Christmas Day in America

With the huge diversity of cultures, there are many traditions in the United States, which makes it quite difficult to pinpoint one specific tradition celebrated on Christmas Day. Most of the holiday activities including Christmas day varies from one family to the next, mostly depending on their cultural heritage and the family itself.

Diverse Cultures Blend into A Unique Christmas Celebrating Community

The closest the celebrations of a typical Christmas Day can be described is a blend of Belgian, Austrian, Polish traditions into a unique situation of their own. With the variety of nationalities and cultures calling the USA home as well as the volume of people arriving to celebrate Christmas with families or just in the USA, what takes place on Christmas Day itself is even more unique. What also has a huge impact on the holidays and how these are spent or celebrated is the weather conditions, some enjoy Christmas under a large sparkling blanket of snow that offers the perfect white Christmas, elsewhere the day is spent on the beach. Yet the whole idea of a white Christmas is seen by most people around the world as the way this special day should be celebrated, which is also the most favoured by marketing teams.

The Christmas Tree in America

As it does almost everywhere else in the world, the Christmas tree is a hugely important part of celebrating Christmas Day in America and most homes have some form of a tree and decorations. The tree is often topped by an angel that announces the birth of Jesus, while others prefer a large star representing the Bethlehem Star. Most of the trees are decorated with ornaments passed on from one generation to the next and each peace have a special meaning. The way the tree is decorated often have a lot to do with the heritage of the family and when it comes to Christmas lights the more, the better. In just about all houses the Christmas tree is placed in a spot that makes it possible for passers-by to view from the street.


In America not only, the inside of the house is decorated for Christmas, but in most regions, it is quite the tradition to also decorated the outside of the house. It all depends on the weather conditions and apart from lights around the house and on the outside trees many Americans also decorates the outside with snowmen Santa’s, reindeers, snowflakes, streams of flashing lights and large outdoor decorations. In many towns homeowners also outline the architectural features of their houses with Christmas lights and place ornaments outside that represents Mary and Joseph sitting around the crib, to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Food served or enjoyed on Christmas plays a major part of the celebrations, and with friends dropping by to deliver gifts or just good wishes, every home is stocked with special treats. A whole different shopping list is made to ensure everyone dropping by can enjoy a special drink and something to eat, which in many cases are home-baked cookies. Many of the families in America serve a traditional Christmas dinner, which includes vegetables, turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce a salad or two and a dessert. When it comes to desert the traditional, Christmas-pudding remains a hot favourite.