Visit the First Beer Hotel in America

It is every beer lovers dream destination, which is why the DogHouse Hotel is now also one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. The only requirement is that you have to really love beer, love collecting beer bottles and have a passion for homemade brews or craft beers. The DogHouse Hotel knows what branding is really about and could probably teach quite a few businesses on how to brand their product.

Brewdog Owners Creates A Buzz Like Non-Other

BrewDog is a craft beer company based in Scotland, which haven’t sold any of its beer in the United States, although the owners had a great marketing strategy and that was to open up a hotel, more exactly a beer hotel. Utilizing a unique marketing campaign not only created a buzz but also got the word out. Yet the advertising and marketing strategy includes a variety of additional offers that appeal to all beer enthusiasts. Based in Columbus, Ohio the 100,000 square foot Brewdog brewery is now added to via a hotel, titled the DogHouse, which is located next to the brewery and guests from the hotel can look forward to an experienced tailored to satisfy any super-series beer lover’s appetite.

Beer-Infused Breakfasts, Hop Infused Shower Gels and a Craft Beer Spa!

The Daily Mail recently placed a special article about the beer hotel as well as all its special visitors treats. The DogHouse Hotel also features a craft beer spa, offering malted barley massages, hop face masks, happy feet pedicures and hop-infused products is available including hop-infused shower gels and hop-infused shampoos.

DogHouse Hotel Special Room Facilities

Apart from the list of treatments available at the beer spa, guests can also enjoy a stay in a room overlooking the feeders in the brewery, while each room features a mini-fridge stocked with specially selected craft beers. The finest beer offerings from the brewery are also available on tap and guests get to enjoy tours through the brewery.

Happiest Hotel on Earth

The unique menu includes beer-infused lunches, dinners and breakfast each matched up with beers. A stay at the Doghouse Hotel is dominated by malt, hops and a range of the most incredible beers. From your breakfast to your shower is infused with beer and from the view of each room to the stocked minibars, Doghouse Hotel is now described as the happiest place on earth. Brewdog has crafted one of the most creative ways to market its beer and the Doghouse Hotel gets all the attention the owners hoped it would. By connecting its speciality beer brand with a hotel is one of the most original marketing ideas, while the addition of the beer-infused spa treatments and specially created menus, adds that special touch that made the Doghouse Hotel reach every beer drinkers bucket list!