Memorable Christmas Guaranteed During Your Fairytale Visit to New York

New York is by far the most exciting city on earth and one of the greatest when it comes to coincide with the Christmas it is incomparable with anywhere else in the world. There is no other city like the Big Apple during the holiday season, adults get to enjoy shopping in some of the biggest shops, Broadway shows are line-up and no other mood-lifter works as well as Central Park. The out-of-towners may get New Yorkers to grit their teeth, but even then, they realise that no-one can resist the magic in the air. There is just so much to feast your eyes on that it’s impossible to paint the real picture in words.

Rockefeller Centre

The most brilliant atmosphere to skate in is at the most iconic rink in New York, and you get to enjoy the Rockefeller ice rink at very affordable prices. During the holidays you can also enjoy cookies and hot chocolate in the VIP tent, and then there is the 30m Christmas tree that keeps your attention for hours.

Window Displays with the WOW Factor

Whether you are a shopper or not, the window displays at Bloomingdale’s get everyone to stop and appreciate this impressive art form. Every year the displays are based on a specific theme, and the techniques used are unlike you’ve seen anywhere else. One of the shops you simply can’t walk past is Macy’s, passing by is bound to get you to stop and enjoy the displays for a while, but should you step in, you’ll be pleasingly lost in a Christmas wonderland.

Christmas Events & Shows

The place to be is Time Square in New York! The recurrent Christmas show is the NYC Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker, and it has been since 1954. Performed at the Lincoln Centre and notwithstanding its longevity, the show, now a huge success, first became this popular after it was televised in 1958. This time of the year, New York offers the best Broadway family shows, which almost always include SpongeBob Square Pants and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Christmas Holiday Worth Remembering

One of the most exciting shopping sprees would be by visiting Macy’s, while it is no secret that New York is not cheap, depending on where you’re travelling from the exchange rate could further increase your expense. But there are many ways to cut costs and enjoy the best Christmas ever: you get to go anywhere via the subway, and if you spend a day or night in Manhattan the hotdog stands do sell the best food at the most affordable prices. You don’t need much as the flashing billboards, and fantastic Christmas decorations are more than enough to provide you with a lifetime worth of memories, and you get to visit all the biggest attractions with either a CityPass or 7 Day Unlimited Subway ticket.