Florida Launches Tourism Initiative

Politicians in Government have become significantly concerned with their tourism industry, as it’s the primary source of revenue for this state. It’s prompted these politicians to reopen the Tourism & Hospitality Industry considerably earlier than anticipated. Residents of Florida are being informed about taking local vacations, believing it’s better to avoid travelling state-to-state or internationally. Additional recommendations, including businesses holding all meetings in local convention centres to boost revenues.

These recommendations follow after Florida’s most notable industry crashed in March, with Hotels and Theme Parks respectively closing within several day periods. It’s prompted for more than $1.6 billion to be lost throughout the last six weeks. Notable statistics also revealed that Domestic Air Travel to Florida dropped by 65%, with International dropping by 80%. It’s the most significant drops for the state since 9/11 in 2001. Challenges more significant than the 9/11 Terrorist Event will follow after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s expected that Florida won’t recover for two years.

The Cost of Life

The Committee responsible for implementing these recommendations will provide tutorials on how travellers can visit crowded facilities by adopting simple practices. These individuals believe that by wearing minimal protection, the virus can be stopped. Medical advice from the world’s most influential experts would suggest otherwise. However, these politicians aren’t willing to lose another $1.6 Billion over six weeks. That means their local population is less valuable than the finances they bring into local economies. Unfortunately, Florida civilians have approved of these measures and expressed through social media their excitement to return to the new normal.

This Committee mentioned it’s the job of all civilians and themselves to ease out the coronavirus from their state correctly. PR Representatives noted that their advertising campaigns would initially apply to Florida residents for two weeks, then move towards a national level. International packages won’t be supported until each respective country lifts their travel restrictions. This level of human engagement will skyrocket the rate of infections throughout Florida. It should be noted that Committee Members believe Florida Pride is most important moving forward, not Florida life. Members include the Governor and City Mayors.