Month: September 2019

The Best Cities to Visit

Very soon, half of the American nation would be living within states where sports betting, online betting and online gambling sites are legal and available. There remains something special about visiting the right old land-based casino now and then. For some nostalgic revival of the actual gambling experience, here are some of the most fabulous gambling destinations to explore.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is undoubtedly no surprise to anyone. Las Vegas is not only the most popular city to place your bets in the United States but possibly the world. Las Vegas is home to glitz and glamour, the home to those playing high stakes as well as those losing their life’s savings. It is a place of wonder and magic — home to 15 of the top 25 largest hotels internationally. Las Vegas is a place where dreams come alive.

Reno, Nevada

A fact known to only a few is that Reno was indeed the initial heart of the world of gambling before Las Vegas surpassed it as the gambling capital of the world during the last part of the 20th century. Reno is home to an excess of 20 casinos which include Silver Legacy, Peppermill Hotel Casino and Harrah’s Reno. Along with the gambling scene, Reno is also famous for a very active and entertaining nightlife set within the glow of neon lights.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is second in the line of largest gambling cities in the United States, only following in line after Las Vegas. Atlantic City is therefore favourably nicknamed as America’s favourite playground and a playground for the daring and wild, the chasers of adrenaline and fun it surely is. The 13 grand casinos and thousands of high-end games, table games and slot machines.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans was a prominent role player in the 19th-century American gambling scene. Today it is still a favourite place for many to visit because the streets of New Orleans still hold on to an era of the past, keeping the memories alive. They are filled with nostalgia and reminders of great times on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River was home to many riverboat casinos, river tours and taking gamblers to the most magnificent attractions.

Palm Springs, California

Where the others on the list hold a form of sweet remembrance of times gone by with a rich and colourful history of gambling and the entertainment associated with it, Palm Springs delivers on a different kind of gambling flair. Palm Springs is one of the newest gambling cities with a relatively recently developed gambling resort. Here visitors will find various types of casino entertainment, table games, slot machines and a true reflection of world-class casino gambling. Palm Springs is home to five large casinos, and many gamblers do indeed consider this is as the most excellent place to place your bets in the entire United States.

Biggest Phantom Gambler in the World Comes From Texas

The biggest high roller in the world or as many refer to him as the Suitcase man, William Lee Bergstrom was born in Texas in 1951. Many names, including the phantom gambler, knew the player and he remains the biggest spender in the history of gambling. 
Bergstrom passed away in 1985, during his gambling at the Horseshoe Casino in 1981 his winnings was worth $2.3 million. In 1984, three years later he returned to the Horseshoe Casino and placed a few bets, which included a single chance worth $1 million equal to around $2.42 million in terms of present-day value, that bet he lost. The Suitcase man also placed other bets although the $2,42 remains the biggest bet ever placed at a land-based casino. 

Texas Tech University Student Becomes the Suitcase Gambler

The man that would become the Phantom Gambler was born in Texas and graduated from the Austin High School in 1969. He then enrolled to major in electrical engineering in Lubbock at the Texas Tech University. He became a private pilot instead, and in the Spring of 1971, his parents divorced. Not much of his life is known from 1971 to the 24th of September 1980 when he arrives at in Las Vegas; He turns up at the Horseshoe Casino with two suitcases one empty and the other holding $777,000 in cash. It was the casino of Benny Binion, who had a policy for many years and that was to honour any size bet as long as it is the players very first bet at the casino.
The gambler from Texas remained anonymous at the time and placed a single bet to the value of all the cash in his suitcase, he bet on dice and won. Binion came to congratulate the man and assisted him in getting the winnings into his empty bag, he walked out and disappeared.

The Phantom Gambler is Back

Three and half years pass and no one ever seen or heard a word from the Phantom Gambler. It all changed when he walked into a casino on the 24th of March 1984 to place a single bet worth $538,000 on a single dice roll. Again he won, and with his winnings, he booked his mother a seat at the Willie Nelson show. He returned and earned $117,000 more when he placed bets on three craps games.
Again he left and on the 16th of November he returned with a suitcase and placed a bet worth $1 million made up of $550,000 in cash packed in the briefcase, The rest of the chance was paid for via Krugerrands and a cashiers cheque worth $310,000. He lost and never recovered, he took his own life on the 4th of February 1985.

Kansas City Bars Perfect for Sports Watching

You’ve placed your bets on the next sports event, and you can’t wait to see if your team will give you the winning profit you expect. This warrants that you watch the game on a big screen with a draft beer in your hand. If you happen to be in Kansas City, you have plenty of options in excellent sports bars and restaurants.

The Well

Sit on the upper deck when the weather allows you to or the patio to enjoy a cigar with your beer on tap. The indoor pub is packed with booths and tables, and this lively place is always filled with friendly locals enjoying wine, craft beer and cocktails. Several big screens are turned to the game, which means you can socialize, cheer for your team and enjoy an upscale meal. The favourite dishes on the menu includes Creole Shrimp po’boys, Baja Fish Tacos, Sliders, Smoked Brisket Sandwiches and Tequila-lime Smoked Chicken Quesadillas.

Bogey’s Windy City Pub Specials Events

When you want to watch the game in Chicago style in Kansas City, you go to Bogy’s Windy City Pub. It’s the place where you can watch the game on multiple big screens and enjoy a cold one with other sports fanatics. Happy Hour is every weekday from 4 pm up to 6 pm. Great food and drinking events include the Happy Hour when you can enjoy Appetizers and drinks at discounted prices. The Sunday Brunch at Bogey’s Windy City Pub is delicious and include French toast, eggs benedict. At the same time, you can enjoy Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers at exceptional prices. The Sunday Brunch special is available from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Bogey’s Windy City Pub Desserts

Bogey’s Windy City Pub also offers a large selection of amazing fresh-baked desserts and home-made cakes to add a sweet taste to your sports betting winnings. Depending on how big your profit is, you could easily match it with the chocolate goodness topped with ice-cream from the Molton Lava cake. If you win a lot more than you expected you might want to treat your whole table to some Korbel Sparkling or raspberry and strawberry lemonade. When you enjoyed quite the celebration meal and dessert, you will love the coffee served at Bogey’s Windy City Pub. The coffee menu at this trendy neighbourhood sports bar and restaurant include special teas such as Hot Tea and China Mist Iced Tea. Brilliant meal enders also include Hot Chocolate and Caribou Coffee.

More Fine Sports Pub

Apart from the two pubs discussed above, other great sports pubs in Kansas City includes The Brookside Sports Bar & Grill. Other pubs well worth a visit for sports fans and everyone else is the Kansas City Live as well as the Coach’s Bar, Chappell’s, The Granfalloon, The Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill.