Author: Tamara Rodriguez

Bellagio Fountains Dethroned by Nakheel Malls

Las Vegas in the United States of America is known for providing some of the nation’s most incredible excitement. Vegas is known for multiple iconic venues, including the Bellagio Fountains. However, those fountains have been dethroned by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The Nakheel Malls Fountain has been named the largest worldwide by Guinness World Records. Those that attending the opening ceremony for Nakheel Malls (Palm Fountain) witnessed several thousand meters of fountains.

The Nakheel Malls Fountain is a stunning waterfront attraction in Dubai. There are more than three thousand LED lights that support 10+ colour options, which enable the fountain to blast jets of water in various hues at 105 metres. Those that travel to Nakheel Malls will find themselves bored over a short period, which isn’t the case when attending the Bellagio Fountains. Las Vegas has considerably more entertainment for visitors than Dubai. Vegas has dozens of casinos for gambling, which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. There are also numerous shows like the Blue Man Group at Luxor or Shania Twain at the Zappos Theatre.

Lack of Entertainment

Religious views throughout the United Arab Emirates has eliminated most entertainment options in Las Vegas for Dubai. The Managing Director believes of Nakheel Malls that their fountains mark a historic moment for Dubai, showing that their commitment towards bringing new experiences for stakeholders is growing prominently. Omar Khor also believes that Palm Fountain is evident in Dubai’s resilience & innovation. However, when tourists were questioned on their excitement for Palm Fountain before the coronavirus pandemic, minimal interest was evoked. This could indicate that Managing Director Omar Khor is incorrect.

There’ll likely never be another moment more exciting at Nakheel Malls Palm Fountain than it’s the opening ceremony. Governing officials implemented multiple festivals surrounding the several thousand metres of fountain landscape. These events held dance shows overseen by DJs & fireworks that coincided with a timed water show. It should be noted that there’ll likely not be another record volume of attendance for Palm Fountain against. Thousands wanted to witness Nakheel Malls break the world record. However, there’ll always be lack of interest with Palm Fountain in-comparison to the Bellagio. So why bother with Dubai? Go to Vegas instead.

Dubai Copies Florida’s Palm Beach

The Middle Eastern nation of Dubai isn’t shy to copy iconic landmarks from the United States of America. For somewhere that’s ironically disputed the lifestyle of Americans, multiple attributes of the USA is associated with Dubai. Another iconic landmark associated with the United States has been copied, with that being Florida’s Palm Beach. The Dubai iteration will be named “Palm Jumeirah – Palm West Beach”. Dubai government officials aren’t coy about their similarities for Florida’s original iteration. Those that venture to the newly announced Palm Jumeirah Beach will find premium restaurants, licensed hotels, entertainment facilities, and views of the Persian Gulf.

The Palm Jumeirah Beach has officially been opened since February 2019 but supported minimal entertainment options. October 2020 marks the unofficial reopening of Palm Jumeirah Beach, which has received considerable investment from companies in the United Arab Emirates & international investors from Europe or America.

Visitors will locate 1.6 kilometres of beachfront, which is surround by promenade palm trees. Support for watersports & entertainment venues has also been added. Dubai emphasis that Palm Jumeirah is pet friendly. However, for all the marketing that the United Arab Emirates is producing, minimal offerings are genuinely available & most recommendations are false promises similar to the initial launch. The critical difference is an abundance of high-class restaurants for hotel residents to visit. Genuine entertainment venues are minimal, with Dubai recommending visitors sit on the beach with a book or build sandcastles. Similar experiences can be held at local watering holes.

The restaurants available for visitation, which supports vistas of the Persian Gulf are listed below:

  • Aprons & Hammers.
  • Koko Bay.
  • Jones the Grocer.
  • Senior Pico.
  • Lucky Fish.
  • Orange Chameleon.

Premium hotel chains associated with international travel are listed for booking in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Below are the available hotel & resorts that tourists can visit:

  • The Soho Palm Jumeirah.
  • Hilton Palm Jumeirah.
  • Adagio Apart Hotels.
  • Five Palm Jumeirah.
  • Byblos Hotel.
  • The One Palm.
  • The Fairmount Palm.

Additional services that tourist can expect include a parking facility with 500+ spaces, electric hydrofoil surfing, paddle boarding, and multiple other water activities.

Costa Rica Permitting US Travel

The Costa Rican Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Seguro, has announced that November 1st will see another set of states from America added to the green list. American & European civilians have been permitted to travel to Costa Rica since September 1st, experiencing some of the planet’s most gorgeous beaches & luxurious dining experiences. It’s an announcement that was welcomed by employed personnel working in the Costa Rican Tourism Industry. Americans desiring tropical destination vacations also reacted positively to this announcement. However, multiple stipulations have been enacted with entering the Costa Rican borders.

The Costa Rican Government is allowing for six new states in America to enter their borders, with that number slated to double if their COVID-19 Cases are lowered to a certain threshold. Multiple locations have been permitted already to enter Costa Rica. Below are the available states that can travel from America to Costa Rica:

  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Colorado
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts.

The new states being added on November 1st include:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Texas

It should be noted that American’s aren’t the exclusive individuals allowed to enter the Costa Rican borders. Multiple nations have been granted access, with the Costa Rican Government being somewhat unconcerned with implications associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Below are the available countries outside of America that can travel to Costa Rica.

  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • China
  • Uruguay
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • European Union

Before entering the Costa Rican borders, tourists must advise to a series of health requirements. Refusal to obey these requirements will prompt an immediate denial of border entrance & force tourists back to their departing location. Below we’ve provided detailed assessments of the “COVID-19 Travel Health Requirements for Costa Rica”.

  • Tourists must complete the Health Pass Digital Form on Costa Rica’s government-supported tourism website.
  • Visitors must complete a PCR COVID Test & receive a negative result, with tests having to be conducted 72-hours before a tourist’s arrival.
  • Medical insurance covering COVID-19 symptoms is required, with the mandatory requirement available through Costa Rica’s government. Few independent insurers are covering symptoms for COVID-19. However, Costa Rica is supported by international or national versions of medical insurance.

Latin America Warned by WHO

The World Health Organization – Region Latin America, has issued warnings throughout various nations like Ecuador to Panama. It’s been requested that civilians begin considering COVID-19. This follows after Latin America has already started reintroducing everyday & social life, prompting an influx of coronavirus infections. Director of WHO Latin America governed over the issued warnings and clarified that control interventions will occur if requested don’t adhere.

The decision to react with severe force follows after the Colombian & Venezuelan borders have seen increased infections of COVID-19. It’s become a prominent issue for Latin America’s WHO Director Etienne. She has spoken virtually with the “Pan American Health Organization” and Washington in America. Details on those discussions haven’t been revealed by Director Etienne, meaning that military & medical aid was likely rejected.

COVID-19 infections & death rates are exclusively climbing throughout Colombia to Venezuela. Similar circumstances have unfolded for Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Several nations throughout Latin America are having to consider reimplementing their lockdown measures, which will impose closures onto business owners & higher rates of unemployment.

Director Etienne cited that internationally, tools are being a developer to cure or prevent the coronavirus. She’d evoke that those methods aren’t sufficient to date and that the safest way to continue eliminating the virus is by wearing face coverings & sanitizing your hands with 99% alcohol-based sanitizer. Director Etienne finalized her statements by mentioning nations cannot reopen their economies, and that their overall populations are drastically at risk. Etienne would use the European Union for a reference towards reopened economies, causing the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

No Tourism Allowed

WHO Latin America has requested that governments monitor tourism & advise travellers when they’re not permitted to travel. Several nations that had hardly any cases saw an immediate jump when reopening their tourism economies, WHO Latin America would have tourist operations closed for a 2nd time, with most nations refusing to abide. It should be noted that Latin America has experienced 8.4 million cases of coronavirus. 314+ thousand have died from the virus, higher than any other region worldwide.

NTPC Eliminating Smoking in Las Vegas Casinos

The Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition is appealing towards state legislators, requesting that casinos become smoke-free on their betting floors. These legal appeals would sustain themselves throughout the remainder of COVID-19, ensuring that air quality throughout the casinos is cleaner than average. The NTPC is a Reno-established organization that’s trying to have the law implemented in their town and Las Vegas. Nevada’s Tobacco Prevention Coalition collaborated with public health experts to showcase ample evidence, which proved that bettors are less likely to contract COVID-19 in smoke-free zones.

Nevada’s Tobacco Prevention Coalition copied MGM Resorts International Group, which shocked Las Vegas & Reno on September 14th. That’d mark the date when MGM announced that NoMad, and Park MGM Casinos would sustain smoke-free environments starting September 23rd. Since MGM made that formal announcement, multiple competing brands have begun creating their smoke-free zones.

MGM Resorts International wasn’t the first in Las Vegas to implement this strategy. The initial casino that required smoke-free zones was the Venetian & Palazzo, which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Their measures went into effect on June 18th, two months earlier than a primary competitor, MGM Resorts International Group.

Casinos Not the Following Suit

Las Vegas Properties standardly copy each other, making them equally appealing to consumers. Wynn Resorts Ltd doesn’t believe that smoke-free zones are what customers want. This has become evident since June 4th to now, with policies indicating that players can smoke at table games & video slots. Facemasks are required exclusively when not smoking and permitted to be removed whenever a cigarette is lite. Vaping is also allowed at properties owned by Wynn Resorts Ltd.

The Cosmopolitan is permitting bettors to smoke on their casino floor at designated locations. Smoking has been prohibited by Cosmopolitan corridors and public walkways on the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan believes these measures are enough to eliminate a casino-wide outbreak. If the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition receives approval to their appeal, all betting locations in Las Vegas & Reno would be required to become smoke-free zones. There isn’t any clarification that the NTPC will receive approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

America-Mexico Border Remains Closed

The COVID-19 international pandemic has inflicted the way of living for billions, with countries having to keep borders closed & economies beginning to show signs of collapsing. Prominent nations like Mexico, the United States, and Canada have seen their economies survive. Large populations guarantee that consumer goods are being purchased by enabling transport trucks to travel throughout North America. These transport trucks can travel but standard civilians can’t.

Millions of Americans were hoping the Mexico-America Border would reopen on September 21st, enabling them to shop for cheaper consumer goods. Those consumers will be disappointed after learning the “Mexico Secretary of Foreign Affairs” has permitted the borders to remain closed until October 21st. It’d mark eight months of the US-Mexico border remaining close, the longest in history.

President Donald Trump isn’t likely to react positively to learning that Mexico is keeping their borders closed. The US State Department permitted travel advisory warnings on Mexico to drop from Level Four to Level Three. It should be clarified that Mexico & America are both facing high infection numbers, with both nations not accepting their social responsibility to physical distance themselves & wear facemasks.

Border closures between the United States and Mexico are effective with land/water crossings. Flights are still being permitted between the neighboring nations, allowing Mexican & American corporations to ship their goods under unique conditions. However, regions of Mexico still struggle to obtain consumer products because of violent classifications. America & Canada both state that certain regions of Mexico are known for “Crime and Kidnapping”.

Health Expert Suggestions

Travel advisories also suggest that American’s should avoid any borders, that they could transmit COVID-19 unknowingly when travelling. This creates the pandemic scenario for a 3rd time. Most medical experts have reflected that until reliable medication for COVID-19 is released, a continued international pandemic is inevitable. When looking towards Mexico, it’s particularly warned to avoid Cozumel & Cabo San Lucas. Travellers must also commit towards a PCR COVID-19 Test before arriving in Mexico. Airport staff in Mexico will also administer a secondary health-screening procedure before permitting that traveller entry.

9/11 Anniversary Limited in COVID Era

September 11th is an important date in modern American history, with the 19th Anniversary of this horrific event having past days ago & had an extraordinary level of sadness as the United States continues to lose thousands of lives daily to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of law enforcement respected their fallen brothers this passing September 11th, all dawning face masks & gloves to eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

Law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, politicians, and a small percentage of family members from deceased loved ones attended the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at New York’s “One World Trade Centre”. These individuals mourned the loss of three thousand Americans that perished after Middle Eastern Terrorists hijacked four commercial aircraft, crashing them into three locations from New York to Pennsylvania.

Two planes struck the “Twin World Trade Centres” in 2001, causing widespread death & destruction in New York City. Another hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon, with the fourth heading towards the White House. That aircraft missed its target & struck into a Shanksville Field. Those that attended the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony for 2020 were standing six feet apart while paying their respects.

The 2020 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony was dedicated towards the 19th Anniversary of this terrorist act, and towards the 190+ thousand lives that’ve been lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. At 8:46 A.M. there was a moment of silence held at the “One World Trade Centre”, with uniformed first responders & healthcare workers also seen on-site, paying their respects to all the lives lost in 2001 and 2020.

Presidential Candidate & Vice President Bump Elbows

In typical fashion, American Media didn’t focus on the first responders & law enforcement that were paying their respects to fallen lives. Media organizations instead concentrate on how Vice President Mike Pence & President Candidate Joe Biden had bumped elbows. Democrats disputed that Joe Biden shouldn’t have engaged with Mike Pence, who has ultimately supported the loss of life associated with COVID-19 by standing alongside President Donald Trump. Republic outlets refuted that Vince President Mike Pence had gone against his party by engaging with the “Enemy”. This shows the toxic & horrific behaviour of America’s current political/media landscape.

Hilton Times Square Shuts Down

The United States of America has faced industry-wide economic crashes in the tourism industry. Multiple resort & hotels have entered bankruptcy since March 2020, with nobody anticipating the complete halt of profits for months on-end. Even largescale hotel chains like Holiday Inn, Motel Six, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Ramada have announced closure’s around their physical properties.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Incorporated has faced multiple closures, with their global infrastructure beginning to fail amid continued travel restrictions & political uproars between governments that want to resume international tourism in their respective country. Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc announced that they’re closing the “Hilton Times Square Hotel” in New York City on October 1st. This is a significant loss to the iconic tourist zone and shows the longstanding impacts of COVID-19 onto the travel industry.

Lawyers with Hilton Worldwide issued a public filing to the “New York State Department of Labour”, evoking that permanent closure of the 478-Room Hotel will begin at the start of October. COVID-19 was cited for creating unforeseeable circumstances that saw all profits removed from their operations. This closure has prompted 200 Jobs to become cut from the NYC tourism industry. It shouldn’t surprise employed personnel, who have been furloughed by the Hilton Times Square Hotel since March 16th.

The History

New York City first saw the development of Hilton Times Square Hotel in 2000s. It’s faced notable challenges throughout its twenty years of operations, including the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. When construction was finalized, there were 44-Floors available for guests to select from, with amenities like a Pool & Business Centre being supported.

Numerous entertainment venues have been held in their exhibition hall, which won’t see the light of day again until Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc can find a buyer after the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s expected that worldwide this company has lost $432 Million, with those losses slated to continue until an international vaccine is released.

All hope was lost for the Hilton Times Square Hotel when New York City became the epicentre of COVID-19 in America. Millions were becoming infected & thousands were dying, to the point that bodies were laid out on the street.

American Citizen Charged for Breaking Travel Restrictions

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that they’d issued the most extensive fine possible against Americans breaking government-imposed travelling restrictions. It was revealed that John Pennington from Kentucky was charged $570,000.00 for appearing at Banff National Park in Alberta. The RCMP has mentioned publicly that an influx of American’s has arrived at Banff, hoping to witness its alpine views & stunning mountainous terrain from the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. Visiting this national park is illegal for Americans during COVID-19 and has prompted an influx of ticketed fines since March 2020.

The RCMP revealed that this American tourist had breached quarantine protocols imposed by law enforcement, visiting the national park less than 24 hours after being informed to remain indoors until exiting Canada became possible. His removal from Canada follows after it borders with America have remained shut down since March 2020. American visitors have ignored protocols issued by the US & Canadian government, believing border patrols won’t locate their license plates.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cited John Pennington after being found in an Alberta hotel. The Kentucky citizen claimed that his time spent in Canada was to reach Alaska. However, GPS evidence suggested that John Pennington avoided main routes associated with reaching Alaska. Furthermore, the hotel this Kentucky civilian was staying in was the “Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel”. It was employed personnel of this resort that informed law enforcement of his presence in Canada. The RCMP would issue the middle-aged man a ticket worth $900.00 & told him to remain at the Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel until an escort could be provided for his removal from Canada.

Breaking the Law

Staff were informed at the Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel that if John Pennington left the facility, they are to be notified immediately. When John broke the Canadian Quarantine act, he was given a fine valued at $750,000.00 in CAD, with the US equivalent being $570k. Mr Pennington will also face a prison sentence for his refusal to obey the RCMP. For now, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police have allowed Pennington back into Kentucky under house arrest protocol.

Recovering Timeframe for NYC Post-COVID

Economic challenges await New York City and will continue to grow throughout the infamous metropolis if innovations in real estate development aren’t enforced. The Big Apple was facing economic hurdles since 2010, with new property investments being nearly stifled. It wouldn’t take long for the real estate moguls of NYC to switch their priorities over to other states. Don Peebles confirmed the current state of New York City’s economy, evoking that NYCs recovery timeframe ranges around ten years.

Don Peebles believes that New York City recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic is inevitable, but that burrows like Manhattan & the Bronx won’t ever look the same. He anticipates that NYC will become a different city that’s more affordable for renters, homeowners, and corporations looking for office space. This will apply mainly to Lower & Upper Manhattan. Don Peebles evoked that shopping districts in Upper Manhattan will forever change and be widely accessed by Middle-Class Americans.

Attracting new businesses, corporations, and residents to New York City will become challenging unless their mindset of exclusivity is altered. Multiple cities across the United States see a considerably higher influx of registered residents, with NYC seeing lowering percentages yearly. Nashville, Austin, and Dallas have proven themselves popular locations for young citizens desiring a metropolis lifestyle for affordable costs. New York City must become financially competitive to increase the level of new homeowners, business applications, and rental agreements.

Peebles Corp Leaving NYC

Don Peebles is well-known amongst the residents of New York City, with the real estate mogul previously considering running for NYC Mayor. When questioned by CNBC Reporters if he’d reconsider the position of Mayor, Peebles indicated he’d focus on his businesses. The upcoming 2021 Mayoral Election in New York City is substantial, with Bill de Blasio running his terms. Changes in leadership could prompt new levels of innovation into New York City. However, that’s dependent on who resident elect.

The final statements from Don Peebles indicate that his business “Peebles Real Estate Corp” will move from investing into New York City, and relocate investments to South Florida. Considering that Peebles made his fortune from real estate in NYC, his departure from the market is significant. It shows an evident loss of faith behind New York City’s recovery over a short period.