Betting & The American Dream

When it comes to the American dream and sports betting in the US, you will stop by to examine the growth in poker playing and the risks, taken by players to reach their goal. Why poker? Well, poker both reinterprets and critiques the myth of the American dream, it blends the importance of luck and puts emphasis on management of your risk. It might even down-play the importance of hard work and honesty.

What Google Says

When you start looking into the whole belief of what the American dream is all about. Google tells you is a belief that regardless of where or when you were born or the class you’re taken into. Everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy and achieve success in a society that allows it. But on to make this dream you’ll have to work hard, take risk, sacrifice and you could achieve it.

What the People Say

When you look a bit further and even consult places such as the Mutual Life Insurance agency in Massachusetts, the company takes out its survey done at the start of 2018 to show what 3,200 participants had to say. Here the answers are percentage-based, and 71% of the people, believe the American dream is to own your own home, second is financial independence.

What the Great Gatsby Says

The film called the Great Gatsby is based on the American dream, but it shows that each person has a different vision. The main character already reached financial independence, he owns a home, his dream is to remain prosperous, be accessible and marry Daisy.

Are You as Surprised to Learn None of The Answers Include Travelling the World?

Americans are happy with two weeks a year holiday when you ask the Brits, the Germans or even the Australians they horrified. How do you travel with such little time? This led to a more in-depth study as even in Asia, everyone plans their travel for the next year. Vacations and travelling should never be seen as a luxury; it is what you work for all year long; it’s a reward! But when you look into the life of the Americans, you soon learn that apart from the few jet-setters. America is, what you’d call a no vacation nation.

What do American’s Dream About?

It is difficult to get a straight answer on their dreams; what they do tell you about when you ask the question is how important it is to go to school and be educated. They also easily share that you should work hard and give your best to get promoted. The closest you get to their dream is that if they work hard every day and save, they’d be able to slow down at age 45. Then they can do the things they want. Maybe it is the lack of travelling and being on holiday that gets to them. Only a few American’s understands that what is called the American dream is to pursue what you as a person dream about.