American Tourist with Coronavirus located on Cambodian Cruise Ship

It was revealed this week that a women from America entering Malaysia who disembarked from a cruise ship docked in Cambodia was diagnosed with the Coronavirus on Saturday.

A statement released by the Malaysian Health Ministry and Hisham Abdullah, its Health director-general Noor. said the patient is 83 years of age. It read; “The Cambodian government allowed all passengers and crew members to return to their home countries after announcing that health screening had been carried out on them.” 

The cruise ship in question, owed by Westerdam had been denied entry and debarking by several different countries but accepted in Cambodia where its passengers disembarked finally. In total, there was 145 passengers from the cruise that then boarded flights to Malaysia on Friday. Upon arrival, both the women infected and her husband were found to have symptoms of the coronavirus at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and were then transferred for additional testing at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

On Saturday, the elderly women returned a positive test for COVID-19 and based on reports from Dr Noor Hisham, is in stable condition. However, her husband’s test results came back negative, but for safety precautions, is being closely monitored. Malaysia has not to 22 confirmed cases of the virus.

Non-Travelling American diagnosed with Coronavirus

Officials with the CDC confirmed on the evening of Wednesday that a patient from California has contracted the coronavirus.  The report indicated that the infected patient had no recent travel exposure nor contact with any other infected patients. This makes it the first known case like it in the United States. In an official statement from the CDC, it stated; “It’s also possible, however, that the patient may have been exposed to a returned traveller who was infected.”

The CDC stated an investigation into the infections source will continue. This diagnosis increases the total number of Americans infected with the virus to 60. However, the majority of those are resultant from those who were aboard the Diamond Princess Cruise ship that Japan had quarantined. Donald Trump, in a White House news conference, announced that he has put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of how the U.S will respond to the coronavirus. Pence, who has absolutely zero training in the medical field, stated: “The threat to the American public remains low.”