Arnold Goes Viral

When you think of America, and you hear the words lights, camera and action, you could think of hundreds of Hollywood stars including Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was before we all had internet, a time when the world was a much bigger place. Then what happened in Macau or Tokyo stated right there, now it’s different. When you start searching for great destinations to visit or you are only looking for the best way to see America, you might stumble on some rather strange videos. It might even include one of the American politicians such as Arnold.

Macau Dominates the Gambling World

The biggest gambling destination in the world is Macau, not Atlantic City and not Las Vegas. Not even the last-mentioned two, combined can beat Macau. The casinos there generated revenues back in 2012 of over $44.1 billion. It was around seven times that of Las Vegas, which means Macau dominates the gambling world.

What Happens in Tokyo Don’t Necessarily Stay in Tokyo Anymore.

When Macau or Tokyo wants good publicity, they turn to A-list actors to get the action rolling. A 60-second video by Martin Scorsese stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro; this is used as marketing months before a specific casino opened. The short film was written by Terence Winter, a wall street screenwriter and it’s directed by the best in the world, Scorsese. But when you go a bit back in time, you learn about the best Hollywood actors that wanted to earn heaps of extra cash.

Private Plane to Asia and Back – No Strings Attached

What they would do is to get on a private plane and head out to Asia. They knew no one would find out about it, so it was a sure way to earn some serious money. What they had to do to make the extra yen and yuan was to act in the most bizarre marketing commercials for Chinese or Japanese companies. They’d complete the video used for commercial purposes, cash in and head home without telling a sole. No one would ever find out, and they preferred it that way. How could they have known that the internet would make the world so much smaller?

Schwarzenegger Asian Commercial Goes Viral, Years Later

The video Arnold Schwarzenegger made under such secret conditions are now available to the world. It’s called Schwarzenegger Alinamin versus Energy Drink, and it’s gone viral after all these years. Plenty of other Hollywood stars did the same before the internet and made lots of money. They got on a plane did the commercials, earned top cash and returned to America, no one knew, and no one was going to find out. It might be one of the reasons why Robert De Niro was counting the blueberries in the casino muffins.