Gambling & Sports Betting: Time-Killing Hobby of Rich and Reckless Celebrities

The extravagant and lavish lifestyle of Hollywood celebrities strikes most as bizarre. Media reports about the megastars include multiple adoptions, farming, BDSM, charity and substance abuse, all of it is weird although the stars find these beautiful attributes to their Hollywood personas. What most don’t often allow to reach the media is their favourite time-killing habit, which is gambling and sports betting.

There are a vast number of Hollywood celebrities that uses a huge chunk of their massive earning to place bets on sports or gaming at casinos. The more prominent gamblers of the stars might be what surprises you most, we bet you’d be baffled by the names.

Ashton Kutcher Won $750,00 on Sports Betting.

One he was Mila Kunis’s lover, it was also at the same time as he was part of the largest USA sports betting organization. He admitted that he was involved with professional sports bettors who were knowledgeable about how the whole sports betting system works. All in he declared that he cleared around $750,000 on betting.

Matt Damon, Had to Gamble in Preparation for his Role

Whether or not it is true that he only gamble in preparation for his significant role is for you to decide. What Damon later revealed is that he got himself into a real lousy spending habit as he would place bets worth up to $25,000 on the big games.

Not many believe that it all started as the Private Ryan star tells; there are a few other ways to get familiarized with poker. But we’d pretend to accept him for now as many other facts indicate it was not his first visit to casinos. It might have been the start of him falling madly in love with the highly appealing game.

Everything is revealed in the end when you learn more about Damon that is continuously accused of illegal gambling in the most secluded venues. He loves playing casino games from closed hotel rooms, and his winnings are not publicly available.

Route 66 Ride of Bruce Willis

He is known for enjoying every moment of blowing up buildings in Die Hard, Bruce Willis plays hard and this though guy never brags about his winnings. Rumour has it that Willis snagged up a baccarat win worth $500,000 in Atlantic City. This took place during the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight night.

He also enjoys a big win when he was getting ready for his role in Route 66, his buy-in was $5,000 which he increased to $9,000, and at the end of the round, Bruce Willis left with winning worth $25,000. His favourite game is craps, and as with Matt Damon, his winnings are not available to the public.

Other film starts that likes betting is 50 Cent, Tobey Maguire and the most notorious gambler of them all is Ben Affleck although there is also a lot of rumours about Jennifer Tilly’s great passion for poker and big winnings worth $158,625!