Month: December 2020

New York Governor Saving Renters from Eviction

Legislative orders are being issued in New York State, enabling renter’s greater security over sadistic landlords willing to evict tenants during Covid-19. December 29th marks the date when legislative orders are entering effect, terminating any landlord from evicting their tenants during the continued pandemic. New York believes nobody should face homeless conditions in plague-like conditions, with NYC & the State sustaining thirty-seven thousand deaths.

Reports suggested that landlords were preparing for the year-end expiration dates for rental contracts, enabling an immediate eviction. Tenants in New York State were dreading January 1st after statistical reports noted upwards of 40% of renters would be evicted. That’s because renters haven’t been capable of making payments during the pandemic. Thousands in New York State have lost their jobs, eliminating finances for rent. Most landlords aren’t sympathetic towards their tenants & the hardships being faced during Covid-19. The legislative orders being enacted on December 29th eliminate landlords from evicting under any conditions. These orders are effective for sixty days until March 1st, providing two months for funds to become acquired by tenants for back-order rental payments.

Individuals believing, they won’t be capable of ascertaining those finances have additional options. Documents are available for submission, which would enable the prolonged effect of this order to 120 Days. Landlords across New York State have responded with volatile anger towards Governor Andrew Cuomo. Reponses from the New York Government express that it’s the landlord’s obligation to house renters during Covid-19 because those individuals selected real estate for investment opportunities.

Relief Aid

The chances this legislative order would’ve been enacted before January 1st was minimal last month. Everything changes when President Donald Trump agreed to the $900 Billion Relief Package, which assists numerous industries across America & enables them to sustain operations amid lowering sales. New York State acquired $1.3 Billion to assist renters, with those funds expected to last a maximum of four months. Additional funds could be awarded to New York State if outbreak conditions are sustained across America.

EasyJet Announces New Routes for 2021

Connecting flights for Americans & Canadians arriving in various locations throughout Europe has become more comfortable after an unexpected announcement from EasyJet. Confirmations from EasyJet noted that enhanced routes are planned for Spring 2021. Existing routes that were eliminated following the Covid-19 pandemic will resume operations under the same timeframe, with flights operating daily with an average of 66+ thousand seats permitted each month.

Main routes that’ll benefit Canadian & American tourists account for European-wide travel. Aberdeen in Scotland will host flights to Gatwick Airport in London. These are smaller flights meant for hour-long flights, with the longest route being between Glasgow in Scotland to Pula in Croatia. The confirmation of updated flight paths wasn’t made for international travels, with a higher focus on locals. Irish civilians needing passage to prominent hubs throughout Europe will find convenience through EasyJet.

These routes were announced previously by EasyJet, with cancellations evoked following the Covid-19 pandemic. Confirming new routes indicates that this aviation company has avoided significant losses associated with the pandemic. The flight path between Aberdeen & Gatwick will launch on May 2nd, 2021. Glasgow to Pula launches on June 28th, 2021.

EasyJet & AGS Airports Promise a Greater Future.

Statements regarding these routes were issued by EasyJet & AGS Airports. The Country Manager for EasyJet emphasized that travel demands are increasing & customers are growing confident with planning vacations in Spring/Summer 2021. Sentiments from EasyJet continued by promising updated international & domestic flights, meaning increased tourism access for Canadians and Americans.

The Chief Executive Officer of AGS Airports (Owners of Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton Airports) incentivized that continues discussions are being sustained with partners to ensure that consumers receive the much-desired travel options needed in 2021. CEO Derek Provan noted his happiness in seeing EasyJet support the European & International markets for an upcoming year of regrowth.

Statements from CEO Derek Provan ended with promises, which leaned towards guarantying customers & investors an operational environment that’s safe of Covid-19 by Summer 2021. That’ll be impossible for any airport to sustain until global vaccination of the international population is completed. Individuals prepared for the Pfizer & Moderna vaccine can book flight packages with EasyJet today.

New Yorker Attacks St. John Cathedral

An unfortunate terrorist event was witnessed in New York City on December 14th, 2020. St. John’s Cathedral in NYC saw an unknown gunman bear arms & open fire towards the church. This action was committed seconds after the Cathedral ended their outdoor concert, with no innocent civilians affected by this terrorist event. Responding police offices didn’t die while defending New Yorkers & attempting to assassinate the terrorist, a substantial positive from this horrible event.

Choir caroling had ended at the “Cathedral of Saint John, the Divine”. Churchgoers were seen outside the top steps before the gunman released two handguns & quickly approached the religious carollers. Bullets were shot into the air before being aimed towards churchgoers, giving them a short timeframe to return inside & avoid the impending fire.

The New York Police Department quickly attended the scene, with patrolling officers streets away from the event. An NYPD Sergeant & Two Officers determined that opening return fire was required, with one officer shooting the gunman in his cranium & prompting almost instant death. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea praised all three officers involved in this incident, calling them heroes of New York City.

On-scene witnesses were questioned by the media after this incident, with onlookers emphasising the man was continually screaming for officers to take his life. Motives behind this terrorist-shooters motives haven’t been revealed by NYPD. However, it’s known the man was aged 50 & survived for thirty minutes after being shot. NYPD Officers confirmed that this individual had died moments after arriving at Saint Luke’s Hospital.


Spokesman with Saint Johns Cathedral were grateful that nobody was stricken by the spraying bullets & that everyone could walk away from this event unharmed. It’s something that almost never happens whenever someone takes a terrorist mentality into a real scenario. Regardless, the church emphasised that the United States needs to eliminate these shocking & growing acts of violence. America is better suited as a strong collective, which serves to assist it’s fellow man & nation.

NYC Receiving Pfizer Covid Vaccine on December 15th

Vaccine distribution for New York City is beginning sooner than anticipated. NYCs Mayor informed reporters that shipments for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine are arriving by December 15th. Vaccination distribution wasn’t detailed to civilian populations, with government representatives negotiating which groups require immediate vaccination.

Most nations & largescale cities worldwide have determined that healthcare providers need Pfizer’s vaccine, with elderly civilian groups coming second. Individuals aged 18-65 are likely the last civilian group to receive a distribution of Covid-19, with their immune systems most robust at combating Covid. Global vaccination is hoped to finalize by December 2021. New York City’s Mayor was quoted saying the cavalry is coming, that the moment all NYC residents have waited for has arrived & citywide distribution is priority number one.

December 15th will witness 254+ thousand doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine arrive by boat to New York City. NYC isn’t risking minimal vaccination distribution, which resulted in 211+ thousand of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine being shipped to NYC on December 22nd. Those receiving last-minute vaccinations will receive the holiday present of seeing family without the risk of infection. It should be mentioned that neither Pfizer’s nor Moderna’s vaccine has obtained approval from the United States FDA. That hasn’t stopped largescale cities, states, and countries from purchasing the vaccine.

How to Distribute?

Doses awarded to civilian populations account for one of two required. Weeks after receiving the first vaccination, a second is being distributed to guarantee immunization from Covid-19. Healthcare workers have begun praising Moderna & Pfizer after learning the science behind modern-era vaccinations, which were approved into manufacturing following the coronavirus international pandemic.

Emphasis on individuals receiving the virus was provided by NYCs Mayor, clarifying that negotiations are accounting for outbreak burrows & long-term care facilities. There’s a possibility that New York City could divert from standard distribution strategies, locating to attack coronavirus head-on in outbreak zones like resident facilities. Details regarding the distribution strategy will release by the latest of December 14th.

NYC Reopening Schools as Covid Intensifies

Positive cases of Covid-19 are expected to increase tenfold throughout New York City. This follows after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that educational facilities throughout all five burrows would reopen by December. Healthcare experts have demanded that Mayor Blasio terminate government strategies to reopen schools & colleges, expressing how lives will be lost. Mayor Blasio has ignored the recommendations of healthcare professionals & America’s leading infectious disease expert, Doctor Anthony Fauci.

November 15th saw Mayor Blasio announce that America’s most active & prominent educational system will shutdown following increasing numbers of Covid-19. Two weeks later, Mayor Blasio has changed his mindset & believes NYC Teachers have the capabilities to eliminate outbreaks. When pressed that his decision will cause death in New York City, Mayor Blasio stated that Pre-Schools, Kindergarten Programs, and Elementary Schools would reopen by December 7th. Children requiring special services will attend classes by December 10th.

Mayor Blasio responded with cold vigour & ignorance towards the pandemic, a consistent issue that’s plagued New York City with higher infections than needed. Mayor Blasio confirmed that strategies revolving Middle & High Schools are still being debated. It’s been demanded by Mayor Blasio that anticipated plans finalize by December 15th, or older students will sustain similar protocols to elementary students.

An Incorrect Mayor

Sustaining in-school learning during the pandemic isn’t required, with “New York City’s District School Board” supporting the technology needed for home-base schooling. Mayor Blasio cannot provide ample evidence to back his claims that in-school learning is required. All New York City’s Mayor is accomplishing by reopening schools is spreading the virus tenfold. Experts are concerned that Covid-19 numbers in America could increase by 5 Million before December 31st, with New York City not expected to become a prominent hotspot for Covid-19. It should be noted that a maximum of 190,000 Students is permitted to resume in-school learning by December 7th to 10th.