Best Sports Pubs in Kansas City

Sports fans in Kansas City love to show their supports. These include serious fans who visit a local pub to cheer for their NFL team. While the cheering volume could get this city on the list as the loudest. The sports bars make the list of the funniest, most original to the strangest titled.

Granfalloon Bar and Restaurant

The Granfalloon is as dedicated to sports as the fans it welcomes day after day. It is one of the best according to Kansas City sports enthusiasts. The main reason, you can get your sports-action fix by watching every event on 22 HD television sets. Each of these is tuned to no other channel but ESPN.

Coldest Beer But Not Boulevard

The bar serves the coldest beverages to groups of sporty women and guys who can also order food. It’s cosy, it’s fantastic and one of the favourites when you want to catch up with your pals. If you waited all week to enjoy Bully Pale Ale, the Granfalloon doesn’t serve it, so for Boulevard brew, you need to go elsewhere.

What in A Name such as a Granfalloon

The name might get you wondering what the pub is all about. It is named after a gentleman by the name of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Or should we say it is more his quote that inspired the pub’s name. Vonnegut always told fellow pub-cruisers that a Granfalloon is a meaningless yet proud association of human beings.

Pizza to Tacos Till Two

The Granfalloon is a bi-level restaurant and bar; it means a lot to the regulars. It’s a place for those who love casual dining or an upscale bar fare. The kitchen prepares anything you desire from mango slaw served with fish tacos to pizza with spinach and bacon. You can order roasted chicken or hold out for the sticky chicken.

Be Early or Miss All the Sports-Pub-Action

This privilege of being fed is only available until 2 am. The menu initially displayed over 77 dishes, now pared down to 52. You can still order all the great burgers and the pork belly. Only 234 seats, so you need to make sure you’re early. If not, you won’t be able to watch your favourite team in the most fantastic atmosphere.

Rambunctious, Loud & Super Busy

At night the Granfalloon is noisy, busy and super loud. Don’t be surprised if you spot sports figures or national celebrities in the crowd the place is famous. Happy hour is from 4 pm to 7 pm at this sports-bar, once called the least pretentious of all watering holes. This sports pub remains the premier spot for meeting someone, although it might offer you only a temporarily-kind of fling. If you’ve been there and done that, maybe you’re returning to share your story with someone else. Not that you would feel hungry after sharing such a personal experience. If you do feel like you could stomach something tasty, from 11 pm you could order Sticky Asian Chicken.