Month: April 2020

Anderson Cooper Presses Las Vegas Mayor

Anderson Cooper, an anchor for CNN recently carried out an interview with the Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman that has since gone viral due to the Mayor’s repulsive position towards reopening the Las Vegas Strip and its casinos.

The Mayor, who went so far as calling the closures of the cities casinos “total insanity” stated that if they were to allow Las Vegas to reopen, that she would be fine with seeing it’s as a “control group”. That comment resulted in Anderson pointing out that currently, there is not a cure for the virus, nor has a vaccine been created.

It took little time before the interview, which shows Cooper’s frustration, to begin being picked up on social media outlets with many reacting negatively as a result. It even saw Jimmy Kimmel, himself a former Las Vegas resident, going as far as called the Mayor an embarrassment to his hometown.

Las Vegas Hit Hard

While Goodman did state that additional testing is needed, that contact tracing and more PPE equipment is needed prior to reopening, when asked what was being done by her as Mayor to assist with the efforts in locating and acquiring those items, she stated it is not her responsibility. The Mayor also stated that it is the responsibility of business in Vegas to determine acceptable social distancing policies and that her time is spent trying to get the people of Las Vegas back to work.

Goodman further believes she herself contracted the virus in January and if possible, will donate her plasma in an effort to help others currently infected with the virus.The city of Las Vegas has felt the impact harder than some in Nevada after its governor ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses including casinos. It saw over 300,000 losing their jobs, albeit temporarily and that impacts the state’s unemployment department as it tries to process the application for benefits by all those who lost their income.

The problem for Goodman, although not a problem for the safety of those who would be forced to place themselves in harm’s way, is that the majority of casinos that make up the Vegas Strip fall under the control of Clark County. That puts reopening Las Vegas out of the Mayor’s control and the decision into the hands of the governor.

Dina Titus is a representative of Nevada’s First Congressional District, whose area includes the Strip stated in response to Goodman’s comments: “We have to listen to the scientists, and right now they tell us we must continue to stay at home as much as possible. Businesses in Las Vegas will only be able to recover if we take this pandemic seriously. The Mayor does not represent the Las Vegas Strip, literally or figuratively.”

New York City Becomes Morgue

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept over the world, with nations like the United Kingdom and Italy facing severe odds against them. This extends towards the United States of America, who have the worst coronavirus conditions worldwide. Their epicentre location in New York City and see’s an average of 200+ civilians die daily. Experiences surrounding these deaths were explained by Erik Frampton, a Morgue Truck Transporter in NYC. This individual applied for the job under the “Temporary Worker Status” once his Boutique Art Framing business was determined Non-Essential. Frampton, at the age of 46, explained what his working conditions are currently like.

Erik Frampton mentioned that morgues throughout New York City haven’t access to body bags, with stockpiles being depleted. Body bags are being buried with the dead to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread. It’s prompted for NYC morgues to begin using plastic bags, which are easily ripped and quickly exposure the virus to MTTs. Erik noted that his temporary job has become chaotic, with him removing upwards of eight bodies per day. These bodies are being stacked into one transport truck until the burial process begins on a nearby island to Manhattan.

Horrendous Working Conditions

After Erik Frampton explained the working conditions to NYC reporters, he was terminated by the NYC Morgue Commission. This came as a significant relief to Erik and his relatives. After being terminated, Frampton revealed more information via social media. He noted that these bodies weren’t being marked as required by law. Transporters were told by Shift Leaders to touch these infected bodies without gloves or proper medical equipment. This prompted individuals like Erik to come into immediate and undeniable contact with the virus, with his hands also contacting faecal matter and a significant amount of blood.

Clothes were stained with these bodily fluids after they were pooling in the back of morgue trucks, which followed after 80+ bodies were placed into one freezer. The freezing capabilities couldn’t handle the influx of departed passengers, faltering and causing these bodies to decompose rapidly. Similar conditions are being seen at “Refrigerated Mobile Morgues” outside hospitals in New York City. Higher volumes of bodies are being placed into RMMs, prompting more chances of the disease to spread. These conditions are inevitable with the rate of infection across NYC, with more than 122+ thousand being infected. Several thousand have died from the virus, and hundreds continue to pass away daily.

New Burial Grounds in NYC

The Coronavirus Pandemic has infected the planet, with million-plus civilians contracting this virus in their respective countries. No location has felt the damaging effects of COVID-19 more than New York City, with the small island feeling the bulk of America’s deaths at 10+ thousand. NYC is experiencing similar rates to France, which exceeded 10+ thousand on April 11th. Those brave enough to send their drones into the wild have filmed grim footage of Hart Island. This small island holds Potter’s Field, which has 1+ million bodies buried inside. Individuals of low income, unclaimed souls or anonymous civilians have commonly been buried in this location. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Hart Island is now becoming the grounds where bodies will be dumped. This’ll ensure that decomposing bodies aren’t near the public to potentially re-cause the virus.

The Bronx Burrow is located one mile from Hart Island. It’s served as NYC’s Potter’s Field for 150+ years. One of the depressing facts of these locations is that 1/3rd of the buried bodies are infants. Large percentages of these bodies are being dug up to account for COVID-19 losses. Each trench manufactured by diggers can fit one thousand bodies. These will mark the most significant mass graves in the United States of America, bring hundreds of thousands to this location for condolences when the pandemic is over.

The history of Hart Island dates backs hundreds of years. It was a Confederate Soldiers Prison during 1868, which saw numerous adult males buried across than 141 Acres. Remains of those soldiers decomposed long ago. It should be noted that throughout the 21st century, burials throughout Hart Island were minimal. The surge of deaths from COVID-19 will see this deadly island return to re-emittance across the New York State. Some estimate that 100+ thousand bodies could be buried at Hart Island from COVID-19.

When Hart Island began serving as a burial ground for New York City, the overwhelming majority of civilians taken to this location were criminals from Rikers Island. Ten thousand people across New York City are awaiting trial, with their conditions potentially seeing the death penalty and burial at Hart Island. The circumstances of COVID-19 will force significant delays in those cases. It’s anticipated that 25 bodies will enter Hart Island daily during this pandemic, with those numbers having the potential to increase to 100.

American Tourists in New Zealand Freed

Lockdown measures were implemented throughout New Zealand last week. One hundred thousand tourists were informed that travelling wouldn’t be possible. International and Local Flights were both terminated, with Ports also being closed to tourists. These decisions from the New Zealand Government followed after COVID-19 began sweeping over their nation. Measures were required to ensure the curve of this virus, with Auckland Airport immediately being shut down. Alterations to these lockdown measures were implemented to ensure these tourists could travel home safely.

The Foreign Minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters, provided a formal update to tourists via a publicly televised announcement. He confirmed that tourists could receive international flights home under the condition that it’s a one-way ticket. Charted flights will be organized with aircraft associations in these foreign nations. It’ll ensure that any potential of the novel coronavirus won’t spread during the international trip. This could mean the involvement of the Military Police.

Winter Peters provided additional insights onto the tourist situation. The Foreign Minister mentioned that 10+ thousand of these individuals are from the United States of America. Peters also noted that 37+ thousand tourists have registered with embassies to return home. However, Winston believes these numbers are considerably higher and will be notified to the press once documents are received from various embassies in New Zealand.

The Reactions

American citizens in New Zealand have demanded their government create special measures to return them home. Some requested that President Donald Trump threaten extensive tariffs onto New Zealand to ensure their safe arrival home. This prompted the United States Ambassador to express his anger publicly. He mentioned that they’ve received these tourists call, their emails and their texts. Nothing is possible until travel restrictions are lifted in New Zealand, or organized charters can be managed.

Liza Horvath, an American Tourist, stuck in New Zealand, mentioned that her priority is returning home to protect her family and dogs. She expressed to reporters that her love for New Zealand has turned into great resentment. Reports reveal that New Zealand Politicians haven’t assisted these tourists to the best of their capabilities. This isn’t surprising when you consider these politicians must protect their families and citizens from COVID-19.