Wild, Wild West and Gambling

The Wild West was famous for damsels in distress, gun-slinging outlaws and gambling, lots of it. Everyone met to play games from the lawmen to the cowboys. The gambling halls was the place to be no matter your gender or class: the competition to play, poker, the type you see in films inspired by the old west. Poker is not only played by men but as much by women. Gamblers are as recognized as the most notorious outlaws.

Wild West Gambling, Profession or Entertainment

The towns were small in the Wild West and offered little to do, which is one of the reasons gambling became popular, well so did crimes and drinking. When a new settlement or town was constructed the first building that when up was a gambling hall, it was needed to keep the folks occupied.

Gambling as a Profession

In the West, gambling was not only entertainment; it was a very respected profession; people could make decent money from it. Families were proud of their daughters or sons who grew up to be professional gamblers.

Cattle Ranches and Gold Rushes

The line-up of historical events in the US even further boosted the gambling industry. Kansas and Texas were cattle towns, and most cities had sound railway systems. Anyone working in the cattle industry was affluent and had money to spare. Boredom was still a big problem, and the only relieve gambling.

California Gold Rush

Next up was the 1849 California Gold Rush bringing plenty of migrants, it means more popularity to the gambling halls. The gambling hotspot was now in San Francisco, which is where the gold miners would stop over to wager their wages.

Gambling Halls are the Extravagant Buildings in Town

The most extravagant building in town was the gambling halls, those who did not gamble visited these to enjoy a few drinks. Apart from the bar, gambling halls also offered rooms and had a stage for entertainment. Well, when you mix the list of services, what you get is people misbehaving, it gave the town a poor reputation.

Re-Visit the Wild West History

As more and more families settled in the western towns, gambling sort of lost its general appeal. Still, when you travel to America, there are quite a few places you should visit if you love everything about the history of the Wild West.

Five Best Wild West Gambling Places to Visit in America

The five most visited American Wild West places include Grand Canyon National Park, New Mexico and the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West. Two places you should add to your list of sites is also the Grand Canyon Railway and the Goldfields Ghost Town. In the next article, we take a closer look into what these authentic old west locations offer tourists and why it is essential to visit them.