Month: April 2019

America’s Sci-Fi Dine-In Movie Theatre

The sound of rolling laughter, the smell of popcorn and gasps of surprise from the crow. Cinemas can enthral, enchant and entertain for hours. Almost endangered by video streaming services, going to the movies remains one of the most enjoyable pastimes. America’s cinemas might not be part of your must-do list when visiting the USA, but there are exceptions. Some theatre offers an experience you want to experience and include from new-age comfort to old-world magnificence.

As Las Vegas inspire most gambling-themed films so does America the wild westerns, and what better place to enjoy these than the oldest theatres. Or maybe the newest that brews beer and offer so much more than just a night at the movies.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant and Theatre in Florida

Situated at Walt Disney’s World Hollywood Studio, there is most certainly a touch of other-worldly adventure at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre in Orlando. The great feel comes from more than just the sci-fi film roll, but also the way the ambience takes you back to the 50s. It’s an immersive recreation of the drive-ins of the 1950s, brilliantly complete via custom car booths. These also serve as the table where your meal is served.

Meals served at the Sci-Fi Dine-In include traditional United States cuisine. The complimentary hors d’oeuvre is popcorn. The menu features items with themed titles such as the garden salad now called Tossed in Space. Ordering a sandwich would require you to ask for the Attack of the Killer Club Sandwich. Or maybe for a special dessert, you could have That delicious Cheesecake that Ate the whole of New York.

Classic Clips and Delicious Dining

At the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre showtime never stops, it is here where everyone enjoys delicious food. The scary clips on screen include rampaging robots, marauding mummies and attacking aliens and more. Be warned you with want to scream with a mouthful. A classic car hop guides you towards your auto-booth as you enter. The decorations include kitschy memorabilia, twinkling stars in the sky and the bright tail lights of other drive-in diners. The road-ready picnic tables are located more to the back of the theatre, and this area also includes an old-fashioned drive-in style concession stand.

1950’s Theme at its Best

Glow-in-the-dark beverages, ribs and burgers served in drive-in style are what makes this experience something well worth remembering. As you arrive at the Sci-Fi Dine-in your directed to your convertible Cadillac. If it’s a standard table you want, placed on the side, do remember to request or book this at least six months before your visit. So, add it to your list and do make a note that sipping on a Lunar Landing is highly recommended. What is incredible is the silly horror films and sci-fi flicks. Critics praise the Sci-Fi Dine-In for its beautiful décor, cool theme as well as entertaining shows. While alcoholic beverages are amazing, the milkshakes are awesomely good!

Last Year, American’s Enjoyed 7.9 Billion Gallons of Alcohol

The proper way to start this article is first to say Cheers! America, especially after the recent report released by the IWSR. As the leading source of all data on any beverages containing alcohol, it was found that 3,345 billions of 9-litre cases of liquor were enjoyed in 2018 alone, and that is only in America. Regardless of how you prefer to look at this, you’d have to try and visualise either 7,952,899,636 gallons of alcohol or 160 million bathtubs filled with alcoholic refreshments.

Major Beer Brands Decrease v Craft Beer Increase in Sales

It sounds like an enormous amount, although in reality, it is less than the previous years. The alcohol volume enjoyed by Americans decreased by 0.8% last year, which showed a decline of 0.7% in 2017. This is due to the weakened sales in beer, according to the figures released by the U.S. IWSR. The interest in craft beer remains to be, and it is supported by the increase in sales in 2018 that raised by 4.7%. The overall market in alcohol suffered a decrease in big beer brands, which includes major brands such as Budweiser.

In U.S. Alcohol Sales – Beer Represents 78.3%

When it comes to yearly sales, spirits enjoyed a good year overall with an increase in sales overall of 1.9%. Standouts in different categories include an impressive rise of 32.4% in mezcal, an 8.5% increase in sales of tequila and whiskey sales went up by 4.1%. The wine remained a favourite and enjoyed a rise in sales for the 24th year in a row. Currently, there are more than 13,000 wineries in the UA and these increase by an estimated 1,000 per annum. The most significant gains for the year in 2018 was Prosecco.

The recently released reports also indicate that consumers are not loyal to one brand on a category. This leads to fewer sales volumes in exclusive brands, yet an overall increase in sales. Brandy Rand, the president of the U.S. IWSR as well as the Chief Marketing Officer globally, feels it is due to the legal age of drinking.

7,000 Breweries in the USA

Whether you’re a sports fan, first time visitor or a US resident at some stage you’re going to enjoy a beer. Apart from 7,000 breweries providing microbreweries and pubs, the beer sales are around 196 per capita. In 2011 the USA was ranked 15th on the list of countries according to beer consumption. The most beer consumption per capita was China. Beers that are most popular in America and served in almost all pubs or sports bars are Cream Ale, Amber Ale and Pale Lager. The most popular beer in America is Guinness and 1.1-millions of barrels were shipped in 2017. The most popular in the world according to recorded sales last year is Snow selling beer worth 101.2 million in volume. Budweiser is second on the list with a capacity of 49.2 million and Tsingtao came third with a volume of 49 million.

Raise Your Glass to America’s Oldest Bars

The oldest bars in America is the best suited when you want to enjoy a night out, especially when you want to add a bit gravity to it.

Fraunces Tavern

Founded in 1762, the Fraunces Tavern once was the place where the Song of Liberty met. The bar at Pearl and Broad in Manhattan hosted icons all through the 18th century; these also included General George Washington. This was also the spot where President Washington actually in 1783 bid farewell to the Continental Army.

White Horse Tavern

Based in Rhode Island, the White Horse Tavern was founded in 1673; it remains the United States’ oldest bar by beating the Fraunces Tavern based in New York by almost a century. The White Horse Tavern is an over 350-year-old bar visited by discerning drinkers and fine diners wishing to enjoy its culinary expertise and honour its history. When talking to the staff of the White Horse Tavern, they quickly tell you that their 17th-century tavern serves the best 21st-century taste available in Rhode Island.

Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Once the base of operations, in the late 1700s, this tavern-based in New Orleans was known for the practices of its owner, a spy, pirate and also a Battle of New Orleans hero.
Still used as a bar, Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop’s story continues and remains not only one of the oldest bars but also the most favoured watering hole.

Bell in Hand Tavern

Founded in 1795, the Bell in Hand Tavern belonged to Jimmy Wilson a town crier in the 18th century that heralded in the nation’s birth. Since 1795 every Bostonian raises a glass their luck, success or wealth at Wilson’s bar. It is claimed that if you listen carefully, you might hear the echoes of voices from more than 200 years ago.

Pete’s Tavern

Founded in 1864, Pete’s Tavern is based in New York City, and even though it has not reached the historical age of the Fraunces Tavern, it remains the pub that offers the most extended continues service in New York. Pete’s Tavern serves the best beverages to the busy populace of Manhattan and is loved for its Italian cuisine and historical atmosphere.

Old Ebbitt Grill

Founded in 1856, Old Ebbitt Grill is the oldest Washington D.C. and favoured by the political elite. Some of its earliest guests include Theodore Roosevelt, President Harding, President Cleveland and President Grant. The main reason Old Ebbitt Grill remains hugely popular is an excellent service as well as the fact that it is located only a few steps away from the White House.

In a city that is filled with history, Old Ebbitt Grill is a gem offering out-of-towners a glance at the Washington Monument and the White House in the distance, while the food is a treat in the District of Columbia. Other pubs well worth visiting is Jessop’s Tavern, founded in 1724 based in Delaware and New Orleans it is the Napoleon House open since 1797.

Western Saloons in Colorado

The days when John Wayne dominated the big screen and television are somewhat in the past, and many may think the old west is on its last legs. Western Saloons started back in 1832 when the U.S. Congress passed the Tavern and Pioneer Inn law. This allowed pioneers and settlers to visit establishments that served alcohol to passers-by even if they did not book a room for the night. Saloons became the norm in every settlement and village quenching the thirst of trappers, cowboys and miners.

Historic Saloons Still Open Today

Gambling halls, brothels and saloons appeared almost overnight in Colorado, and the town prospered and blossomed into one of the largest cities. Over 150 resorts ranging from elaborate concert halls to small saloons offered gambling opportunities. Gamblers such as Ben Thompson, Doc Holiday, Luke Short and Bat Masterson spent a lot of time in the town. The most significant amount according to history was $3,000 dropped in one night on Faro, and when it went wrong, Thompson used his six-shooter, and while panic-stricken patrons ran to the exit, he shot out all the lights.

Several True Western Saloons are still open today and invite travellers to wet their whistle at the most historic saloons of the wild west. Colorado is home to no less than nine of the oldest bars, and these include The Café Bar, Silver Dollar Saloon, Buffalo Rose Saloon and the Mint Saloon.

Mint Saloon in Colorado

The oldest saloon in Colorado still uses the original name, and a visit to the Mint Saloon takes you back to 1862. The building is in mint condition and offers some of the best cocktails plus you get to grill your stake over the 1,100-degree lava rock grill.

Colorado’s Face Bar

Named after the image of a woman’s face that was mysterious and spotted on the barroom floor, the Face Bar is in Central City. Build in 1936, Herndon Davis a local artist did several paintings the last was that of the woman’s face that remains a mystery to this day.

Leadville’s Silver Dollar Saloon

A favourite watering hole for the most famous outlaws such as Doc Holliday, the Silver Dollar Saloon got its name after prohibition ended. Driving down Leadville’s main street the hitching posts and old wood building of the saloon are hard to miss.

Pueblo’s Gray’s Coors Tavern

Several True Western Saloons are still open today and invite travellers to wet their whistle at the most historic saloons of the wild west. Colorado is home to no less than nine of the oldest bars, and these include The Café Bar, Silver Dollar Saloon, Buffalo Rose Saloon and the Mint Saloon.

One of the oldest southwest bars in Colorado is also called the Slopper birthplace, which is a burger hid in chilli. Gray’s Coors Tavern has been around since 1934. Gray’s Tavern today offers a bar and grill, and it is a sports bar.