NTPC Eliminating Smoking in Las Vegas Casinos

The Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition is appealing towards state legislators, requesting that casinos become smoke-free on their betting floors. These legal appeals would sustain themselves throughout the remainder of COVID-19, ensuring that air quality throughout the casinos is cleaner than average. The NTPC is a Reno-established organization that’s trying to have the law implemented in their town and Las Vegas. Nevada’s Tobacco Prevention Coalition collaborated with public health experts to showcase ample evidence, which proved that bettors are less likely to contract COVID-19 in smoke-free zones.

Nevada’s Tobacco Prevention Coalition copied MGM Resorts International Group, which shocked Las Vegas & Reno on September 14th. That’d mark the date when MGM announced that NoMad, and Park MGM Casinos would sustain smoke-free environments starting September 23rd. Since MGM made that formal announcement, multiple competing brands have begun creating their smoke-free zones.

MGM Resorts International wasn’t the first in Las Vegas to implement this strategy. The initial casino that required smoke-free zones was the Venetian & Palazzo, which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Their measures went into effect on June 18th, two months earlier than a primary competitor, MGM Resorts International Group.

Casinos Not the Following Suit

Las Vegas Properties standardly copy each other, making them equally appealing to consumers. Wynn Resorts Ltd doesn’t believe that smoke-free zones are what customers want. This has become evident since June 4th to now, with policies indicating that players can smoke at table games & video slots. Facemasks are required exclusively when not smoking and permitted to be removed whenever a cigarette is lite. Vaping is also allowed at properties owned by Wynn Resorts Ltd.

The Cosmopolitan is permitting bettors to smoke on their casino floor at designated locations. Smoking has been prohibited by Cosmopolitan corridors and public walkways on the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan believes these measures are enough to eliminate a casino-wide outbreak. If the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition receives approval to their appeal, all betting locations in Las Vegas & Reno would be required to become smoke-free zones. There isn’t any clarification that the NTPC will receive approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.