Best Store for Sports Memorabilia in New York

When you’re finally on your way to America, you can look forward to several stores offering some of the best sports memorabilia. It is one of the hotspots in the world for authentic sports collectables in excellent condition. The top sports memorabilia stores offer signed footballs to vintage boxing gloves. We’ve found the stores that can provide sports fans all the best memorabilia.

Brigandi’s Collectables

The Brigandi’s store is based in 44th street in New York, and one of the most valuable collectables available at the store includes the 1960 Topps Football cards. The store has the full set. While fans can also find an unmatched selection of vintage playing cards, signed baseball bats and other almost impossible to recover sports memorabilia at Brigandi’s. Other items worth visiting the store for includes the Vintage PeeWee Reese Stadium Pin as well as several photos signed by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. The store is run by staff with incredible sports knowledge, which makes the whole shopping experience memorable.

The complete 1960 Topps Football set consists of 132 cards, the set is hardly found complete, and most of the cards available elsewhere are of low quality. The Top football cards with the fewest example in PSA NM-MT 8 condition or higher is the #2 Alan Ameche of which only 18 was found in PSA 8 or better. 22 was found of #24 Sam Baker and 23 of Lou Michaels #69, while the PSA statistics also revealed that only 26 was found of #130 Gary Glick and 27 of Willie Galimore #14. Several Hall of Fame players are included in the 1960 Topps set, these include #23 Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas #1, UA Tittle #113, Bobby Layne #93 and Frank Gifford #74.

High Valued Baseball Sports Memorabilia at Bridgandi

The list of great valued sports memorabilia at the store also includes a baseball signed by Joe Medwick, with Burleigh Grimes and red ruffling currently available at $3,500. Baseball enthusiasts can even get their hands on a 1950 baseball signed by the New York Yankees during the World Series Championship now available at $3,250.

Football Memorabilia

The game-worn shirt of Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers in 1965 is available for $175,000,00, while a signed photograph of Jim Thorpe of 1951 is available for $4,995.00. A vintage photo of the 1955 New York Football Giants is available at $2,250 while a signed photo of Walter Payton costs around $520.

Soccer Memorabilia

The game-worn shirt of Pele is available at the store for $35,0000 while the Pele singed Brazil World Champion banner is sold for $995. The black and white photograph signed by Pele is available at $930, while his inscribed jersey is $465 and a signed Pele soccer ball goes for around $249 on sale. Apart from sports memorabilia the store also stocks a vast variety of coins including half dimes, quarters, colonials, half cents, sets and silver dollars.