Month: November 2020

NYC Tourism Down by 60% in 2020

New York City is finding themselves in a downward spiral for tourism, with an announcement being issued NYC Tourism Agency that activity has dropped by 60% in 2020. It’s the most prominent loss of tourist activity since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. Detailed reports indicate that 22 Million visited New York City in 2020, instead of the standard volume listed at 66 Million. It’s a notable decline that’s reasoned to the coronavirus pandemic. Subsequent to the drastic loss of tourists, profit margins for the NYC hospitality market has lowered to deteriorating volumes. An average of $44 Billion is acquired through tourist activity, with reports indicating that spending has dropped by 80% since the Covid-19 pandemic inflicted global tourism operations.

Records regarding financial statistics for New York City from the 9/11 attacks suggest that it’ll take four years or longer to recovered from Covid-19. Statistics of this nature are being used because that was the timeframe needed for New York to regain normal tourist volumes after the attacks. Similar results could ensure following the Covid-19 pandemic. The reasoning for that is because most tourists entering NYC in 2020 were from America, with international visitors dropping to 2.4 Million this year. It’s an 83% drop from 2019.

2025 Recovery Date

NYC Tourism Agency is reporting that by years end, there will be a maximum of 22 Million visitors to the region. Profits will have dropped substantially & aren’t expected to begin recovery until Summer 2021. That’s because travel restrictions throughout the United States will remain effective, especially when considering the change of leadership coming in January 2021. NYC Tourism Agency is suggesting that it’ll take anywhere between 2023 to 2025 for recovery operations to be completed.

One benefit of these statistics was learning that in America, New York City was still the most travelled location nationwide. It shows that NYC is still the country’s most popular entertainment destination in the Covid-Era, and afterwards.  

Disneyland California Shutting Down till 2021

The Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Disneyland California spoke with investors via conference call on November 13th. Christine McCarthy informed prominent members on the “Board of Investors” that facilities would sustain closures until December 31st. Investors have advised bypasses in state regulations weren’t being permitted, and that executives didn’t have any option other than to obey lockdown protocols or face severe fines.

Executives at Disneyland California believe their exclusion from lockdown protocols isn’t fair treatment. CEO Bob Chapek of Disney clarified his disappointment to investors that Californian government personnel shouldn’t enforce closures after their proven record of protection since June 2020. Facilities being shut down also mean that employed person cannot resume their working duties, inflicting monetary challenges nobody anticipated. Liberalism associated with the state of California is prompting thousands of job losses, with more than 20+ thousand from Disneyland alone.

Disneyland’s proven track record against Covid-19 is accurate, with their confirmed infections at theme-park facilities being small. That’s because health & safety requirements were sustained around science, with new defences added into the protocols when learned by the global scientific community. California’s state government electing to ignore the pleas of Disneyland is prompting an entire region to get decimated. Orange County isn’t expected to recover if government personnel don’t reopen Disneyland by March 2021.

Walt Disney World Protocols

Tourists regularly checking the Disneyland booking website for new packages have seen all reservation options eliminated until 2021. All facilities in California have been closed for the foreseeable future. However, tourists can travel to “Walt Disney World” in Florida. That facility has been open since July 2020 with Covid-19 protocols in effect. Those protocols include social distancing, temperature checks, required face masks, and sanitisation of hand needed. There’s also a permanent ban on consuming food & drinks while traversing the park. Consumption is permitted in designated zones exclusively.

North America Tourism Winners Day 2020

The 2020 World Travel Awards released their domestic winners of North America. Locations like Miami Beach, Los Angeles, Downtown New York, Downtown Toronto, British Columbia, and the Florida Keys have received awards. Named the “North America 2020 Winners Day”, we’ve listed which respective area has won awards in their sectors.

The title of “North America’s Leading Destination” was given to Miami Beach, which supports an abundance of artwork & decorations that sweep over miles of stunning beachfront. Those attributes are combined with the exciting & adventurous entertainment associated with the region. However, Miami Beach could find themselves challenged by Los Angeles for tourists. LA received the award for “North America’s Leading Break Destination”. That title was gifted to Los Angeles after their amenities and hospitality services defeated rivalling cities. Miami Beach will also see competition from Nevada, with Grand Canyon National Park being awarded “North America’s Leading Tourist Attraction”.

Downtown New York obtained the award for “North America’s Leading Hotel”. The specific hospitality facility gifted this title was The Conrad, which is known for offering luxurious amenities & exceptional dining services. Travellers entering the United States could be more compelled to stay with the Isla Bella Beach Resort, Florida Keys. This location was titled “North America’s Leading Resort”. There’s also the chance that tourists might be entering the borders of Canada, upon which the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto has been listed for “North America’s Leading Green Hotel”.

Canada Thrives in its Beauty

Another Canadian operator received a prominent award from the WTA. It was confirmed that the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association was received the “North America Responsible Tourism Award”. TOTA governed over a stunning & iconic region in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It’s untapped beauty & indigenous culture has created a culinary scene, unlike anywhere else in North America. It should be mentioned that all awards were voted-in by tourists that have attended these locations. Tourists & industry professionals spent months determining which hotels, resorts, cities, states, and provinces deserved awards in 2020.

The World Tourism Association hopes that North American’s will use their findings for domestic travel. Canadians & American’s often aren’t aware of the beauty or excitement located in their respective backyards.

Bonaire Island Reopens for North American Tourists

The United States & Canada have been permitted re-entry into Bonaire Island. This Dutch-Caribbean nation has reopened their borders to its most prominent revenue source, North America. The official announcement was made by the Tourist Corporation of Bonaire, clarifying that multiple measures & protocols have been implemented to ensure that Covid-19 isn’t spread throughout their island.

Anyone considering immediate travel to Bonaire island will find themselves having to make connecting flights until Mid-November. The United States & Canada aren’t permitting direct flights until November 7th for Bonaire island, citing that planes are being refitted for enhanced sanitation. The national aviation corporation for Bonaire Island will sustain flights to America & Canada starting on the 15th. However, airlines located in America have provided different dates for sustaining flights to Bonaire island. Below are the announced dates from airlines in America.

  • United Airlines announced flights from Newark to Curacao on November 7th.
  • JetBlue is resuming flights to Curacao from New York on December 9th.
  • American Airlines is providing flights from Florida to Curacao starting December 2nd.

North American airline passengers give connecting flights

Those using airline suppliers from America will be provided connecting flight packages. Connecting flights are offered through “Divi Divi Air” and “TUI Fly Netherlands”. Both suppliers aren’t known by mass consumers by have admirable safety ratings. When travellers arrive to Bonaire island, they’ll be requested to show their PCR Test Result from 72-hours before their arrival. An additional test will be administered, with negative or positive readings being issued 24-hours after being received by a laboratory. Those found with a positive infection after their departure & arrival flights will be placed into a hotel-established isolation zone.

It’s also required that visitors complete a “Health Declaration Form” and display health insurance from their local banking institution. This guarantees that those requiring immediate access to healthcare cannot deny doctors in Bonaire & wait until their arrival back home. It should be mentioned that Bonaire has experienced low rates of Covid-19. Since March 2020, they’ve sustained 134 cases of the virus. 130 have recovered, meaning there’s been a death rate of two. One case is being sustained to date. This is one of the lowest case percentages worldwide.