North American Stadiums Every Sports Fan Should Visit

While making travelling plans most individuals make a list of all the must-see attractions, the most talked about tourist destinations and if you are on your way to North America it is important to list some of the amazing stadiums used by the local sports teams.

Sports are a huge part of the American culture, and whether you are an avid sports fan, sports bettor or simply a traveller exploring the country, you are bound to be impressed by the sports stadiums.

New York – New Yankee Stadium

Located in New York, the New York Yankee Stadium is the home base of the New York Yankees as well as the NYC FC of MLS. The stadium was built at the cost of 1.5 billion dollars and opened in 2009.

The massive structure offers great features including the Great Hall located between the inside and outside walls running from gate 4 to gate 6, while the stadium also impresses with the huge displays of LED screens and banners of Yankee players. The stadium is modern and also offers memorabilia at the New York Yankee Museum found at gate 6. If you’ve always wanted to attend a baseball game, the New York stadium is the perfect spot.

Enjoy A True Boston Experience at Fenway Park

If you wish you’re travelling experience to include as much of the local vibe as possible then the one place you should add to the top of your travel list is Fenway Park, after all, it is home to the Boston Red Sox. The stadium is not new and was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which is even more reason to make sure you visit it.

The Fenway stadium has had several renovations and upgrades, and it is one of the sports stadiums where the streets are shut down before and after major sports events, which further contribute to the true Boston experience. Fenway’s historic charm is sure to impress anyone who loves the glitz and glam of huge historic buildings.

Visit the Stadium that broke the Guinness World Record for the Loudest Crowd

The stadium where the loudest crowd can be found is in Seattle, Washington and this massive stadium opened in 2002 and is home to NFL, Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer. The stadium complex also features a plaza and the WaMu Theater where major trade shows and concerts take place apart from the major sports events. For an all-round Seattle experience, simply take get to the Seattle King Street Station and take the train to the stadium, the CenturyLink Field is every sports fan’s dream destination and a definite must-add to your travelling list of must-visit-places in North America.