States has maintained 54,235 new infections or more of COVID-19 over the last several days. These aren’t the highest figure of cases seen in America since the virus attacked their borders in March. The highest recorded number of cases stood at 67,902 thousand. That occurred during July 19th but was sectioned to critical states. No infection numbers are growing nationwide, inflicting all US States.

The States of Florida & California have both reported 500+ thousand total cases of COVID-19 since January 2020. Texas is approaching those case numbers quickly, with America’s most prominent State expected to overtake both Florida & California with total coronavirus cases. It should be mentioned that these three States have become the new American Epicenter’s of COVID-10, allowing New York City to disassociate themselves from this claim. NYC was the former epicentre in America, seeing more than 32+ thousand dies. Bodies were pilled onto the streets & funeral homes were turned upside down. Similar conditions will inevitably arrive on the doorsteps of Florida, Texas, and California.

The Battle Ensues

American Doctors are battling extreme infection rates but are doing considerably better at saving lives. More information is known about COVID-19 per day by Medical Professionals, enabling them to treat the virus more accurately. It wasn’t known during NYC Epicenter Status that Remdesivir would save lives. This is one medication that Donald Trump suggested then was scientifically ignored, and inevitably proven accurate by Medical Experts.