Wonderfully Weird Places to Visit in America

No other country offers as many photo-worthy attractions as America and while most instantly think of the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge, there are so much more. The list of sites is cool, weird, wonderful, amassing and includes everything and anything from unusual to extra-terrestrial! Grab your camera and join us we visit the most picturesque destinations in the USA.

First Stop: Death Valley National Park

For many decades the travelling rocks at the Death Valley National park have perplexed visitors as well as scientists. This destination is famous for being one of the driest and hottest places in North America as well as its unearthly landscape consisting of towering mountain peaks, rolling sand dunes and lush forests. Yet the wonderfully weird part is the Racetrack found in the California side of the park appears visually as a tiled-like dried lake bed disturbed by travelling rocks. The rock paths are clearly visible and according to scientists these more across the hot sand when the bit of rainfall freezes, gets melt by the sun and then the rocks of around 270 kg slide. Death Valley National Park is also known for its extremes, it has a rainfall of 6 centimetres per year and its temperature can be up to 57 degrees Celsius and this is the spot used to film several Star War episodes.

From Moving Rocks to Unidentified Flying Objects

Area 51 is mentioned in every episode of Twilight Zone and 134 kilometres north of Las Vegas this testing site of the U.S. Air Force is what makes conspiracy theorists and sci-fi readers believe that extra-terrestrial life exists. They believe the unidentified flying object has been spotted in the area, which is the main reason why it remains a top-secret area and no one is allowed to even park neat the Area 51 entrance. But it is still well worth visiting as you get to fill your car at the gas station that is completely alien-themed, while several gift shops and restaurants are based along the Nevada State Route 375 best known as the Extra-terrestrial Highway.

Leaving the UFO area, Travel Towards an area known for its Spooky Presence

Found below the Seattle overpass, the Fremont district is known since 1990 for its spooky presence. It is here where the troll is, built by four artists in promoting urban removal, the troll is 5.5 meters high, and he clutches a Volkswagen Beetle in one hand while the giant supports himself with the other as he is rising out of the ground. The Fremont Troll attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe and he is perfect for anyone looking to take a truly memorable photo.

From Spooky to the Castle Built by Him who has Super Powers

Thousands if not millions of tourists have visited the area about 50 kilometres south of Miami to view the Coral Castle. Build by an immigrant Ed Leeds it is built from 1,000 metric ton of rock. The structure is truly magnificent and according to speculation, Ed had supernatural abilities as he hand-built it by himself without the help of machinery.