Divided Chicagoans Limit Tourism in Illinois

The Chicago Museum Campus has seen its property vandalized during their closure period, meaning someone illegally entered this facility & avoided on-site security to maintain their task. The property in question that was vandalized is the Christopher Columbus Statue, a historical man considered the founder of America. Vandalism followed after the Black Lives Matter Movement became supporter internationally. Riots were initially seen throughout the United States of America & Canada, which then extended towards the United Kingdom and multiple other nations. These riots inevitably turned into peaceful protests after the involvement of military personnel.

Museum Representatives haven’t been available to comment on this matter. However, inside sources claim that their disgusted by these actions. Christopher Columbus lives in 1492, more than 500+ years ago. The human conditions was drastically different during this period. North Americans, Europeans, and British Civilians have forgotten that humans are a product of their environment. Modern environment call for sympathy towards countless causes, with older societies not requiring this perspective. It’s this core aspect that’s prompted critics to remind civilians in 2020 that they live in the best era of history. Racism is lower than ever before, medical aid enhances daily, and technologic advancements push humanity forward. All of these attributes weren’t possible in 2020.

Peaceful Protests

There’s another group in Chicago that disapprove with vandalism & violent reactions to the Black Lives Matter Movement, with that being local government. Their concern maintains that tourism cannot return under these conditions & forces multiple companies to continue losing their finances. Peaceful protests haven’t stopped in Chicago for more than two weeks, with law enforcement not stopping physical altercations amongst civilians any longer. It’s become a hysterical city that 99% of potential tourists will avoid.

Chicago’s waterfront has become an integral part of their tourist revenue streams, with this extending towards the downtown area. It’s these locations that are purposely being protests daily to limit tourism capabilities. Jobs are being lost & the Chicago Economy is slated to enter their worst recission since the 1950s, which is now purely because of the continued protests. Chicago politicians could be prompted to enact severe enforcement to stop civilians from destroying their economy.