New Burial Grounds in NYC

The Coronavirus Pandemic has infected the planet, with million-plus civilians contracting this virus in their respective countries. No location has felt the damaging effects of COVID-19 more than New York City, with the small island feeling the bulk of America’s deaths at 10+ thousand. NYC is experiencing similar rates to France, which exceeded 10+ thousand on April 11th. Those brave enough to send their drones into the wild have filmed grim footage of Hart Island. This small island holds Potter’s Field, which has 1+ million bodies buried inside. Individuals of low income, unclaimed souls or anonymous civilians have commonly been buried in this location. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Hart Island is now becoming the grounds where bodies will be dumped. This’ll ensure that decomposing bodies aren’t near the public to potentially re-cause the virus.

The Bronx Burrow is located one mile from Hart Island. It’s served as NYC’s Potter’s Field for 150+ years. One of the depressing facts of these locations is that 1/3rd of the buried bodies are infants. Large percentages of these bodies are being dug up to account for COVID-19 losses. Each trench manufactured by diggers can fit one thousand bodies. These will mark the most significant mass graves in the United States of America, bring hundreds of thousands to this location for condolences when the pandemic is over.

The history of Hart Island dates backs hundreds of years. It was a Confederate Soldiers Prison during 1868, which saw numerous adult males buried across than 141 Acres. Remains of those soldiers decomposed long ago. It should be noted that throughout the 21st century, burials throughout Hart Island were minimal. The surge of deaths from COVID-19 will see this deadly island return to re-emittance across the New York State. Some estimate that 100+ thousand bodies could be buried at Hart Island from COVID-19.

When Hart Island began serving as a burial ground for New York City, the overwhelming majority of civilians taken to this location were criminals from Rikers Island. Ten thousand people across New York City are awaiting trial, with their conditions potentially seeing the death penalty and burial at Hart Island. The circumstances of COVID-19 will force significant delays in those cases. It’s anticipated that 25 bodies will enter Hart Island daily during this pandemic, with those numbers having the potential to increase to 100.