Spending the Holidays in the Big Apple

While New York City may not be the number one travel destination you consider when planning a trip with the family, there are still tons of things to do in the city that will interest all the family members, no matter the age. This crazy large city with eye-catching skylines can cause even the most indifferent person to the city to reconsider and give New York a try. Though, no matter what some people will end up disliking it while others love it. Nevertheless, you should always give this city a fair shot. Listed below are some ways to plan the perfect trip to New York!

How Long Should You Stay

Many people have agreed that the best length to stay in New York is anywhere between three days to a week and a half. This will give you the perfect amount of time to see some of the things that the city has to offer without overwhelming you and your family while on the trip. Plus, the kids would appreciate having a shorter trip as it will motivate them to get out and explore.

Getting Around

Out of every place that you could visit and rent a car, New York isn’t one of them. This is mainly due to how crowded the streets an easily become during all hours of the day – and driving around in a major city can seem to be a daunting task at times and could extend travelling to a destination that would’ve originally only taken twenty minutes to over an hour. The best ways to get around is by either taking one of the many subways, a taxi, the bus, or by foot! While it may seem tedious, it’s honestly not that bad, and you can find hidden gems around the city even better.

Things to do in the City

One of the best ways to explore the city and its fantastic views is by going on one of the boat tours. One of the best options is to take the Circle Line Cruise as it will take you and the family on a two and a half hour trip around the skyline of Manhattan, which will allow for a ton of family-friendly photos. Though if you’re looking for a more cost-efficient choice the Staten Island Ferry which will show a similar view of Manhattan and Staten Island – which shows the lovely statue of liberty as well! Though price wise? It’s completely free no matter the age.


Some families and couples who visit New York would get a kick out of the plethora of museums that display some impressive works of art and history that can catch the attention of any family member. One of the most notable museums in the city is the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It’s undeniable that Central Park is the biggest and most famed park in the city. Which makes it the perfect place to take a nice stroll in no matter the season. The winter and the summers are beautiful, and the kids are sure to find something fun to get into.