Month: May 2019

The Midwest Becomes Part of Sports Betting

The Hoosier State finally got sports betting since Governor Eric Holcomb has signed the H 1015 bill on the 8th of May 2019. Holcomb said in an interview that gaming is more competitive than ever due to new technology and the surrounding states. He also shared that the industry employs over 11,000 Hoosiers and that modernising the laws could only ensure positive growth for the country.

WNDU also indicated that sports betting would soon make its debut in Notre Dame, this could be as early as the football season in 2019. On the 2nd of November, the Fighting Irish will travel to Louisville to face the University of Louisville Cardinals. The first Midwest state to finally legalise sports betting is Indiana, although other neighbouring countries such as Iowa, Illinois and Michigan continue their efforts. The new law also includes the legalisation of retail sportsbooks and online sports betting.

The New Sports Betting Law in Indiana

The sports betting law in Indiana include the data restrictions and limits on in-play wagering that for now will be left to the Indiana Gaming Commission’s discretion. The fee for a vendor license is set at $10,000, and the renewal fee is $50,000 per annum. No under 18 is allowed to bet on amateur or esports athletes, and the tax rate is set at 9.5% on the adjusted gross revenue, of which a portion is set aside for problem gambling, while state-wide mobile wagering is legal.

How Soon Can Residents of Indiana Start Betting

The bill was only signed a week ago, and by considering this, it might take another few months to get everything in place and set up. Sports betting will start on the 1st of November in Indiana, which is one day before the first game of the season in Notre Dame.

Casinos will need to pass the application process, test betting and still construct physical sportsbook plus there are still a few requirements to meet. Applications will be accepted from the 1st of July by the Indian Gaming Commission.

Thirteen Possible Locations to Offer Sports Betting in Indiana

The thirteen locations that would be able to apply and add sports betting includes, Tropicana Evansville, Majestic Star II, Rising Star Casino Resort, Majestic Star, Horseshoe Casino, Indiana Grand Casino, Horseshoe Southern Indian, Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg, Hoosier Park, French Lick Resort Casino, Belterra Casino, Blue Chip Casino and Ameristar.

Sports Betting Types in Indiana

The sports betting option in Indiana will include everything from international to college sports. The different sports types will consist of rugby, cycling, mixed martial arts, golf, soccer, tennis, college basketball, baseball, hockey, college football, boxing and football.

Indiana Sports Team Betting

The bill just signed by the governor allows betting on some of the most popular Indian teams, these include the NBA Indiana Pacers, WNBA Indiana Fever, NFL Indiana Colts, NCAA Notre Dame University, NCAA Butler and NCAA Purdue University.

America’s Biggest Sports Scandals

When it comes to the biggest sports stars in the world, you are bound to find most in America. Although the same can be said about the sports scandals, which include quite a few top athletes such as OJ Simpson, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and Pete Rose.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong first became angry and emphatically denied all accusations of doping, even under oath. But the as the winner of 7 Tour de France events the 41-year-old eventually admitted to using drugs to enhance his performance when he was part of the Pro-Cycle team of the US Postal Service.

His admitted it during an exclusive interview he agreed to with Oprah Winfrey, the reason was that the Anti-Doping Agency of the US found overwhelming evidence before Armstrong started the discussion. This led to Armstrong being forbidden to compete again and at the same time, he lost all his titles.

Armstrong was also placed under pressure to provide names or other athletes that were his accomplices, and he had to pay back part of his sponsorship worth $30 million to the federal government. His reputation was shattered, and he almost traded his yellow bracelets for handcuffs.

OJ Simpson

The OJ Simpson case is known worldwide since it is not every day that a double murder case outshines the NBA finals. It was and currently remains the most publicized trial ever, and even though OJ was not convicted of murder, he went to prison as a convicted robber.

Pete Rose

Cincinnati Reds Baseball manager and leader, Pete Rose was thrown out of the game due to illegal betting on baseball. This included the games in which the Reds completed, and his banishment still stands. Pete Rose also lost any consideration ever to be considered for the Hall of Fame of the Major League Baseball.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods stood at the door of becoming the greatest of all times. Just as he got ready to claim the title as the greatest golfer a series of events took place in 2009. The events that concluded were his divorce, dozens of mistresses, a car accident and therapy, which derailed his personal life as well as his career. Even two years later he was still doing his best to recapture his greatness in golf as well as a Masters title.

1972 Olympics Soviet Union Win United States in Basketball

From 1936 right up to 1972 the men’s team that won in basketball was the US. If the referee added back the three seconds on the clock, the US would also have beaten Russia, and even now they refuse to accept their silver medal.

Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding

In the 1994 Olympics, Harding, others and her husband assaulted Kerrigan by using a club to strike her leg during practice. Harding still ended up in 8th, while Kerrigan ended up with a silver medal, which goes to show that the better competitor even ended in a better position.

Splendid Sports Bars in Cincinnati

Once a sports fan always a sports fan, and if you’re travelling, part of the route should include the best sports bars along the way. If your teams next big game take place during your visit in Cincinnati, don’t fear as the city offers some of the most fabulous sports bars.

Home to the Cincinnati Reds, the city in Ohio is most loved for its craft vendors, fantastic food and its 19th-century architecture. This major city has a population of over 301,301 according to the 2017 census. Best known for its dynamic economy and advanced manufacturing industry, Cincinnati is nicknamed the Queen City, City of Seven Hills or the Blue Chip City. The nicknames are associated with the academic and professional relationships of the city with Blue Chip Companies.

Cost of Living in Cincinnati

The living wage per hour per adult is $10.78, while the minimum wage is $8.30. An excellent salary is around $51,926 in 2019. As a visitor, all the figures are little information as you’d focus mostly on where you could watch the next big sports event. The list of sports bars in Cincinnati is impressive and include O’Malley’s in the Alley, Take5 Bar & Grill, The Blue Goose Sports Café, Tap House, Shooters and the Longnecks Sports Grill.

Holy Grails at the Banks Perfect for Sports Enthusiasts

To ensure every visitor and sports fan get to enjoy every single bit of action during gameplay, the Holy Grails at the Banks pub features 38 HDTVs, most are 55 inches, and three of these are 80 inches. The pub also offers over 20 taps including local offerings, rotating crafts and mainstream brews. The busiest days are the opening day of the Red’s year, and the bar is 7,000 square feet, this includes both the patio and the bar.

Watch Your Team at The Blue Goose Sports Café

The Blue Goose Sports Café features 22 television sets and great food including a half-pound burger, fish, ribs and sandwiches. The busiest day is Sunday’s during the football season when sports fans come to watch the games and to enjoy with taps including craft and mainstream beers.

Get into the Sporting Action at Dickmann’s

Three outside and 43 inside TV’s offers sports enthusiasts the perfect big-screen views of significant sports events while enjoying pizza and wings. The busiest days are St Patrick’s and the day just before Thanksgiving. If you need something to drink during the game 26 taps, include a great mix of domestic and craft brews.

Cheer for your Team at Shooters Sports Grill

The most popular eat wings and the most favoured drink, draft beer, while sports fans can enjoy games via 48 TVs. The busiest days are the first weekend once the NCAA tournament starts. Do get there early as the 5,000 square feet bar offers 60 outdoor and 180 indoor seats. While it opens at 11 am and remain open till midnight or maybe a bit later depending on the crowd.