America’s Biggest Sports Scandals

When it comes to the biggest sports stars in the world, you are bound to find most in America. Although the same can be said about the sports scandals, which include quite a few top athletes such as OJ Simpson, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and Pete Rose.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong first became angry and emphatically denied all accusations of doping, even under oath. But the as the winner of 7 Tour de France events the 41-year-old eventually admitted to using drugs to enhance his performance when he was part of the Pro-Cycle team of the US Postal Service.

His admitted it during an exclusive interview he agreed to with Oprah Winfrey, the reason was that the Anti-Doping Agency of the US found overwhelming evidence before Armstrong started the discussion. This led to Armstrong being forbidden to compete again and at the same time, he lost all his titles.

Armstrong was also placed under pressure to provide names or other athletes that were his accomplices, and he had to pay back part of his sponsorship worth $30 million to the federal government. His reputation was shattered, and he almost traded his yellow bracelets for handcuffs.

OJ Simpson

The OJ Simpson case is known worldwide since it is not every day that a double murder case outshines the NBA finals. It was and currently remains the most publicized trial ever, and even though OJ was not convicted of murder, he went to prison as a convicted robber.

Pete Rose

Cincinnati Reds Baseball manager and leader, Pete Rose was thrown out of the game due to illegal betting on baseball. This included the games in which the Reds completed, and his banishment still stands. Pete Rose also lost any consideration ever to be considered for the Hall of Fame of the Major League Baseball.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods stood at the door of becoming the greatest of all times. Just as he got ready to claim the title as the greatest golfer a series of events took place in 2009. The events that concluded were his divorce, dozens of mistresses, a car accident and therapy, which derailed his personal life as well as his career. Even two years later he was still doing his best to recapture his greatness in golf as well as a Masters title.

1972 Olympics Soviet Union Win United States in Basketball

From 1936 right up to 1972 the men’s team that won in basketball was the US. If the referee added back the three seconds on the clock, the US would also have beaten Russia, and even now they refuse to accept their silver medal.

Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding

In the 1994 Olympics, Harding, others and her husband assaulted Kerrigan by using a club to strike her leg during practice. Harding still ended up in 8th, while Kerrigan ended up with a silver medal, which goes to show that the better competitor even ended in a better position.