Uncommon Museums Everyone Should Visit in America

All over the world museums are a serious affair, it is a place that provides visitors with the option to enjoy walls lined with historic documents, painting and often artefacts protected behind glass sheets. Visit America and you get to view objects made from hair, UFO’s, a funeral museum and even, you guessed it a sex museum.

Roswell’s Research and UFO Museum

Flying saucers and life-size aliens are what attract thousands of visitors to the Research Centre & UFO Museum in Roswell NM. The museum is based in an old movie house and features souvenirs and extra-terrestrial memorabilia that depicts the UFO crash in 1947. Visitors can also watch videotapes regarding the infamous crash, which includes interviews with locals who saw the incident and the exhibits include astronauts, exhibits regarding crop circles and more about alien abductions.

McLean, Texas’ Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum

When you get to the gate at the Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum in McLean, two massive barbed wire spheres greet you. It is not only the entrance that contains barbed wire spheres but inside the museum the collection feature over 2,000 different variations of wire. This is where every visitor gets an inside look into fencing, view wire tools, browse patent models and view historical wire memorabilia.

Washington’s International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum in Washington offers visitors a rare look at the most classified agencies around the world, but more focused on those of the nation. The museum provides you with the largest collection of artefacts in the spy world, these include former operatives of the FBI, CIA and the KGB. The Secret History of History display offers a behind the scenes insight into the word of a spy and if you want to learn more or discover a few facts surrounding the cold war espionage you need to walk into the maze of mirrors. What makes this a super exciting visit is the fact that everyone gets to participate in the operation spy, which is a high-stakes mission that takes place over an hour, it is a one-hour simulation of an operation of foreign intelligence.

Houston’s National Museum of Funeral History

Grab a few tissues and get to the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, it is home to the biggest collection in the world of funeral service artefacts. The museum also features whatever you can expect from presidential funerals to the rarest mourning rituals. And once you there do not miss out on the exhibit of the history of embalming, where you get to view the mummification tools used by Egyptians. The museum also features the embalming station of the Civil War as well as the Ghana and Fantasy coffins featuring twelve uniquely designed resting places that include a KLM airliner, shallot and a Mercedes Benz.

New York City’s Museum of Sex

If it’s kinky you into and you’re over 18, then you won’t find kinkier than the Museum of Sex-based in New York. The museum of 14,000 square feet hosts a massive selection of S&M paraphernalia and pornographic photos, while it also features a whole range of sex exhibits. During a visit, you get to explore a range of topics starting from internet desires to animal sex lives and the museum offers a play bar serving a whole selection of sex-inspired entrees and cocktails.