Gambling Scandals the Largest in History

Gambling can be a fun pastime or a serious business. It remains an entertainment form in which people entrusts their money to the whims of luck and fate. You can bet on anything from sports events to online casino games, horse racing to the name of the next royal baby and even the outcome of elections. It is all based on the belief that you have a chance no matter how small to enjoy a victory. Some have won tons of cash others were not as lucky, and there were the scandals of gambling, which were massive.

In the USA one of the Biggest Scandals was the Chicago Black Sox.

Sports always offered a field of honour to men and women; it measures endurance, the power to achieve and strength. It is an honour to be a sports legend, and the worst of all is corruption allegation that puts a stain on some of the most promising athletes.

Sports betting is mostly involved when such issues arise as some of the teams are favourites and betting is the most loved past-time of millions. In the United States of America, the biggest scandal of all times happened in 1919. It was the World Series Finals of Baseball. The most energetic baseball team was the Chicago White Sox. They enjoyed a sensational season, the club was considered the favourites when the next match was against the Cincinnati Reds, although the team lost, and it was now the eight game.

A Flood of Bets Just Before the Game and Soon Reporters Heard Why

Only later it all became clear although most still wanted to believe that the players were innocent. What happened is that the eight players of the White Sox team came together and conspired to throw the finals. The prize was a huge profit [aid by Arnold Rothstein, the notorious gangster of Chicago. Right before the match, there was a flood of bets on the weaker team, which was the Cincinnati Reds and rumours quickly spread about what was to happen next. The rumours quickly reached the ears of news reporters.

Match-Fixing Mess of the White Six of Chicago

It was the start of many suspicions and the whole season, and rumours and doubts heavily plagued the one that followed until a jury was assembled to investigate thoroughly. The first one to confess was Knuckles Eddie Cicotte the pitcher, and it was then only a matter of time before the investigators unravelled the whole match-fixing mess. At the time no one went to jail for the defrauding, although eight players now called the Black Sox were banned for life from baseball, and they could never hope on entry into the Hall of Game. It is deeply engraved into the sports culture of America, and several films and books were inspired by it.

Books such as The Godfather is based on the event, and once Arnold Rothstein fixed the world series, Human Roth said to Michael Corleone, since then he loves the game.