Best MLB Hot Dogs

Hot dogs remain one of the most enjoyed American fast foods. These are not only great during movies as a quick meal or quick bite to eat during shopping, but also a major favourite at the sports stadiums.

The History of Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs’ history goes back all the way to the 15th century to Austria and Germany, although it is mostly known as a meal made famous in the 1800s by German immigrants. The first cart to sell hot dogs in New York was owned by Charles Feltman in 1871. It became massively popular and the first cart to sell hotdogs at baseball park was in 1893. It is here where the bond between hot dogs and baseball started.

Hot Dog Consumption

According to 2012 statistics, Americans spend over $1.7 billion on their favourite food, which is hot dogs, although this amount spent in supermarkets and no statistics are available for sales at ballparks.

SunTrust Park – Atlanta Braves

In 2017 in Atlanta the SunTrust Park was opened by the Braves, this hotdog shack offers a great variety of hotdogs to the fans. The most popular of all is the Dixie Dog offering a healthy helping of creamy slaw, pulled pork, pickles, and a mustard-based sauce. This is served on a footlong roll containing a half pound all beef dog.

New Hot Dog Versions Recently Added to Sports Stadium Menus

The sports stadium where the newest version of hot dogs was added recently is at Wrigley Field. The most popular is the Vienna Beef Chicago Dog, while sports fans can also look forward to plenty of local flavours in the Hot Doug’s and Hot Dog Pizza Combo added in 2017. The Chicago Dog consists of a grilled Vienna hot dog served with neon relish, yellow mustard, sports peppers, diced onions, celery salt and tomato wedges stacked into a poppy seed bun.

Pilsen Dogs to The Bao Wao Dog

The Pilsen Dog is topped with roasted corn and offers a charred Vienna, seasoned with Tajin and lime-cilantro aioli seasoning. The Kimchi Dog offers a fresh new taste and consist of kimchi, pickled ginger aioli and crispy braised pork.

The Bao Wao Dog also offers a charred Vienna seasoned with mint, Sriracha aioli, carrot and pickled daikon. The Wrigley Dog offers a Vienna seasoned via relish consisting of pickle, diced onions and tomato, and sports pepper, completed by celery salt and mustard.

Beachcomber Dog to New York Dog

Visiting the Coors Field offers all sports fans the opportunity to enjoy the New Colorado Rockies Dog, which is a foot-long hot dog with sauerkraut, onions and peppers. In 2018 the Coors Field menu was extended via several new hot dog flavours including the Triple Play Dog consisting of pulled pork, purple slaw and crumbled bacon bits. Other new Dogs added includes the Beachcomber Dog, Diablo Dog, Elk Brat, New York Dog and the Denver Dog. Then there is also the Sante Fe Dog, featuring an extreme dog topped with shredded jack cheese, red chilli, sliced jalapenos and diced red onion.