Unique US Destinations that Permits You to Discover Yourself

Maybe the most satisfying journey of all is one allowing us to find ourselves, destinations that offers aspects such a history, the chance to embrace nature, expand on our knowledge and brightens our day, allowing dreams of the future. Several US destinations offer inspiration and appeal to travellers on a journey to discover themselves, their creative side, harmonious passion, somatic side and to re-discover what being stress-free is all about.

Creative Coast of Savannah

William Bull and James Oglethorpe meticulously planner their new settlement in 1734, which is the reason for Savannah’s designing and arty atmosphere, every corner, square and street was planned fastidiously. The squares are now framed in Spanish moss bearing live Oaks and became the picture-perfect destination for building antebellum mansions and elegant townhouses. It is the home of the Telfair Academy, oldest public art museum offering the visitor a collection of nineteenth and twentieth century European and American artworks. It is here where the most prestigious of all art schools can be found, and the Savannah College of Art & Design’s museum has its own art collection consisting of 4,500 artworks

Nashville The Harmonious Dreamland

Just hearing the word Nashville immediately bring images of cowboys stomping their boots to the rhythm of honky-tonks, it’s home to musicians since the early 1920s. It’s the place where live bluegrass and country music can be heard all the way down Lower Broadway, a pleasant sound carried on the beer-perfumed air. One place that is well worth stopping by is Robert’s Western World, if it is funky you’re after then the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar is just the place. The Schermerhorn Symphony Centre is for the sophisticated, grandiose melodies further beautifies this fabulous setting.

Mythical Wonder Key West

In the same way, an ancient novels dusty pages are bound by leather, Ernest Hemingway is connected to Key West, he called it his home until 1940. It is here where he wrote “The Green Hills of Africa” and “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”. Robert Frost lived here from 1945 until 1960, there is now a festival name after this prolific author, The Robert Frost Poetry Festival taking place in April. Stephen King fans are bound to find this an inspiring fact to visit Key West as the old Fort East Martello Museum is where the Robert the Doll” can now be found, whatever you do, don’t question its powers.

San Diego Perfect Weather City

North America’s city offering the most wonderful weather in San Diego, it is here where travellers have more than enough reason to enjoy the outdoors. It consists almost of perfect hiking trails along Harbor Drive and the waterfront, the beautifully manicured promenades are just what you need to enjoy jogging or even a long walk. California invented, commoditized and then exported skateboarding so it’s a city dotted with exceptional skateparks.

Only a few hours up to a day is needed to get back your sporty self and ready to enjoy the Pacific beaches where windsurfing, sailing and kayaking are offered along the 27-mile shoreline. Don’t miss out on diving and the change to explore shipwrecks and kelp beds. After a few days of rollerblading and cycling you be rested, motivated and ready to enjoy life with a new song in your heart, probably one that became your favourite during your Nashville visit.