Month: July 2019

Betting on Entertainment in the USA

Most people are well aware of the fact that you can place bets on much more than sports events. Entertainment betting takes place on reality shows such as American Idol. The number of betting events depends on the shows running during the year; popular betting events include The Bachelor, Survivor and the Oscars.

Planning to Place Bets on Entertainment for the First Time?

One of the most important events every year is the Oscars or the Academy Awards, which recognises the best actors, film directors and others in the film industry. You can already place bets on the 92nd Oscars that takes place in 2020; it is way before the red carpet will lead the crème da la crème actors towards the stage. The number of categories could change, but it usually includes twenty-four titles.


The yearly Oscar event is the highlight for anyone in the entertainment industry, and the world’s best designers are already designing the most glamourous dresses. Oscar awards go-to directors, editors, composers, producers, costumes, make-up artists and writers. The main categories are the best actor, best actress and the film of the year awards.

History of the Oscars Event

The very first Oscar dinner took place on the 16th of May 1929, and during a ceremony that lasted 15 minutes, 15 Oscars was handed out. The Oscars event is now televised to over 225 different countries, and the game is about 3.5 hours long since 1929 up to 2019 over 3,100 Oscars was handed over to the best in the film industry.

Films winning Oscar as Best Picture

  • 12 Years A Slave
  • Birdman
  • Spotlight
  • Moonlight
  • The Shape of Water
  • Green Book

Best Actors

  • Mathew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club
  • Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in The Revenant
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as High Glass in The Revenant
  • Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler in Manchester By The Sea
  • Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour
  • Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Actress

  • Cate Blanchett as Jeanette Francis in Blue Jasmine
  • Julianne Moore as Alice Howland in Still Alice
  • Room, Joy Newsome played by Brie Larson
  • La La Land, Mia Dolan played by Emma Stone
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand
  • Best Actress in The Favourite, Olivia Colman

Oscar Betting

When it comes to betting on entertainment, the Oscars are the trickiest as you never know the outcomes. The best tip is to follow the significant award ceremonies that take place before the Oscars. These include the Golden Globes and the Critic’s Choice Awards.

Practice Your Betting Skills

If you fancy a bit of entertainment betting the best way to gain a bit of experience before the next Oscars event is to bet on other activities. Some of the most popular betting events include Strictly Come Dancing, X-Factor and the Apprentice. Enjoy the best shows and make a bit of money on the side when you place bets via your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Visiting Californian Counties

A visit to all the casinos in the Californian counties could mean you are spending quite a bit of time in the USA. There are 58 different counties in California, and what is interesting about their names is what if derived from.


Alameda got its name from the Alamo, which is a Spanish word for a famous tree or cottonwood. The most popular casino is the Graton Resort & Casino that offers a hotel, fine dining, a day spa as well as live entertainment. The casino floor offers several slots, table games and a live poker room.


The Alpine County started in 1864, and it is named after the word alpine that means a connection to the Alps. It lies close to the Sierra Nevada mountains and The Alps inspires an array of online slots created by some of the top software developers such as Microgaming. Some of the popular winter slot themes include Ice Pick, Frozen Assets, Cabin Fever and Penguin Vacation.


Since 1852, Amador is named after a rancher, miner and soldier called Jose Maria Amador. He was the son of Sergeant Pedro Amador who settled in California back in 1771. The Spanish word Amador means the one that loves inert objects.


The word butte means a blunt elevation, and it is the name of this county since it started in 1850. The word butte comes from French, and it implies mound of earth or a small hill.

El Dorado

El Dorado is known as a never-fading venture; it’s the county loved for its precious stones; it is also called the place where the fountains have gently flowing wines. The Spanish word refers to the gilded one. El Dorado is also the place on which many online casino games are based; these include Eldorado Max Power slot, Jungle Jim: Eldorado and NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. The game’s theme is inspired by the quest of Gonzo for the lost city of gold. The whole game is inspired by the Spanish conqueror called Gonzalo Pizzaro eager to find gold in Eldorado.

Gonzalo On A Quest to Find the Lost City of Gold

According to history, Gonzalo heard rumours about the kingdom in the east, which was fertile land, and he called it Pais de la Canela, which meant the Land of Cinnamon. El Dorado was seen as a mysterious city; it was often called the Lost City of Gold between the 1530s to the 1650s. The town was described to have streets paved in gold; its mines were rich in silver and gold. The city had plains, rivers and jungles and many went in search of such riches and lost their lives.

Years later, it was discovered that such a place never existed in real life; it only existed in the imagination of the seekers. It maybe explains why the Lost City was never found. Today it is referred to as the El Dorado myth. Visiting America, you will find that there are thirteen cities all named El Dorado, but none of these have streets paved in gold.

Betting & The American Dream

When it comes to the American dream and sports betting in the US, you will stop by to examine the growth in poker playing and the risks, taken by players to reach their goal. Why poker? Well, poker both reinterprets and critiques the myth of the American dream, it blends the importance of luck and puts emphasis on management of your risk. It might even down-play the importance of hard work and honesty.

What Google Says

When you start looking into the whole belief of what the American dream is all about. Google tells you is a belief that regardless of where or when you were born or the class you’re taken into. Everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy and achieve success in a society that allows it. But on to make this dream you’ll have to work hard, take risk, sacrifice and you could achieve it.

What the People Say

When you look a bit further and even consult places such as the Mutual Life Insurance agency in Massachusetts, the company takes out its survey done at the start of 2018 to show what 3,200 participants had to say. Here the answers are percentage-based, and 71% of the people, believe the American dream is to own your own home, second is financial independence.

What the Great Gatsby Says

The film called the Great Gatsby is based on the American dream, but it shows that each person has a different vision. The main character already reached financial independence, he owns a home, his dream is to remain prosperous, be accessible and marry Daisy.

Are You as Surprised to Learn None of The Answers Include Travelling the World?

Americans are happy with two weeks a year holiday when you ask the Brits, the Germans or even the Australians they horrified. How do you travel with such little time? This led to a more in-depth study as even in Asia, everyone plans their travel for the next year. Vacations and travelling should never be seen as a luxury; it is what you work for all year long; it’s a reward! But when you look into the life of the Americans, you soon learn that apart from the few jet-setters. America is, what you’d call a no vacation nation.

What do American’s Dream About?

It is difficult to get a straight answer on their dreams; what they do tell you about when you ask the question is how important it is to go to school and be educated. They also easily share that you should work hard and give your best to get promoted. The closest you get to their dream is that if they work hard every day and save, they’d be able to slow down at age 45. Then they can do the things they want. Maybe it is the lack of travelling and being on holiday that gets to them. Only a few American’s understands that what is called the American dream is to pursue what you as a person dream about.

High-Stakes Cards, Saloons, Shootouts and Fortune Seekers Drawn by Deadwood

The history of high-stakes card games, yesteryear saloons, even unavoidable shootouts history is what attracted fortune-seekers to Deadwood since 1876. It took till now for HBO to realize what it misses, and it is the latest to join this best in class experience in South Dakota town.

Deadwood the Town Where Gambling Continues to Thrive

Unless you know something about the place, you will be overcome by shock to discover gambling is big and still going on in South Dakota. Well, let’s narrow it down to Deadwood. It all started when two miners wagered their golden nuggets in 1876 it was when Philadelphia was the place where centennial celebrations took place. Men and women streamed to the site where their fortunes could be made; it was a get-together of all the fortune seekers. Some reached their goal and became wealthy; others became legends.

Casinos and Motorbike Rallies

Deadwood today is full of casinos, the oldest hotel is the Bullock, named after Seth Bullock, who was the sheriff and businessman of the town. Deadwood also became the place of choice for motorcyclist back in 1938, and only 15 miles east of the city a day rally takes place every year in August, it lasts for ten days.

Lift Your Glass at Saloon No 10 As Western as Wild Bill Himself

After quite a series session of casino gaming or sports betting you’re bound to feel a bit thirsty, and that is when you drop by Saloon No 10. If you time your visit to 7, 5, 3 or 1 pm, you get to gaze across the heads of many tourists while you enjoy the best rib-eye steak. At these times, you see Wild Bill, or maybe it is just a look alike. Who knows, but what you will see are the gunfighter and a lawman. Some say it is all to do with Calamity Jane, well she wasn’t his type now, was she?

McCall stepped up behind the man holding what is now called the dead man’s hand and he dispatches a couple of shots. Now if you visit America, we do encourage you to attend the last day of the performance as then you get to follow all the commotion in the street. McCall even gets arrested and is taken to the old Masonic Temple. Make sure you get a seat as then you can witness his entire trial.

Blackjack in Deadwood

The people who followed their American dream in the town of Deadwood were peaceful. You can play at the blackjack table or wander down the sidewalks from one saloon to the next. You might want to relax at a day spa or two or visit a few wine-tasting rooms and get everyone something special from the souvenir shops. If you’d love to learn more about the history of the place, you have several museums to visit, or you could socialize with the people that are part of the 1.200 population of Deadwood.