Travel Ban on Europe Implemented by Donald Trump

Europeans wanting to travel to the United States for vacation or business opportunities will find themselves delayed for a prolonged period. This follows after President Donald Trump implemented travel restrictions on twenty-six nations across the European Union, with this being part of the American COVID-19 Contingency Plan. It should be noted that these travel restrictions apply to Non-Americans, who won’t be provided entrance into the United States for fourteen business days.

Individuals from the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom are exempt from these restrictions, with this extending to Americans within Europe trying to return home. Donald Trump made this decision after declaring a national emergency, with 2000+ confirmed cases of the coronavirus. This extends to forty-three deaths, prompting Trump to offer $50 billion in relief aid. Washington analysts claim that the substantial financial assistance follows after nation-wide criticism towards Trump’s failure with available testing kits throughout hospitals. Considering that Americans pay for their health care, this was inexcusable.

March 14th COVID-19 Developments

Every day new updates are being provided with the coronavirus. It’s become drastically challenging for global citizens to absorb the influx of information being thrown at them. We have compiled the most notable headlines from March 14th regarding this global pandemic.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister confirmed that individuals entering their country would be admitted into self-isolation for fourteen days, with that level of isolation being home-based or hospital-based, depending on the symptoms being shown. Exempt from this temporary legislation are individuals living on the South Pacific Islands. This decision follows after the Australian Government confirmed their number of COVID-19 cases jumped to two hundred.

The Chinese Government noted that thirteen deaths from the novel coronavirus occurred on March 14th, with an additional eleven cases of the infection being confirmed. The South Koreans noted that 200+ infections were recorded on the 14th. This figure was seen two-days back-to-back for the South Koreans. They’ve had the highest rate of infections next to Italy and China. It should be noted that the number of daily diseases throughout China have begun slowing by drastic percentages, which as promoted Europe into the epicentre of this pandemic. North America is expected to become the next epicentre, with the virus dying out after its global terrorization in Summer.