Deborah Cox, Canadian R&B Star’s Trip to the United States Turns into Hair-Raising Experience

Deborah Cox criticizes South African Airlines for trying to use a damaged plane only to make an emergency landing when a fire started. On the same flight was Sharma Chetty and she was on her way to a business meeting to the United States. The trip turned into a nasty experience for everyone.

Flight SA209 OR Tambo International Airport to Washington DC

The flight was SA209 heading to Washington DC from OR Tambo International Airport. The trip stopped in Ghana; it was a regular stop for refuelling in ACCRA. A large truck of the SAA then hit the door of the aircraft, and it was damaged. It meant several hours of delay for passengers on the SA209 flight.

After Hours of Delay Back on Route to Washington DC

The passengers were informed that the door was fixed and that the flight would continue the journey to Washington DC. Finally, back on the plane, the next part of the route only lasted 15 minutes when a technical problem got the cockpit crew decides to make an emergency landing. Passengers could smell something, but most thought it was the air conditioners. Smoke started coming out of the cockpit, and the crew was running up and down the passage. The passengers were instructed to put their heads down. Deborah Cox fans started commenting on her social media comments, asking Fly SAA to treat her right. Cox later said she was terrified and thought about her family. The experience was traumatic, and the crew managed to calm most of the passengers.

Accra Wants Visas – Not All Passenger Had Visas – More Delays

When the plane did an emergency landing back in Accra, things changed, and passengers were expected to have visas. Most did not, and again all passengers were stuck while it took longer to decide on the next step.

Plane Left Behind in Accra – Technicians Working to Find Problem

Eventually, after waiting, it was decided that all passengers could be taken to a hotel. South African Airways commented that there was no correlation between the technical issue and the door incident. The plane is still in Accra while technicians are trying to find out what caused the cockpit issue.

South African Airways

South African Airways deny that there was any fire in the cockpit, although the airline has still not revealed what the problem was. The reason for the emergency landing is not communicated, and several passengers claim they saw smoke in the cockpit. Apart from the trauma on the flight, Accra would not allow passengers without visas into the country. After hours of strategizing, Ghana finally agreed to put passengers up in a hotel for the night. Most passengers will remember their flight from South Africa to the United States as one of the trauma.