Last Year, American’s Enjoyed 7.9 Billion Gallons of Alcohol

The proper way to start this article is first to say Cheers! America, especially after the recent report released by the IWSR. As the leading source of all data on any beverages containing alcohol, it was found that 3,345 billions of 9-litre cases of liquor were enjoyed in 2018 alone, and that is only in America. Regardless of how you prefer to look at this, you’d have to try and visualise either 7,952,899,636 gallons of alcohol or 160 million bathtubs filled with alcoholic refreshments.

Major Beer Brands Decrease v Craft Beer Increase in Sales

It sounds like an enormous amount, although in reality, it is less than the previous years. The alcohol volume enjoyed by Americans decreased by 0.8% last year, which showed a decline of 0.7% in 2017. This is due to the weakened sales in beer, according to the figures released by the U.S. IWSR. The interest in craft beer remains to be, and it is supported by the increase in sales in 2018 that raised by 4.7%. The overall market in alcohol suffered a decrease in big beer brands, which includes major brands such as Budweiser.

In U.S. Alcohol Sales – Beer Represents 78.3%

When it comes to yearly sales, spirits enjoyed a good year overall with an increase in sales overall of 1.9%. Standouts in different categories include an impressive rise of 32.4% in mezcal, an 8.5% increase in sales of tequila and whiskey sales went up by 4.1%. The wine remained a favourite and enjoyed a rise in sales for the 24th year in a row. Currently, there are more than 13,000 wineries in the UA and these increase by an estimated 1,000 per annum. The most significant gains for the year in 2018 was Prosecco.

The recently released reports also indicate that consumers are not loyal to one brand on a category. This leads to fewer sales volumes in exclusive brands, yet an overall increase in sales. Brandy Rand, the president of the U.S. IWSR as well as the Chief Marketing Officer globally, feels it is due to the legal age of drinking.

7,000 Breweries in the USA

Whether you’re a sports fan, first time visitor or a US resident at some stage you’re going to enjoy a beer. Apart from 7,000 breweries providing microbreweries and pubs, the beer sales are around 196 per capita. In 2011 the USA was ranked 15th on the list of countries according to beer consumption. The most beer consumption per capita was China. Beers that are most popular in America and served in almost all pubs or sports bars are Cream Ale, Amber Ale and Pale Lager. The most popular beer in America is Guinness and 1.1-millions of barrels were shipped in 2017. The most popular in the world according to recorded sales last year is Snow selling beer worth 101.2 million in volume. Budweiser is second on the list with a capacity of 49.2 million and Tsingtao came third with a volume of 49 million.