American Tourists in New Zealand Freed

Lockdown measures were implemented throughout New Zealand last week. One hundred thousand tourists were informed that travelling wouldn’t be possible. International and Local Flights were both terminated, with Ports also being closed to tourists. These decisions from the New Zealand Government followed after COVID-19 began sweeping over their nation. Measures were required to ensure the curve of this virus, with Auckland Airport immediately being shut down. Alterations to these lockdown measures were implemented to ensure these tourists could travel home safely.

The Foreign Minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters, provided a formal update to tourists via a publicly televised announcement. He confirmed that tourists could receive international flights home under the condition that it’s a one-way ticket. Charted flights will be organized with aircraft associations in these foreign nations. It’ll ensure that any potential of the novel coronavirus won’t spread during the international trip. This could mean the involvement of the Military Police.

Winter Peters provided additional insights onto the tourist situation. The Foreign Minister mentioned that 10+ thousand of these individuals are from the United States of America. Peters also noted that 37+ thousand tourists have registered with embassies to return home. However, Winston believes these numbers are considerably higher and will be notified to the press once documents are received from various embassies in New Zealand.

The Reactions

American citizens in New Zealand have demanded their government create special measures to return them home. Some requested that President Donald Trump threaten extensive tariffs onto New Zealand to ensure their safe arrival home. This prompted the United States Ambassador to express his anger publicly. He mentioned that they’ve received these tourists call, their emails and their texts. Nothing is possible until travel restrictions are lifted in New Zealand, or organized charters can be managed.

Liza Horvath, an American Tourist, stuck in New Zealand, mentioned that her priority is returning home to protect her family and dogs. She expressed to reporters that her love for New Zealand has turned into great resentment. Reports reveal that New Zealand Politicians haven’t assisted these tourists to the best of their capabilities. This isn’t surprising when you consider these politicians must protect their families and citizens from COVID-19.